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>Look I actually got some time in the craft room

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>Well I am so pleased I got over and hour in my craft room last night which seems like the first time in ages and got some tasks of my TODO list done as well as making a new Lampwork Bead Bookmark for my ETSY challenge, so lets start there.

I love the colour combo on this Turquoise and Pink have always been a fave. These to date are my biggest sellers since I started making Jewellery which is funny, cause lets be honest they aren’t really jewellery. Have just listed on Etsy, I think I am going to have to rethink my Jewellery as although I am getting a few views not any purchases.

Now what else have I been up to, wanna look.

Well there were the pieces I had to do to go back to the states with my Grandma next week, firstly my Aunt sent over a Tree of Life Pendant she wanted made into a simple Black and Silver Necklace, I decided to use some Thai Silver Beads and Swarovski Crystals, I hope she likes it.

Then my dear Great Aunt Betty, who send me supplies from Joann’s and Michael’s wanted a wire brooch, so I took out my wire I have been scared of for months and gave it ago, I thought it wasn’t too bad(I mean not excellent) but then when I showed family and friends at work this morning they laughed, so may try again.

Also I made another pair of ATC’s for my Mega Swap, I am halfway there now.

And then while I was lying bed with a headache(ugh) I flicked through Flickr LOL and made a mosaic of some of the cute piccy’s I enjoyed. (Do you think I love the Mosaic Maker)

Well better get back to work as super busy and I have a day leave tomorrow – yippee.


>I have put something on ETSY horray

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>Good Afternoon All

Well its taking its time to rebuild my Blog back to something I like and time frankly is not something I have right now, my TO DO List is getting longer by the day. But hey hoe can’t panic about it.

I have at last today loaded a new item into my Etsy shop, I love this piece when I made it I never expected it to come out so great, it was one of those pieces you just put together and then fall in love with, I love the Amber Gemstone Chips and the way they perfectly match the gorgeous Butterfly Pendant, the nice thing as well is the chips are really light so its a nice Necklace on.

I have just listed in my shop, don’t forget girlz free P&P and 10% off to all my lovely blog ladies.

Thought I would show you my first ever Mosaic of Piccy’s from Flickr I have made to show of swap parcel for my first month in the Coloriffic swap. I love this tool, I think I will be using alot.

Well of to stay busy at work and try bit by bit to rebuild Blog, if you were in my daily reads list don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your bloggy addy as got to try and remember all.

Have a fun day

>I hate Blogger

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or should I say it hates me, as you can see my Blog looks like it has been white washed, I went in today and it lost everything apart from my posts(luckily) so my daily reads have done as is all my extras.
So I will be back later for ETSY posts just want to try and sort out.

>I am back as promised

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>Good Evening All

Well as promised back with the winners of the name giveaway, thanks to all entries, I really enjoyed seeing all the different names and ideas from all walks of life and am pleased to say there is even a couple of names I liked and had not thought of.

Well I pulled the names earlier today at work (unfortunately) no hate in site so used my PINK shoe phone holder and it did the job wonderfully.

The 2 runners up were….
TinkerBlue – Rachael from Canada

and Ancient One

And the winner is ****drum roll****

Stephanie – well done Steph you deserve it with all your feelings at the moment and the great thing was I loved 2 of the names Tierney and Harrison. I will send your goodies out this week, just email me your snail addy please.

Here is a piccy of my latest piece to the collection I made this weekend in my Free time, I have just added to ETSY today here, its one of my first pieces using a lovely Gemstone.
What do you think ?

Also in the small amount of craft time I did get this weekend I managed to make some ATC’s for a Megaswap I am doing via Swapbot this month, I have decided as I love Hello Kitty so much to do a HK ABC so that’s what some of these cards represent.

Anywhoo I am taking over Hubby’s Computer at mo(as mine hates Blogger) so I will say goodnight and speak tomorrow.


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