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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Love the little things {11th July 2014}

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

It has been far too long since I joined in with Morgana of But Why Mummy Why’s linky.

But I decided today is the day, if you want to know more head to Morgana’s blog for info.



With 2 trips up to London this week on my own I have pulled my kindle out for the first time in an age.

There was a book Mr Innocent Charmer had read about in a magazine about a year ago and made me download, I decided why not try it and I am so glad I did.


Are We Nearly There Yet ? is a Non-Fiction travel guide by Ben Hatch, it tells the story of them travelling 8000 miles round the UK in an Astra, no word of a lie, it is so funny, I am already half way through and can’t wait to finish it, I would totally recommend it to anyone that is looking for something funny and informative.



We watched all of OITNB – Orange Is The New Black, I don’t think this was as good as the first series but I still really enjoyed, it felt way too short though.



If you follow me on Instagram you shall know I am Sun Jellies mad, I only buy from actual Sun Jellies, as they are super comfy, great quality and a steal. Plus the lady who runs it is a Mumpreneur which I like to embrace when I can shopping.

Some people I know don’t like them, but I like to dress in what I like, some days pretty florals, other harsh neons, I find my Jellies are going with so many outfits.



I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore, but this week I have been in the car on my own and I have been listening to my favourite Tracy Chapman album, to be honest the reason I have is after 10 years of me listening to it the Hubby has just fell in love, funny huh?!



Lists, I am list crazy, years ago I did the Day Zero Project and loved it, but unfortunately never completed it, I don’t like an unfinished list so I have decided to start it again, this time I shall be blogging my whole journey and opening up to other bloggers to take part at the request of a couple, so watch this space, please think about joining in.

Day Zero Project


B & Q Art

To you all – this is so going in my house when B & Q put it on sale this year.

Time for Tea with Fisher-Price

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014, review


I love Fisher-Price toys, I played with them when I was little (and some are still going 30 years later) and buy them for my babies now. They are quality you can trust, toys that kids want to play and toys that develop imagination.

Fisher-price generated a Fisher-Price 10 Faves - chosen by Mums, the list includes: the Kick & Play Piano Gym, Rainforest Friends Melodies Mobile, Rainforest Jumperoo, Stroll Along Walker, Laugh & Learn Love To Play Puppy, Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set, Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Sorter, Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote, Chatter Telephone and Little People Fun Sounds Farm Playset.

I was so pleased to see the list, we actually own 7 of the 10 and the kind people at Fisher-Price made it 8 as they sent us the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set when Addison was poorly to make her days brighter.

blog review

Inside the box

  • Singing Teapot (In Addy’s favourite colour)
  • 2 little teacups
  • Plate with 3 yummy cakes

Addison instantly fell in love with the set due to it’s pretty pinkness, she is a little obsessed with pink at the moment and most importantly it plays songs, since starting preschool Addison sings ALL DAY, it is lovely, honest, so I had a feeling she would love this.

Like a lot of toys in the range it has several modes, which allow the child to learn colours, shapes and phrases. Addison is probably a little old for this part but she still enjoys it massively and it keeps them fresh in her mind, Addison’s preschool actually said to us only the other day toys like this are great as although she knows her colours/shapes it keeps them fresh in their mind whilst they play.

She has loved making tea for me in the mornings, as “Mummy doesn’t like coffee” and bringing anyone who comes over a cake. Even poor Grayson’s therapists have to have a tea party when they come.

Fisher Price Tea Set

The teaset has helped massively with progressing Addison’s imaginative play, she is currently very interested in feeding her babies (be it dolls or animals) yummy treats and the cakes have come into their own for this task.

Fisher Price tea set

Addison and even Deacon have enjoyed playing with the set, thankfully I am not one of those Mums who has has issues with colours for certain genders but I think it would be great for Fisher-Price to offer the same teaset in more primary colours, as I know many a little boy who would love to make Tea for their Mummies.

Priced between £12-17 it can be found many places online or in-store including Kiddicare.

Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending the Teaset for purpose of review, all views are Addison’s and mine.

Corners Of My Home – On Our Kitchen Walls

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

corners of my home


It’s my 3rd month of coming to you with a Corner of my Home – I have struggled this month to feel inspired hence why I am 4 days late with the post, I HATE where we live with a vengeance and due to that I have no interest in making the house look nice. Does anyone else get like this ?

Tomorrow we are going to look at what I potentially think is a perfect house for us, just 2 major negatives, not the area I would choose and £450 over what we can afford each month, but it would suit my family perfectly, not only do I like it, but it would be a fantastic house for Grayson’s needs.

But anyway enough about that house, let me show you a corner of my current home. My kitchen has been of the same decor/style for about 5 years now, there are many things I still love but when we move next time I want to bring in some changes.

I thought I would show you what artwork we have on the walls, there is very little usable wall space in our kitchen and one wall houses my plate rack (thank god as little cupboard space). Most of the artwork will stay but more awesomeness shall be added to it, I shall have to do some posts showing my vision if and when we move.

retro artwork

I bought this Ladybird beauty at a little local shop about 6 years ago now, it has only been up in our current home and actually for it’s use. I love Ladybird and the retro look, very me.


I love retro tin signs, although I do not agree with the one on the right but my Mom bought it for me.


Mr Innocent Charmer bought this clock for me 2 Christmas’s ago, I still really like it, I love all the colours and Addison loves to learn the time on it.


These are both new pieces to my kitchen from the last 6 months. The sign is something I wish I could get my kids to do – maybe one day! I love the hook, I hope to one day have it so I can hang my aprons on it.


Lastly – this sign was made by a very great blogging friend in the US, she shipped it to me whilst I was over there back in 2008, it gads hung in  my Kitchen ever since. It is beautiful, it is me. Jenny still sells her wares do go take a look.

So come show me the corners of your home, let’s be honest we all love to snoop around each others houses, any current home post can link up, if you have re done your living room, have a new piece of art or revamped your bedside cabinet.

What I Wore – Supermarket Bargain!

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014, Plus Size Fashion

Being plus sized can sometimes make it hard to shop anywhere but online, don’t get me wrong I am super happy with the fact there is now so much more choice for plus size ladies but going and trying clothes on has become a little of a novelty.

I have found though the past few months that the large supermarkets are finally including 22/24 into many of their lines, I have no shame in buying from Supermarkets, my wardrobe is very varied, I have shoes that cost more than a weeks wages and some from Primark for less than £5, I buy what I like.

This weeks outfit holds a Supermarket bargain, I found these trousers last week in Tesco, I am not overly happy about showing my pale white legs yet, so light trousers are becoming a must on these hotter days, these trousers are lovely, the softest material, comfy, fit well and a gorgeous Blue (which seems to be a fave for me in fashion since I had Deacon).

A friend of mine likened them to the comfort of a good Maxi dress and I think that is a great description.

We were off to Grayson’s Sports Day so I wanted the outfit to be quite simple and casual, so I teamed simply with a tee and sandals.

plus size fashion blogger

Outfit Details

Tee – H & M

Trousers – Tesco

Sandals – Saltwaters

Necklace – Very old gift

Glasses – Prada


I am thinking they would work well dressed up too with some killer heels, question is what to wear on top, any suggestions ??


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