100 and counting ;*)))


Good Morning all my friends

I can’t believe I have managed the wonderful world of 100 posts, its silly but I am so proud.

To celebrate this momentous event I am doing a giveaway, there will be a bundle of prizes tailored to the winner and 2 runners-up, by way of thanks for all your support, advice and friendship along the way.

Now the fun part how to enter, well its simple, many of you may know, that my dear hubby and I want to have lots of bundles of joy(kids) in the near future and some of you may have realised that I am a little weird and wonderful and that extends to names, I am asking each of you to post a comment by Saturday of 2 names that you think are a little different from the norm.

Here are some names we already like some a bit out there some not, the ones in bold are the ones Ashley says are to strange 🙁 (or he just doesn’t like)

Max (after my bro)

So can’t wait to see your suggestions, will draw the names from a hat Saturday.

Now for my daily ETSY Challenge.

Something a bit different from yesterday, I want to show how I am trying to cater for all types of people, I started Kitsch range of Jewellery about 6 months ago, partly because I like it and partly because alot of my younger cousins and sister in law love it, plus its more affordable, so I though I would add these cute dice earrings to Etsy today.

So back to the day to day grind of work, hope to see some great suggestions later.


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  • Mary

    >Love the earings.I have 2 names for you Loveday for a girl and Oswald for a boy!!

  • Polka Dot Creations

    >Well, I like Nuala for a girl and Finn for a boy. I couldn’t sell either of those to my husband, so you can have ’em. 😉

  • Sophie Honeysuckle

    >Hi Kara! Wow-congrats on 100 posts!! All of them fabulous!!I love Rex or Otto or Hector for boys!!!- I KNOW they are very weird names! For girls I love Scarlett or Violette or Ottoline! Equally odd! But it’s fun thinking up names..

  • Coralee

    >My husband and I are trying for kids and we’ve picked out Malachi for a boy (means Messenger of God) and Abigail for a girl (means Daughter of Joy). I think name meanings are pretty important…beyond just how good a name looks with your last name etc. Anyway, congrats on the 100th and good luck on the name picking!

  • Beverley Abbott

    >Hi babe,
    my good friend called her little girl Fabiola which i think is certainy different!! I like malachay and violet (my lovely nanas name)

    hope these help
    love bev xxxx

  • Angela

    >WOW! 100 posts! Congradulations girl! Those ear rings are fab. I like Frida for a girl. Different name but STRONG meaning as Frida Kahlo was such a strong and wonderful person.
    I like Pablo for a boy. Unique but seeing as how it is after Pablo Picasso…who can really say anything?
    Very strong meanings behind both of them. A name to be remembered. 🙂 Great post!

  • bellacolle

    >Hurray for the 100th post! you go girl!
    well, I like Cicero for a boy and Sophie for a girl…. Sassy earrings by the way! love ’em

  • TinkerBlue

    >Congrats on your 100th post.

    For girls, I like a lot of names, hard to narrow it down to 2.

    If we ever have a girl she would be either Sydney Rebecca Grace or Spencer Maia Jane. Yeah I know, 3 names is a mouthful, but I like them.

    I also like Amalia and Nerida or Neroli.

  • Stephanie

    >Oh I love baby names! I have a preference to out of the ordinary names! For a girl I like: Avonlea, Violet, Tierney, Lilah and for boys I like Harrison, Oliver, and Spencer.

  • ancient one

    >For a girl “Addie” ..for a boy “Ayden”… love your jewelry!~ann