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366 – Day 57 & 58

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Apologies for uploading late but the past 2 days have been a haze of nastiness in our house. Bugs, teething, lack of sleep and even resulting in me taking a day off work sick.
Only nice thing about Grayson being unwell is he allowed his sister with 5ft of him. Shame he didn’t look so poorly.



Look No Further – Kyna Boutique

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Look No Further is an Old/New segment on my blog, before having Grayson whenever I bought handmade items (being a handmade seller myself) I use to do a blog post on the person I purchased from to share the love of great items/service.

Since the kiddo’s came along I rarely get to buy as much handmade anymore, but I buy an awful lot online (more for the kids than myself) so I got to thinking the other day, these companies that I have a great shopping experience with need to be shared with you my dear friends.

So that is what Look No Further is about and here is the 1st post, dedicated to Jenny of Kyna Boutique.

Grayson sporting his Ava & Luc Tee from Kyna Bouqtique

I met Jenny through Twitter after reviewing a pair of Ava and Luc PJ’s, Jenny contacted me to let me know about her online shop and that she was a stockist of Ava and Luc amongst some other great children clothes, so when Xmas was coming I decided I wanted to treat Grayson to a gorgeous Ava and Luc Tee and headed over to Kyna Boutique.

I can honestly say my shopping experience with Kyna Boutique was awesome, the ease of the website is excellent, I ordered my item at 3pm, I kid you not by 11am the next day a beautifully packaged parcel arrived on my doorstop of Grayson’s Rex Tee from Kyna Boutique, I couldn’t believe how speedy the service was and for free as Jenny charges no P&P. The other innovate selling point of Kyna Boutique is you can order as many items as you like and if they don’t take your fancy you can send them back completely free for a full refund, great for buying kids clothes as you are not always sure on sizes.

So I turn you over to Jenny from Kyna Boutique

1.       Who is KyNa Boutique & what do you sell?
KyNa Boutique is a retailer of children’s clothes for ages 0-5. It is owned by Jenny Mortimer, Mum of two young boys.

We sell beautiful organic clothing which is both fashionable & kind to sensitive skin.


kyna boutique
2.       What made you start KyNa Boutique?
When N was diagnosed with eczema I looked into various ways of relieving his symptoms. Organic clothing was something that really made a difference to him but the clothes available in the shops were all a bit plain. After searching I began to discover fashionable organic brands & wanted to bring them all together in one place for other parents to benefit.
3.       Is this a hobby or a full-time commitment?

This is a full-time commitment, I love it. I have a passion for clothes & children’s fashion & really enjoy discovering new brands & sharing these with others.


kyna boutique
4.     Where are your items available to purchase?
You can shop with us online at We also hold KyNa parties in the Sheffield & Rotherham area & you can often see us supporting local charities & schools at summer & Xmas fetes.
5.       Do you have any exciting news for the future?
We are taking on 3 new brands for the spring summer collection and further new brands for autumn winter.
6.       Is there anything else you would like us to know about KyNa Boutique?
Being a mum of 2 young boys, I know how busy life gets. That’s why we offer both free delivery & free returns so your children can try on the clothing in the comfort of your own home, where it’s in familiar surroundings & you don’t have to brave the shops hunting down clothes to try on. Anything you don’t like or doesn’t fit, just send straight back using our prepaid postage labels & we’ll quickly refund the item.
kyna boutique
Thanks for that lovely info Jenny.
 So Look No Further for great Organic Baby/children Clothes than Kyna Boutique.


Over 2 years on I still shop with Kyna Boutique every month (if I can) – Jenny makes shopping with her like dealing with family, she goes above and beyond. She is constantly bringing fab new designs and on trend brands to her shop, making sure they are only clothes she would be happy to use on her own 3 little boys, that are of excellent quality, wash and wear well, you only have to look at the testimonials on her site to continue to state what I am saying.
Below is a little collage of my babies these past 2 years wearing clothes from Kyna Boutique.
Wearing clothes from Kyna Boutique

My Week That Was # 8

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So I am still loving taking part in my dear friend Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly blog linky. It’s really interesting to recall your week past, it seems from day to day that nothing fun happens but documenting it like this makes you realise how everyday big or small something amazing happens.

So here is my Week That Was….


Off to Work I went, as did my Hubby, so for the 1st time in months my Mom had both babies for the day

Addison had decided that she can only stand, sitting is just boring, becoming difficult at feeding times


I did not get to have my one on one time with Grayson for the 2nd week running as his nursery staff were on a training day

Ash took Addison to clinic for 1st time in about 4 months and she weighed in 1oz shy of 20lb

I cam home to Addison having a black eye after she pulled something on top of her (which she didn’t learn as tried 3 more times this week)

To cheer Ashley up in the evening I made him some Rice Krispie Cakes


Early start to the day as Grayson decided wake up time was 4am

I had a later start to work as I had a 9am hospital apt, which I ended going into at 10am (got a little Kindle Time)

Grayson had a great afternoon Nursery Session


Best day of the week as I get paid to be at home – working of course – I actually had quite a lot to do this week

In the middle of this I dyed my hair Bright Red but really only the routes took well


We dropped Grayson and my Dad/Stepmum’s and Ashley, Addison and I headed off to The Baby Show

We tested out the Stokke Xplory at the show and Ashley moved over to my way of thinking – now to save

After The Baby Show we detoured on the way home for a quick shopping trip to Ikea and Costco, Addison loved the sofa’s in the restaurant at Ikea and was climbing here,there & everywhere

Very kindly my Stepmum made Ash and I dinner, so was a nice relaxing evening.


Was awoken by 2 screaming babies at 2am, luckily got Addy back off, brought Grayson in with us and 10 minutes later we were covered in sick

Had a PJ day as Grayson not improved at all

Had the time to finally focus on my new Self Hosted Blog and moved over from Blogspot

Mad Corned Beef Hash Cakes after seeing on Sian’s Blog – Mine did not turn out right, so no pictures


Another PJ Day here in the Innocent Charms Chats household as Grayson still very under the weather and Addy not herself

Played with the new blog all day and then bit the bullet and hired a fantastic company to do a blog redesign (watch this space)

Make sure to go and check out the other fab entires



Life’s Plan????

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I have not been a very cheerful blogger of late have I ? This post maybe a sad post to many too but I need to release.

Last night I cried and sobbed hard for over 20 minutes, silently into my pillow, I am all for crying, I believe it allows you to feel better and sometimes move on, but I hate it when I cry for this reason.

Grayson has been poorly with a stomach bug since Friday Night, whenever he gets poorly all Grayson wants is his Mama and to hibernate, Grayson’s brain hibernates to help cure him, it has done that since he was 13 weeks in my belly, it’s amazing.

I lay in bed last night with Grayson laying next to me, wailing in his sleep, I assume as he is in pain, but my poor little mite can’t tell me why. I picked him up and cuddled him tight and stroked his head back to sleep, I did this for over an hour before he finally stopped and started snoring. I don’t mind this at all, I like being his Mummy for the good days and the sickly days, but as a Mama to a disabled son we build a barrier in our heads to only live in the present, or maybe a month in advance, you see I don’t know what our lives hold, whether Grayson will ever be able to walk or talk (looking increasingly unlikely), unlike for my dreams for Addison which focus on her running, going to school, first boyfriends and even future Grandchildren, these are not my dreams for Grayson, my dream is he has a healthy life and hopefully just if I had one wish he can communicate with me.

So for the sobbing, as I lay with him in my arms, I thought for how long will I be able to physically do this, I mean when he is 18 and a growing man how will I comfort him, he may still be mentally a child as he is now, but he will weigh as much as me, how will I cuddle him and clean him when he is sick on himself and what if something happens to me, there is NOONE in the world that I trust could look after my son, logistically and emotionally, no one other than Ash and I understand Grayson’s little ticks, his cries.

So I stupidly allowed Grayson and my future to come into my thoughts, I cried until I could cry no more, there is nothing anyone can say to make it better, there is nothing my Mum/Dad could say like when I was little, this wont be better in the morning, but it will stop and I will go back to living in the present, until the next thing creeps up and reminds me our lives will always be different.

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