Stokke Tripp Trapp Styling For Addison

If you know my blog you will know I am a HUGE fan of Stokke Products.

We have just moved home and with Sweetpea’s arrival getting close the Mr and I decided that Sweetpea shall have Addison’s Grey Tripp Trapp with a newborn set and Addison will get a new Tripp Trapp that suits her personality and my Kitchen.

We agonised between the Lime Green and Red, but I think the Red is definitely going to be our final decision.

So today I made up a little mood board for the Red Tripp Trapp to show the Mr that it is the right colour choice (he was more swayed to the green).

Stokke Love For Addison

The Tripp Trapp like all Stokke Products is about integrating your child into family life and making a connection,  Addison loves her Tripp Trapp as she sits at the Table with Mummy and Daddy, whilst being comfy and can even climb up all on her own.

She already has the Jeans but I am so going to buy the Cat Tee, I can’t wait to show you a pic of her in the outfit in her new Red Tripp Trapp.

Just read here if you want to know why we think Stokke is the best.

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