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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Living Arrows {Deacon at 14 Months}

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Can you believe my baby is 14 months ? It has gone so fast, I felt like I was just sharing his Birthday pictures and I haven’t even shared his party yet.

This past month he is becoming less baby and more toddler, he capably walks, runs, even dribbles a football, don’t ask me why as we hate football.

He climbs, has said a first word and now even more of them.

He stamps his feet in anger, smiles when he is naughty and gives the best hugs you have ever felt.

He still hates sleep and eats nothing but puree but you can see from these pictures (wearing a pair of his brothers old jeans) he is no longer the baby you cradle.

Although he is a mini little thing, nothing like his Dad’s over 6ft stature, much more like his tiny little Mummy, still in 9/12 month clothes he is so so tiny and precious.

living arrows

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Discovery Your Way with Fisher-Price

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Addison and I hopped on a train to London last week to go to the Prima Magazine HQ. We were kindly invited by Fisher-Price to learn more about their new campaign “Discovery Your Way”.

discovery your way

The morning was led with 2 talks, one from Susie Boon of Made for Mums, followed by Dr David Whitebread a senior lecturer in Psychology and Education. As a parent I constantly battle with my own guilt on whether I play enough with the children, I think we all do, when Deacon was born I realised time would be less and less to play with each child individually or even at all, their needs are all so different. I am not alone in this, the research showed over 2/3 of parents worry about the amount play they do with their children, 63% believing that it is one on one play that helps your child to develop quicker.



After the talk whilst Addison “Child-Led Play” with the toys Fisher-Price had laid out I spoke to Susie, it was so interesting and enlightening to not feel penalised by being a busy Mum, being explained that the research has proven that child-led play is in some ways is even more crucial than structured learning. Giving children and their peers the time to develop their imagination through play and Fisher-Price have and continuing to produce toys that help with this.

I spoke to Susie about schemes which enforce this opinion in my local area where they are offering therapy through play for siblings of disabled children. Fisher-Price kindly gifted us a toy Doctors kit on the day and it has been so interesting to listen to Addison and her little thoughts on what her brother goes through whilst looking after her animals.

Discovery your way

Addison and I really enjoyed the lunch, it was refreshing to hear the research and I have sat back and really watched from afar the kids play this past week, seeing how they interact with one another as well as on there own. It has brought Deacon out of his shell for sure.

Here is a little video of Addison enjoying the Fisher-Price toys and fairy on the day.

Disclosure – Our travel was contributed towards.

Crazy Charms Achieve a Blissful Home – GP

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Crazy Charms to Achieve a Blissful Home
Here are some ideas for adding an infusion of charm, welcome and delight
to nearly every room in the home. Some of them may seem obvious in
hindsight, but often we need to have these little things brought to the
forefront of our minds for them to take on the impetus needed to make
the required changes.

Tea Up?

Invest in a Tesco’s (£45) new kettle to brighten up your kitchen and put some
oomph back into your cuppa! You will be charmed with your snazzy new
kettle and delighted at how much difference can be made by replacing the
old and time worn model currently adorning your counter.

Bright Bunny

For a whimsical touch of charm, why not try something like this little
bunny lamp available at Not on the High Street (£47) ? You can add a splash of much-needed colour and light to
gloomy corners with this cute and charming rabbit lamp and it is
suitable for use as a night light for younger people too.

Officious Placement

Most of us have a home office of some sort, whether it is a hastily
cleared corner of the kitchen table between meals or a properly laid out
business space. Update your home office with a new, bijou but adequate,
office desk. This one is a  Tyler office desk which I discovered from Argos 

(£39.99 )has plenty of storage space for important
paperwork and the surface is ideal for either a PC or a laptop; and
maybe even a printer too. Having everything in one place, ready when you
need it will save you a lot of time and effort and you will soon wonder
how you ever managed without a compact desk tucked into a discreet

Drapes Away!

Brighten up every room in the home with a new pair of cheerful and
colourful curtains. Any room can be dramatically transformed with the
addition of new curtains and it is often an excellent way to quickly and
effortlessly refresh your dÈcor. Choose curtains that match your chosen
dÈcor colours and ensure that they are the right length too ñ too short
a curtain can make the room seem childlike and immature although this
is absolutely fine (and, in fact preferred) for childrenís bedrooms or
playrooms, whereas dining rooms and formal living rooms look splendid
with curtains that just barely graze the floor, or even puddle slightly
on the carpet. I personally have a thing for Yorkshire Linen’s curtains such as this Pencil pleat curtain (£39.99)

Globe Trotting

Add some old-school wonder to your living room or study with a
delightful such as this Fishpond’s globe (£88.37) of the world. Not only is it educational
and informative but it looks great, no matter where you set it down!
Often, with dÈcor, it is these little unnecessary touches that make the
difference between a pleasant room and a lovely one, so allow your
aesthetic impulses some freedom when planning your dÈcor.

Chair Occasion

Pamper your back and give your home an infusion of high-quality comfort
by investing in a comfortable occasional chair which can be shopped by Occa Home (£795.00). A really good
comfortable chair adds a certain something to any room, be it a bedroom,
study or living room, and it is worthwhile investing in a good quality
one for comfort and durability. Do not worry if the chair does not
exactly match your lounge suite as sometimes a hint of contrast actually
works to complete a dÈcor scheme.

Oak Secrets

Crafted from beautiful and durable oak, this Furniture UK bedside cupboard (£122) will make
the perfect addition to any bedroom. Suitable for all ages, there is
plenty of storage space inside it for precious mementoes and secrets,
while the top is ideal to keep your book, a lamp and some other
night-time odds and ends.

Disclosure – This is a guest post

Fashion Friday Plus Sized #4

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Last Friday we were lucky enough to head out for the day with only our daughter, when you have 3 kids one on one time is really fun, more than that when you are just going out with a very capable 3 year old instead of babies you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting ruined, you don’t need to be dressed ready for Soft play climbing or able to wipe puke off and my outfit reflected this.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that back in July I had my 1st shopping experience in Forever 21 +, I was so excited when I knew we going to Westfield, I was overjoyed when I realised they had extended the section and there was so much choice, I tried on so many clothes, but was a very good girl and left with £50 worth of items (which was 6 items). One was a dress which I have yet to wear, the lovely Danie gave me some style tips for it this week on her blog go take a look, I have since ordered the sandals and am excited for them to arrive.

Another beaut I picked up from F21+ was this Navy sheer top, I am big into blue this past year, black I feel always drains me out but Navy is a classic and mixes so well with my favourite colours in fashion, especially the pink lippy’s.


As I knew we were popping to the beach I wanted to team the outfit with suitable footwear so I decide on my Saltwater Sandals, they are so comfy and I haven’t worn as much as I would like this Summer but as a classic I know I shall wear them for years to come.

I bought the skinny jeans from SimpleBe last month and they featured on last weeks outfit too, they are very comfy and a lovely dark shade. They are a little long for me as I have super short legs, but they work great rolled up.

plus size fashion

The best part of this top is the back detail, it gathers to a point in the middle and then has a longer dipped back, this picture doesn’t do it justice but it works great for me as an hourglass figure and flatters the belly very well.


I chose to team the outfit with hints of Aubergine, I am currently enjoying taking part in the #NYNYStyleproject on Instagram, the prompt for that day was Aubergine and it works so well with Navy I thought why not, this bag was a cheapie from Primark years ago and has faired me well, inside it is neon yellow, the main reason I bought it, I also added a mustard and purple bracelet to tie in.


As I knew we would be out all day and it could get a little cooler I also picked up one of my favourite jackets, this sheer patterned blazer from ASOS Curve from the beginning of Summer, it is a great addition to any plain outfit. How cute does my little photo bomber look too ?

Outfit Details

Unfortunately we do not have a giveaway this week, I have just been really unwell and not had the time to sort, but hopefully there is another great sponsor next week, so do head back, of course I would still love you to link up and keep inspiring each other with great style and outfits.

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