>A Day Late But Not Forgotten


Hello All

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and my cousin and my Aunt, we all have had our birthdays either today or yesterday.

Thanks my dear blog pal Laura of KatyDiddy’s who did not forget even though I did not make it online yesterday and sent me a big Happy Birthday wish, thanks doll you are amazing.

Well what held me away from my Birthday post I hear you cry, I had to leave home at 9am yesterday for a busy day and did not return till 9pm when I had a cracking Migraine so i went straight to bed and could not post so here I am today. I had a lovely day with lots of amazing pressies from my family, a nice new coat from hubby and a lovely dinner courtesy of my super MOM, I have piccys which I shall share with you tomorrow as I am back at work today minus camera.

Now for the bit you are all waiting for, giveaway, as promised I am doing a super giveaway for my Birthday, I am not going to show you the prizes till the end to keep you guessing. lol. I am doing one large prize and 5 yes 5 runner up prizes, in total 6 prizes for my birthday being on the 6th – get it lol.

So to enter ladies all you have to do is, make a post before Sunday evening, with a comment stating when your birthday is and what you would like for your next birthday ?

I shall start – dear Kara (he he) my birthday is the 6th December and I would like a new smart car (he he).

Can’t wait to see what your answers are and don’t forget to head back this weekend for a look at my piccys.

Kara a 27 year old xoxoxox

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  • Brandi


    I’m sorry I’m a day late…

  • Gemheaven

    >Happy Birthday hun for yesterday – I did pop you in my post with my Nan – did you see lol

  • katydiddy

    >Kara! You are only 27?! Now I feel old. I just turned 38 on NOVEMBER 26. What do I want for my next birthday? To meet up with my Blogger Babe friends, you, Nikki & Christine for a creativity filled weekend. How fun would that be?

  • BellaColle

    >Happy Happy Birthday!
    Hope you are feeling better!

    Mine is the 31st of December..
    hmmm I would like A new laptop and Dreamweaver software!

    Yeah…would love to have a creative retreat with you gals!

  • Coralee

    >Happy Birthday!!! Sorry about the migraine, though, that’s brutal! Anyway, my name is Coralee, my birthday is April 25th (I’ll be 30 soon) and I would like to fly home for a visit.

  • Katrina

    >Happy Birthday to you! Glad you got some great pressies, but sorry you had a killer headache!!

    My birthday is July 15th. I would like a laptop, a swimming pool, a pool room and an outdoor table. Haha and do you reckon I would ever get all of those things??? Doesn’t hurt to dream too big does it? Hahaha!!!

  • Rosemary

    >Happy Belated Birthday Kara!!!
    Come to visit my blog, as I am having a giveaway as well.

  • Monica Yvette

    >Happy Birthday to you, happy b.d. to you:) Hope you got lots of things you wanted and ate cake or ice cream with complete indulgence:) I’m half a year to my 27th, and I want…a flea market shopping spree.

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Sorry I missed your Birthday! Happy Birthday! Are you feeling better????I am so glad the you had a nice day!!!”see” you soon!

  • Mandie

    >Hey Kara, hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!!!! My birthday is 4th July, yep, American independence day, I feel really old as my eldest son has just turned 18, time just flies. What would I like for my birthday, Christian Bale would do very nicely, failing that Sting maybe or Robert Carlyle…… 🙂
    Mandie x


    >Helloooo Sweetness
    I am soooo sorry i missed your special day. I am kicking myself up my own backside!
    Sorry you had a yukk headache…maybe you can re-do your birthday (ooh more prezzies..) another day, LOL.
    Anyhooo **** HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA ****

    Okies, for my birthday next year i want..umm….breakfast in bed: burnt toast, soggy eggs, warm orange juice and undercooked bacon, all prepared with love by my lil’ Sam 🙂

    LUV YA

    p.s did you get my email??? My earrings arrived, Go to my blog girlie!

  • craftsty

    >HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY toooooo you!! I hope you enjoyed the day with your friends and family 😉

    You are such a sweety to giveaway something on your birthday and I so want to be a winner hehe.

    ::BIG HUGS::

    Barbara aka craftsty

    PS…Congrats to the winner in advance!

  • Drewzel

    >Happy Birthday!!!

    Mine was on the 3rd of December, so we’re a few days apart! What I wanted was Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching book… and I got it 🙂

  • happyduck1979

    >Hi and Happy Birthday! I just found you over at the flickr group, so I thought I would stop by. MY birthday is May 7th and I want a mini laptop 🙂