366 – Days 242/245

242 – Made me Giggle – Miss Addy looking down her nose at Kids outside the window.

243 – My Little Boy is Famous – todays COUNTY Paper – full-page spread inside too.

244 – Date Night – 3rd one this year, much needed, here is Hubby and I, my hair is shorter now – lol.

245 – Addison got new shoes today from the Clarks Outlet, she loves the shiny-ness.

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  • Love your little girls expression, I wonder what they were doing outside? Wow to the newspaper, how tricky everyday life must be for your little boy!

  • I love looking at your pics and the captions that go with them. Keep up the good work x

  • Lovely shots. Hope the newspaper article proves helpful. And you are 3 date nights ahead of me and Mr G. We NEVER go out (must rectify that). Also love the shiny shoes. But my fave is the shot of Miss Addy looking out the window, as if to say “Oi, you riff raff. Get off my lawn!*

  • Love the first shot – snooty but pretty! X

  • LOVE that pic of you and Hubby! You’re rocking your new look…..may have shorter hair but still just as beautiful! xxx