I sit here sad and happy, sad for remembering the awful tragedy that happened 6 years ago, remembering how frightened I was as I sat at home watching live on the news as much of the world did, desperately trying to contact my family in the states so far away and checking my dear cousin had not been hurt (he worked in the towers) thankfully for us he was off work. Then realising all the dear families, friends, everyone not being so thankful.

My heart goes out to all that not only had there dear Angels taken from them in the September 11th tragedy but all over the world that day and everyday past present and future.

My love goes out to all that thankfully helped people on that day and for days to come with the immense feelings and actions that took place as a result of 9/11.

Its a day the world came together and felt as one, I only wish that could happen and stop the evil that goes by in our lives.

I am happy that alot of people awoke today and live today without feeling immense pain, hunger and not having anything to smile about if only for a minute.

My love to all

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  • Sophie Honeysuckle

    >That was so thoughtful Kara, and I’m so glad your family were safe xx

  • Mary

    I feel awful as I have only just realised what date it is today but its been a difficult day for us too.I too have thought about all the families whose lives were so destroyed that day and since.

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Your post gave me the chills! So many have forgotten the significance of today. And being in the Fire/EMS service it is often brought to our attention in training. Just to think of that terrible day for our country and the world upsets me deeply to this day! I am so glad that your cousin was safe.Thank you for helping us remember those lost and and those that have been survivors. May the world never see another day like this!Take care and see you soon!


    >Beautifully written Kara.

    xo Shann

  • Angela

    >What a touching post! Your a very thoughtful and caring person! 🙂 *HUGS*

  • bellacolle

    >Oh yes my dear! Thank you for remembering!