366 – Days 289/294

289 – Little Dish sent Addison some of their new Pasta Meals to test – review to follow

290 – “Normal” Bathtime – Grayson usually has disability equipment to safely hold him in the bath, but as Addy was bathing for the 1st time without a seat we decided to put barely any water in and let Grayson bath this way too, he did amazing. Great freedom for him once in a while.

291 – “Birdies” Addison is obsessed with seeing birds, funny considering I am scared of them – lol

292 – We went shopping this afternoon after Therapy, Addison would not let us take these Hello Kitty Earmuffs off so we had to buy them

293 – Mr Innocent Charmer surprised me buy cooking Dinner for when I got home, it was delicious

294 – Jammie Day – Addison was mesmerised for over 1/2 hour by Silver Sense’s Packaging.

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  • Jenny Paulin

    Awwww Kara I really like the photo of the two of them sat in the bath together. Must be precious moments like that which bring you such happiness – they both look to be enjoying themselves. And Addisons’s cute Hello Kitty ear muffs as very sweet x x x

  • Ahhhh, I love that photo of them in the bath. I’m sure Grayson loved the chance for a bit of freedom, and I’m sure Addison loved having fun with her big brother. So cute. X

  • I love the ear muffs, don’t think I’d be able to pull off the look quite so well though! 🙂

  • I wouldn’t have been taking those eatmuffs off either Cuteness plus

  • Such gorgeous photos. I love those earmuffs, I have a small Hello Kitty obsessed person who would love them too

  • Love the bath pic and the ear muffs – look cosy! 🙂

  • Love the bath picture, they both look so happy in there and well done to Grayson! x

  • Gorgeous photos. I love looking back at photos of our in the bath- they seem, like yours, to capture such freedom and happiness.
    Adore the photo with the Hello Kitty earmuffs- can see why they had to come home with you!

  • Some great photos from the week, my favourite is without doubt the earmuffs she looks too cute for words

  • I rather like the Hello Kitty ear muffs there! Love bath picture too.

  • Gorgeous piccies as always honey! Love watching your kids grow up 🙂

  • Well done on the independent sitting in the bath, to both of them! Beautiful photos, thanks for linking p