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366 – A Catch Up 170-179

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170 – Miss Addy is getting a real Mowhawk

171 – My Poor Dad after a stressful morning when I walked into work

172 – Gray can just sleep in any position

173 – Addison’s new Crocs, after we headed to the Crocs Store Opening

174 – New Necklace I made, available if you are interested *wink wink*


175 – Treated myself to getting my hair all straightened for holiday

176 – Addy loves her trike so much she even watches Waybaloo in it

177 – Off we fly on holiday

178 – Brekkie on our Balcony – lovely

179 – Swimming in the Pool wa how our day started


My Week That Was – #24

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It’s Sunday so it’s time for me to post and link up with Katie over at Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3.


Ash and I were at work today, so bubba’s headed to my Mom’s. It was a long work day which is no Fun.

Came home and was bedtime routine and our bedtime before I could believe it.

Only great point of the day was I made a new piece of jewellery, I used to many years ago under my website Innocent Charms, was pleased to do again.


Usual Tuesday morning routine, I took Grayson to special nursery on my way to work, he seemed very tired when I dropped him off but he actually had a really good session.

I had the usual very boring day at work, Grayson had PT at home at 3pm, I hate missing all these sessions now but it can’t be helped.

Got home to a stressed out Mr Innocent Charmer as Addison had spent the past 2 hours screaming and crying for god only knows what reason.

I sat down and made another couple of pieces of Jewellery once the kids headed to bed, it really helps me wind down, although it does mean my blog posting has taken a knock and very nicely I sold a piece too.


Another usual crappy work day, although I did finish early at 4pm, why ? For a dentist check up, YUCK. £40 later and booking of another appointment for £150, just another typical dentist appointment.

Ash had taken Addison for her 12/13mth jabs today, she was super brave but had a very grizzly evening, which is to be expected.

Grayson had a fab morning with Granny and then a great nursery session where he played with Mash Potato.

I sold another piece of jewellery, which is truly awesome.


My work at home day, although not much work happened.

1st I had to take Grayson for his 6 monthly eye hospital appointment, it took over 2 hours, 3 people to hold him down, to be told that Grayson is at least partially blind but as he is disabled is there much point in glasses. 2nd opinion I think, sick of people not helping my son.

After that we had an appointment to meet Grayson’s finally new OT, as well as major assessments of our current housing situation to try to sort a better life for him.

We had gorgeous enchiladas for dinner, they seemed even scrummier than usual.


We headed into Town to buy some gifts for Father’s Day and my Mom’s Birthday.

We managed 1 hour with little success and then the rain started to come down, so we headed into McDonald’s to give the kiddies their snacks, lunch for Ash and I. Addison got her 1st Balloon and was very excited by it.

We managed a little more shopping before the rain really fell heavy and we made a quick dash to the car.

We spent the afternoon catching up around the house, followed by Addison feeding herself dinner, which resulted in a Bath to hose them both down.

Grayson has been so happy this week, it was finally like having my little boy from 8 months ago back.

My 1st post for Emma’s Diary Blog went live.


I headed shopping early so that I could get the items rained off from the day before.

Ash went to get his haircut whilst I got the kids and I ready to head out.

We took my Mom a Pizza Hut and met up with one of my Brothers and Sister and spent the afternoon with my Mom as its her Birthday this coming Thursday.

It was then just a usual evening at home.


Father’s Day

The kids had me especially early, they knew it was Daddy’s Lie in Day.

I finished off making gifts for my Dad from the kiddies, then we headed to my Stepmum’s and Dad’s, where we were joined by 1 of my Brother’s, my Sister and BIL, we were going for a picnic but it started to spit, so we had an indoor Picnic instead. Once the weather improved we headed out to the Garden, the kids played, we chatted and ate.

We stayed all afternoon and early evening.

We then headed home and I started to pack for our holiday in a week, early I know, but I like to be prepared and have a busy week with little time.

So there’s my week how was yours ?

366 – Days 165-169

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I always seem to be catching up on my 366 posts, but at least I manage to take a pic of the everyday.

165 – Grayson managed a whole Ice Lolly on his own, this really makes my heart happpy.

166 – Grayson and I had a gruelling 2 1/2 hr eye hospital appointment, his fave toy kept him sweet for a while.

167 – Addison loving her 1st Balloon

168 – My Little Girl is getting Big, looking cute in her new Coat and Snuggle Feet Legwarmers.

169 – Father’s Day – Best Pic I could get of the best Daddy in the World.

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