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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.


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I can not believe 8 years ago I wrote my first (not very good) post here at Innocent Charms Chats, I had blogged a little at other sites before, but this was my first proper blog.

This past month I have argued with myself so much as to whether I am really Innocent Charms Chats anymore – I kept looking at new Domains, trying to decide to change my name. But then after some great friends really chatting to me I realised I am Innocent Charms Chats, it is just that Innocent Charms Chats is not very me anymore.

By that I mean the way it looks and it’s content. I have lost my way many times with blogging, there have been pauses in the past, where I have lost my way or life changed dramatically, but after a gap I always find my way back and the reason is I LOVE IT!

I truly do, it maybe cliché but I love my blog, it gives me so much pleasure, I love that if I want to walk away I can but she always lures me back. She has introduced me to some truly amazing and life altering people, she has supported me when Grayson was first shown to have problems, when Addison would cry all night and through so many happy times I have lost count.

So over the next couple of months you will see some big changes, a fresh new look with a vintage twist, fashion and interiors content (as I love both), more heartfelt posts because I can write what I want who cares about the stats and lastly some of my favourite brands will still be here in reviews, because I love working with them.

So please do support me through this transition as you have in the past, because I am sure you will like what comes out on the other side.

To thank your support to me I thought we would have a little giveaway to celebrate, cause who doesn’t love a little prize, being that I love independents and fashion I decided to support 2 of my favourite companies with the giveaway.

Kyna Boutique

So the 1st prize is a £20 gift voucher to spend at Kyna Boutique – Jenny is my partner in crime with #styleitkids – my Instagram fashion project – I think everyone should have the pleasure of shopping with Jenny at least once (but to be honest once you have you will continue to return).


Prize number 2 was kindly donated by the very beautiful Morgana of Little & Fierce. A new start-up company from 2014 specialising in awesome accessories for the little (and big) girls in your life. I bought Addy (and myself) some cute little stocking fillers last month and have just made a sale purchase too, so I am so thankful to Morgana in donating a £15 gift voucher to spend at her site, I warn you though you will want to spend easily double that.

All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter below, the giveaway is open to UK Residents over the age of 18 only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just to tease you some pictures of the delights you could buy with your winning.



Love to you all and here is to year 9!!!

The Kiddies/Living Arrows // One

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Last year I loved taking part in Living Arrows, I would always forgot to upload my pictures and due to that there are so many little stories I did not share with you or for my kiddies in the future.

I have always loved to do challenges like a photo a day, project 52 – so this year I have set myself the Living Arrows challenge, I shall upload a photo every Monday with either all 3 kids, or one of each of them that represents their week. A way for me to remember all those little everyday things we sometimes miss or forget.

living arrows

Grayson – my new 6 year old – I am so pleased you had your Birthday out of hospital, ate Pizza and cake – something I thought would never be a reality.

living arrows

Addison – After dropping your new Lambie in a mud puddle on Xmas Day, Gamma very kindly bought you a new one ready for New Years Day.

living arrows

Deacon – my little destroyer, you loved going to the park & running round like a big boy NYD, like all the bigger kids.

I urge you to head to Hayley of Shutterflies (the host) of Living Arrows and check out this awesome project you wont be disappointed.

Living Arrows

Addison’s Rocking #5

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My little beauty has been rocking some seriously cool clothes this past month, she is a beaut and I love sharing them daily on Instagram for #styleitkids but I keep forgetting to share them here on my beautiful blog.

So here is what Addison rocked on Christmas Day, I do not over dress them as we go to my Moms and they play in the garden and with the dogs, but I think she looked super cute.

little bird by jools

Top – Little Bird By Jools at Mothercare

Skirt – Mini Club at Boots (Currently on sale for £6)

Shoes – Little Bird By Jools at Mothercare

Doggy Bag – New fave accessory

kids fashion

She also looked fierce in her new gold glitter clip that I purchased (oops Santa did) from Little And Fierce – a great new online retailer for girls accessories – well I wear them too, it is run by a blogging friend and has a great sale I recommend you check out going on now!

So what did you little one rock on Xmas Day – you know I am always looking for new brands to try out for the kids, as they clearly need more cute clothes.

Style It Kids – January 2015!

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It is nearly a whole new year, I can’t honestly wait as 2014 although having some great highlights as a whole was not all to good for my little family.

2015 though starts with us moving home – woohoo 8 days and counting! Also once settled will see a redsign of my blog (cross fingers) as this one does not really reflect me, my blog turns 8 next week too – wow!

I also hope the wonderful childrens fashion Instagram Project I started with Jenny of Kyna Boutique continues to grow, as I said last month #StyleItKids has done better than I could ever imagine, with over 1200 uploads in 2 months I feel so honoured to have created a little community and hope more and more lovely people find us in the world of Instagram.

This months prompts were created slightly differently, as well as Jenny and I wracking our tired brains, we put it out to Instagram and asked what they would like to see and some greats were suggested and are on there for us all to enjoy.

We also opened up #StyleItKidsmodel this month and asked people to tag pictures of their little ones to pick a beauty to feature as our prompt image this month. There were so many cute ones, I struggled so I picked 6 (wish I could ahve picked them all) and there Mummies Instgram accounts are linked below for you to check out.

Due to how many cuties that came forward I am asking you to continue tagging #styleitkidsmodel and we shall share 6 more pictures next month too.

So enough with the waffling here are the prompts…..

kids fashion project



Aren’t there some fun ones ? Day 4 is my Superheroes offical birthday, he is going to be 6! Eek! So it is tailored with that in mind, the little boy who should not have made it past his 1st Birthday, I am so proud.


Now for the rules – well not really.

  • Find the prompt picture and the day’s prompt, each month should be live a couple of days before the end of the previous month, if not always head to my blog.
  • Interpret the prompt as you will – just make sure the picture is of your child’s style or maybe a wish list item you are wanting for them.
  • Take a photo and upload to Instagram tagging #styleitkids – so that Jenny and I as well as other people taking part can find it.
  • Look at the hashtag #styleitkids and share the love, get ideas, chat to others.
  • Don’t forget this is for fun, you DO NOT have to take part every day, 1, 3, 7 days or a whole month whatever takes your fancy.

Hopefully all of you old and new will come join in the fun!!!!

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