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34yr old Mummy to 3. Our 6yo disabled son, 3yo strong girl and Deacon our menace born June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

The Kiddies/LivingArrows // Twelve

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Better late than never I am here with my weekly kiddo update, we have had poorly Deacon which I am hoping is teeth (molars) and not ears, we have also had a very upset Grayson at night so sleep is more for the weak than normal here.

We start a little differently this week with a 6 second video for Grayson….

Grayson - You are still having such a tough time but during the day you really don’t show it, this weekend you managed soft play which for you is massive, sensory wise it is anightmare but you even managed to actually play on the equipment and go down the slides several times, it was such a pleasure. A whole hour before it became to much and then your meltdowns happened, you really are pure awesome!


Addison – This is not the best picture, but the memory it gives me I shall always hold dear. As you walked round Ikea amazed with all the little houses, you sat on this chair and said “Mummy I look like a Princess” as I told you you are better than any Princess and the smile you shot was out of this world. My little girl I am loving how you see the world at the moment, the amazement and happiness in the simplest of things, never loose that!


Deacon - “Cheese” kiddo you love the camera, this face everytime you see one or a phone is just so precious, your newst obsession this week is shoes, not just any shoes, but your brother and sisters, these Crocs really took your fancy this week as did your cousin Ivy’s Doc McStuffins slippers, I love this about you my little munchkin menace.

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Living Arrows

Being a Superhero’s Mummy

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2015, grayson, Special needs

Your smile is the most precious, your heart beats so hard and I am glad that I get to experience it all.

special needs

Mother’s Day gorgeous-ness

My everyday with Grayson is similar to my everyday with my other babies, similar to yours I am sure – actually in some ways honestly it is easier, he never shouts back at me, never screams and cries, never whines about what I make him for Dinner.

Not everything about being a Mum to Grayson is a negative, it is hard to write that at times, especially these last few weeks when at 1.30am I am standing outside my front door chucking sick covered bedding in the wheelie bin and quietly sobbing in my dressing gown, I am not angry though, I am sad for my little boy, sad that he suffers when he really is the sweetest child on this planet – that is a serious statement but I fully believe it.

But with all the negativity that has come from having to be on a ventilator and severe epilepsy there have been positives that are just so outstanding.

My Superhero has finally seen me again, this must sound crazy, he is not blind, but when it came to me he just didn’t see me, I existed in terms of someone who changed his nappy or put Mickey Mouse on the TV but I hadn’t really seen his eyes in years or felt his touch in so long I had forgotten – but with all this pain he is changing, he sees me, he looks at me and smiles, the most amazing smile. He cuddles me, like actually nestles into my armpit and touches my hand, he allows me to hold his face, to kiss his lips. I don’t think words really can make you understand the importance of this. I feel like he knows I am his Mummy again, that I am there and he is willing to share his life with me.

special needs

Best Friends for Life

Why am I telling you all this ? Well other than to be smug as it is my super proud Mummy moment, but it is cause Katie of Mummy, Daddy, Me got me thinking, she made a statement that her and Mr E did not feel they were old enough to have a kid of 4, not as an age thing but mentality wise and I totally got this. The Hubby and I did the same thing only a few weeks ago, we were both in our late twenties/early thirties when Grayson was born, it never crossed my mind that we were not mature enough, then life threw us a curve ball and Grayson and our lives became a whirlwind of hospital stays, loosing him and starting a new life. It wasn’t till this past year I realised what life had really given us, we hadn’t had time to stop and think and I can not believe that I have been trusted with my children’s care, to make them, to caress them into amazingly well-adjusted human beings, me someone who is always tittering with my mental health worries, me who is dealing with a child with such complex needs on hours sleep a night.

But one thing I am sure of, I am certainly not a great Mummy, I am by no means probably the best for my children, but what I am is so deeply in LOVE with all 3 of my babies and I do know that no matter what happens I will forever be by all my kids sides but my Superhero I will forever help you put on that cape!

If you are interested in my life as a Mummy to Grayson and have ever wanted to ask a Question but been unsure, please do that below as I am starting a series of Q&A VLOGS on how Grayson and I work together.

The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Eleven

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2015, living arrows

We are quickly approaching Easter and hopefully warmer weather, we love Easter in our house, so I just hope it is nice and dry so we can have an outside Easter egg hunts and much family time.

But for this week, it was a little all over the place, the kids all managed to have to spend time with me at work this week but they all love it so much, just as I did as a child.


Grayson - My superhero, no matter how much you are suffering your strength, determination and love of life is just a constant reminder why you are my superhero. You amazed Daddo so much this week by wearing this hat for 10 minutes, maybe we are finally finding ways to break through some of your sensory processing difficulties and looking seriously cute to boot.


Addison - This girl! She is a carbon copy of me, her whole being is similar to mine as a child, she is not as academic maybe but she has a strong heart, she loves deep and quick, it worries me, I never want her to feel pain like I did all my school life.

She finally got to drive a digger this week, she is digger/lorry crazy, joy of a family business and finally she got to play, I would race machines at her age, the thought of her doing it scares me, but sitting and moving the arms makes me so so proud.


Deacon - My menace, I fear that I will never stop saying that, or that he is lucky he is so so cute. His newest naughty skill is to run to the kitchen and arrive back with crisps and a little bowl in hands, but he is a good boy Mama I hear from his sister, at least he shuts the cupboards now.

How can I not smile at this though ?

So what have your little people been up to this week ? Did they all spoil you with handmade goodness for Mother’s Day ?

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Living Arrows

Food | Blueberry Suckie Taste Test

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2015, Food & Drink, review

Right or wrong my kids are snackers! It used to upset me terribly but I have learnt to deal with it a little, they always have a good breakfast and one hot meal a day but I do not worry if that is it.

One thing I do have quite a strong opinion on though is that the majority of snacks are healthy ones. Addison loves fruit, she will eat easily 5 pieces a day so I rarely have to worry, Deacon is a little harder and would love a biscuit in hand all day but he loves squeezy fruit pouches and would live on his soya yoghurt.

Addison has stopped eating many yoghurt, I think they are just to boring for her to sit and eat, she likes to be on the go and a lot of the time we are with school/work runs and many hospital trips. A yoghurt is not really ideal in these situations.

When The Collective contacted us back in May 2014 with the launch of Suckies we loved putting them to the test, check out our views, they had some cons but basically they were a massive WIN.

Fast forward 10 months and we still buy Suckies every few weeks when we head to Sainsburys, we would have them more if some of the other supermarkets sold them, but thankfully they have a great use by dates on them so it isn’t usually a problem, they are ideal for her to snack on in the car on school runs as I am a little OCD about mess in the car or out and about.

the collective

So we were excited when The Collective sent us their new Blueberry flavour to test out…

This delicious new innovation from The Collective is the only blueberry children’s yoghurt available in the UK and ten percent of each pouch (10g) comprises of the vibrant and antioxidant-rich fruit.

Blueberries are one of nature’s wonders and, despite their size, they are filled with a multitude of health benefits. These little berries are particularly good for little ones and now it’s easier than ever to get the kids to eat them.

Well I have to agree, Addy used to love Blueberries but in the last year does not eat them anymore, but thanks to her loving the Blueberry Suckies she has decided to try them again – woohoo.

Instead of me raving on let Addison tell you what she thought in this video…

So do head out and give them a go, I think they are a great snack for kids, Suckies only contains sugars from fruit, no pips, bits, colours, artificial flavourings, preservatives, or GM ingredients allowed! So no nasties! 

They can be found in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Booths, Nisa and Tesco (RRP 79p per pouch).

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