A Little Anxious – Yep!


Well finally after being 2 months late as I bathed the kids last night the call came.
28/29th May Grayson and I shall be back in Evelina Children’s Hospital, this time for surgery. Not major surgery. But let’s be honest, any surgery on a 3yo who weighs less than 26lb and has respiratory issues is pretty serious.
So am I anxious about the actual surgery? Not really. This will be Grayson’s 4th maybe 5th GA (not too bad), I for the 1st time have real trust in his surgeon, it’s a routine investigation plus biopsies of his muscles and skin(yuck), so nothing life threatening.
So why am I anxious, this surgery will hopefully give us answers about Grayson’s hips, I am going in hoping they say “bad damage, must operate” awful huh ? But the alternative is worse, the alternative is even if my little boys brain switches on and says “hey you have legs use them” that he won’t be able to, it means that his hips are non treatable, that his muscles can’t be lengthened or extended, it would mean

Don’t get me wrong in my head I am not sure he ever will, but that is totally different from being told he physically can’t.

So whoever holds the dice, please for once let my little boy have the right answer. He is amazing, I know he is, so give him a chance to shine.

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  • You 4 are so Amazing (yes capital A) I will be lighting a candle for you both on the 28th/29th to get the answers you need. I know I have never met you, but still love you to bits. You also have the most beautiful children I adore the photo of Grayson.

  • My thoughts are with you lovely. I will have everything crossed and hope you get the outcome you want. You are one amazing lady and a mother to be proud of x

  • aww hugs for you and Grayson, any hospital trip is awful. Just hoping you get the answers that can bring miracles. Lets hope those hips are made for walking. x