I know I have been neglecting the blog, but honestly since having Grayson I have not had a great deal going on, I have been super busy but mainly looking after my little boy, an immense amount of visitors and trips to doctors, work and shopping.

So I collated some photo’s of the most exciting things in my life over the past couple of weeks.

Green Trainers – new and super cute, Grayson cause he is the most important thing in the last 2 weeks, some great new books I treated myself too, Cupcake goodies – you know I love cupcakes hence why I have my 2nd blog, Cupcake ATC’s for swapbot swap the only crafting I have managed, Cupcakes from my little sis for valentines isn’t she a sweetie and lastly my brother/sister/dad and me as he took us to Belgium and France for the day last week for a family day out.

So I promise things hopefully will get more exciting once I get myslef in a better daily routine, I hate that I have not been visiting all of you, I miss checking out whats happeing and I hate you girls to think that I am a bad blogger babe.

Love to All

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  • laura

    >I have been wondering if you had that wonderful little baby yet. He is a charmer. Congratulations. You are smart to enjoy him. These early days go so fast.

  • Jackie

    >Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for all the great comments! When I saw I got four new comments I got pretty excited. 🙂

    Congratulations on your new baby boy! He is a cutie.

    I think Kara is such a pretty name (obviously!). Do people pronounce it wrong a lot? We have already been having problems with that. We pronounce it like care-a and people say car-a a lot.

    Take care!

  • mybellacolle

    >Hey you.. your life is not boring!! specially since you have a little man to take care of!!lol!! Been there..hehehe…
    Waaa?!! You got to go to France?..Belgium?…No fair..lol..well it's probably like us going down to Chicago for the weekend.. You & I might need to partner up..I'll email you later about that.. wink..wink..
    And give the little Duke a hug from Auntie Christine!!