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Look No Further – Right Bag

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Welcome to the 3rd Look No Further Company – A little about Look No Further

Look No Further – I love online shopping, have done since 1st having a computer, but unfortunately there are a few bad stores that ruin the shopping experience for the good, so I have decided to share companies that offer me a great shopping experience with you my amazing readers on my blog, through Look No Further.

So let me tell you about Sarah and my shopping experience with Right Bag.

I was introduced to Right Bag after reading a review on my friend Sonia’s Blog Mummy Loves, when Christmas came and I received my pretty new Kindle, straight away I remember Right Bag and their awesome cases.

They do the funkiest cases for gadgetry I have ever seen and at such reasonable prices. I agonised for about an hour as to which Kindle Case to get, for the sole reason of so much choice, but in the end I knew the Pink Polkadot Case would win, as these are 2 of my favourite things.

I had taken a 10% discount code from Sonia’s Blog to use at Right Bag, much to my own stupidity I was having trouble using on the website, the website is very simple but I just wasn’t getting it for some reason, this is where Sarah’s Customer Service really hit home for me, I sent her a message through the website it was late in the evening so I wasn’t expecting a response straight away, but within 5 minutes she was helping me, to the point that she even bypassed the website as my computer was not liking it and sent me a direct PayPal Invoice. All at 9pm at night.

Right Bag offers Free Delivery and if ordered by 3pm the item can be with you the next day, even though I ordered my item at 9pm it was with me 2 mornings later, fab service.

The Kindle Case was even nicer in person, it’s not only pretty, it’s durable and comes with the nicest velour inlay so that the screen can not get damaged one bit, the other thing I loved was it has the ability to stand the Kindle up, I found this excellent in my recent hospital stay.

I have been using the case now for 3 months and love it, but even more I love it due to a fab shopping experience. I shall be heading back to Right Bag when I hopefully get my new iPad for another fun, funky case.

I shall pass you onto Sarah to tell you a little more about what Right Bag has to offer.


Logo Property of Right Bag

1.Who is Right Bag and what do you sell ? 

Rightbag was set up in July 2010 by me, Sarah Evans, I was a stay at home mum to two young boys and had been off work for 4 years.  I wanted to try and work from home so that I could juggle school holidays, child sickness etc with working on something that was fun and that I could “get my teeth into”.  Rightbag sells bright and funky bags, cases and sleeves for laptops, iPads, kindles, netbooks and iPhones.

2.What made you start Right Bag ? 

I first started looking into this industry when I wanted to buy my mum a laptop sleeve for Christmas and couldn’t find a pretty, feminine one anywhere.  All the online stores that I tried were very male orientated with lots of words and tiny images, plus most of them were your standard black, bulky boring case.  I knew there had to be more out there for women in such a growing market, so made it my mission to source some good quality, feminine, cute cases and bags. Then in April last year around the time of the Royal wedding, I read an interview with Carole Middleton and thought “if she can do it, then so can I”  So I tracked down an excellent web designer and it went from there.

Picture Property of RightBag

3. Is this a Hobby of Full Time Commitment ?

 It is defiantly a full time commitment, although this can be difficult at weekends and school holidays, I always try to squeeze in customer replies and queries as soon as possible even if this is late on a Sunday night.   I also don’t want to miss my kids growing up so it’s a real juggling act with a lot of work being done after 7pm and before 9am! I am hoping that as the business grows and my youngest starts pre-school then eventually school I will have more time and the business will have grown.

 4.Where can you buy Right Bag Products ? 

On our website , we have a Free standard delivery, or two other delivery options plus due to high demand abroad we have added automatic International and European delivery prices, so if you want your goods delivered outside the UK the system will now update itself with the delivery charge depending on where you want the goods sent.

 5. Do you have any exciting news for the future ? 

We have so many exciting things coming up, Rightbag has just won the Theo Paphitis (from Dragons Den fame) Small Business Sunday award , this was only the second time we had entered and over 1,000 small businesses took part, so to say I am thrilled is an understatement! We are steadily growing month on month and have lots of new products coming out in the next few months, please come and visit the site for more details.

Orla Kiely Laptop Sleeve, Pic Property of RightBag

 6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about Right Bag ? 

Yes, this is a business that I have put my heart and soul into the last 7 months, we (me and the web designers) have tried to give the customer the best web shopping experience possible, we have added as many images as possible for each product, so the customer can see the product at different angles. A very easy one page checkout, with free delivery and automatic confirmation email once the product has been shipped.  Same day despatch if ordered before 3pm and no hassle returns.  We have also added our excellent customer reviews, product reviews and a laptop size guide page if you are uncertain of what size case to buy.

So if you need a new case for your iPhone or want a great gift, head over to Right Bag.

Please note this post is NOT sponsored and my own opinions.

Little Dish and The Big Toddle

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I was contacted by the fantastic Little Dish last week to ask if I could help in any way to spread the news about their fab event The Big Toddle.

Of course I said yes as not only am I a Huge fan of Little Dish (just started trying Addy on their meals) but more importantly I am the HUGEST fan of Barnado’s (for obvious reasons) the charity that organize the Big Toddle.


So what’s the Big Toddle


The Barnardo’s Big Toddle is an exciting ‘mini’ sponsored walk for toddlers. Now in its 16th year, it is the biggest fundraising event in the UK for under 5s and already attracts an amazing half a million children. All the money that Barnardo’s receives from this event goes towards helping some of the UK’s most vulnerable under 5s. More importantly, it’s a fun and memorable way for young children to help those who need it. Put simply, it lets children help other children.

How amazing is this, I can not believe I did not know of The Big Toddle the past few years, I am all about raising awareness and support for Children, as you all know with Grayson’s Great Fun Day, I only wish I had the time to organise a Big Toddle myself this year, but with Grayson’s schedule it shall not be possible but fingers crossed I shall be attending the Tunbridge Wells event.

To make it even more fun Barnado’s have set the theme of SuperHero’s this year, I mean what kid doesn’t want to dress up as a Superhero.

So if you fancy getting involved with The Big Toddle go here and find out where events are being held.


You can even host your own mini event, so get 3/4 Mums together and Toddle, I have 10 fab kits to get you started too, with Balloons/Stickers and activities to get you under way, if you would like one just leave a comment here by Friday 4th May 2012 and we shall pick 10 winners.

For an extra chance to win a great fun Big Toddle Kit for your little one head over to Little Dish Facebook Page and give them a Like, please leave me a 2nd comment to say so.

Take Care and help where you can.



366 – Days 111 to 114

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111 – I tried out Sausage and Onion casserole for the 1st time in the Slow Cooker – Mmm


112 – Jammie Day – Addison playing with her new Toy


113 – Super Girl – Addison turns her Blanket into a cape


114 – Feeling very proud that couple of people saw this Necklace from 2009 and put in a request

My Week That Was

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I was very sad not to take part in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3’s weekly linky the past few weeks, but life was just too much. But I am back this week to show off My Week That Was – go to Katie’s Blog for more details.


Not a great start to the week, I had started a new medication over the weekend, by Sunday late evening, I was having a nasty drug interaction, I spent all of Monday in bed, feeling awful. Ash went off to work and the bubba’s to my Mom, I have been craving a relaxing day at home on my own, shame, they do say be careful what you wish for.

Unfortunately my Ashley’s Nan died today as well, even though he really wasn’t close with her, it’s still a sad day for the family.


I was still feeling very unwell on Tuesday but as I was getting so far behind at work I had no choice but to go in, I decided I needed to get in early so I missed my drop off time with Grayson and headed to work by 8am.

I manage to get a bit done, but I was just feeling too unwell to concentrate, so by 3pm I was back on my way home again.

After some rest in the afternoon and watching this crazy girl try to climb everything and anything,
20120422-151554.jpgI started to feel a little more human (drug finally leaving the system) so we had dinner and then an early night in bed by 8.30pm (rock n roll) but at least I was joined by a piece of cake.


Another joyous work day, I am finding it very hard, working so many hours at the moment, I am not enjoying my job and do miss seeing the kids and keeping on top of daily tasks.

Nothing too exciting happened whilst I was at work, but as I still wasn’t feeling 100% I was very pleased that I had already planned to finish by 3pm, Ash and Addy had headed off to spend some time with his Mum following Monday, so I got to have an hour or so of one on one time with Grayson, I was really looking forward to it, I headed off to pick him up from his afternoon session of Special Nursery, to find him fast asleep on his carer in the sensory room. I got him in the car, out of the car and into bed and he never stirred, so my alone time was spent with Grayson asleep and me watching day time TV.

Once Addy and Ash arrived home, it was usual routine of dinner etc, we have been trying this week to get the bubba’s to try food, they had a little sandwich for dinner tonight, neither managed to feed themselves, but they did polish off half a sandwich between them so I was super pleased with the progress.


Today is my work at home day, I did get a little work done but to be honest I could not be bothered (naughty) so instead after 1st 2 meals of the day we packed the kids in the car and headed over to the super large new Sainsbury’s in Ashford. I am a fan of Sainsbury’s and actually find it never really costs us much different from if I went to Tesco.


Gray watching Mickey and Clapping

Addison turned 11 months today, I can’t quite believe she is only a month of a year, it has gone so quickly.

After deciding I had no time to make the kids party invites, I bought some today and got those posted out as their party is only a month off and I have Cybher (woohoo) in the middle of that.


There was no work for Ashley today, so we were all a home together, Ash did go out for a bit and run some errands, pop to bank etc, but by the most part it was a day at home. Thankfully after Grayson had me up between 3/4am just cause.

I decided to try out a new Slow Cooker Recipe I found on NetMums today, we had Sausage and Onion Casserole and I must say not only was it simple but also very tasty. Quite a cheap meal too (which is good at the moment).

Whilst the kiddo’s were in the bath tonight the home phone rung (very odd), as I answered it I realised it was the call we had been waiting for, Grayson’s long-awaited surgery date for the 28/29th May. May is going to be a busy month.


PJ Day – this is all we ever seem to do lately, but with the weather still not great and pennies being tight it’s a good job.

The hubby and I did a little spring cleaning, must say feel better for it, although still a ton to be done.

To keep Addison more entertained – I got out the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Toy that I have had hidden away for months, she really doesn’t understand the concept but she is enjoying chewing the pieces and pressing the buttons.

I spent the day coming up with idea’s for their Birthday Party and then realising we have little money so only a few will be able to be achieved.

Both kids ended up asleep in bed by 7.30pm, so Ash and I decided that with our spare pennies from the boot fair we did the week before to treat ourselves to a Chinese, I am glad we did it was very scrummy, we then spent the evening catching up on TV, we really do live a rock n roll life.

I knew Grayson falling asleep that early would be a nightmare, but I thought hey ho it’s Ashley’s morning so when he wakes at 4/4.30am I can stay huddled up in bed, how wrong I was……


We barely got into Sunday when we were awoken, Grayson after his early night thought 12.30am was a great wake up time, after bringing him into our bed (so not to wake his sister, they share) he decided to go into an all out screaming/crying/hyperventilating state, so Ash and I decided a run in the car may calm him down and send him back to sleep. 1.30am comes Ash arrives back home, with a calm but very awake Grayson, so off to bed I sent Ash, Grayson and I headed to the front room for some ITNG and Tea for me.

Grayson did not falter, he was still very much awake when at 5.50am Addy decided to join in the fun, at 7.30am after nearly collapsing with the kids around me Ash and I swapped roles and I went back to bed, I thought I would catch a couple of hours, but my awesome hubby left me till I woke at 11.30am, to both babies asleep, Grayson I add had only just gone.

So thankfully another PJ day here, bit of luck really as we would have not been up for any fun tasks.

As I type its 3pm, I want to do something crafty or practical like the ironing but I feel totally drained and can barely type this post.

God knows what the rest of my Sunday holds, hopefully slightly happier children (the little one is currently screaming the house down), a nice dinner and rest.

So what has your week been like, hopefully a lot more fun than mine.

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