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34yr old Mummy to 3. Our 6yo disabled son, 3yo strong girl and Deacon our menace born June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

World Autism Day – HUGE News!!!!!

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Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them.

world autism day

I had this post written in my head last week, I knew what I wanted to say but last night our world turned upside down again and I am left trying to express what I want to say to you all today.

Today across the world people are putting on blue and showing their support for loved ones with Autism, it is a label I still feel uncomfortable with, I think because the spectrum is so vast.

From low functioning to people who live relatively “normal” lives (I do hate this term) – Grayson is obviously on the low functioning end of the scale, as are many of his friends and classmates, as you walk in his class out of 12 children over 70% have an Autism diagnosis, some it is their only or main disability, but for others like Grayson it blends into a wide selection of problems.

I have family members who have functioning Autism or Asperger’s, I have lived with their little traits for many years and for me they just make them, them. Good or bad, they make them the unique individual they are.

It is a label that hurt many it effects, it is used as a nasty slang term and it can cause disruption to many, but in all honesty it shouldn’t, it just takes a little more understanding and education.

Education is key, teaching our children will stop the ignorance and promote inclusion and days like today help to promote that.

Companies help, like Cheeky Chompers, they listened and found a way to help mine and Grayson’s life improve and in turn it will help so many more after us.

One of Grayson’s autistic traits is excessive mouthing, when I say mouthing it is a term which means he puts anything and everything to his mouth and bites/chews. Clothes, small toys, metal objects, nothing is safe, even himself as only 2 years ago Grayson would bite his fingers till they would bleed, as his parent it was a hard fight but we overcame it, we would hold his hands, sit by him all the time, give him alternatives. He would go through a chew toy every few days, his little teeth are like razors.

World Autism Day

Amy and Julie the founders of Cheeky Chompers created their Neckerchews in special needs sizes and they were released last weekend, Grayson has been road testing them this week and has also been asked to be the face of the new Neckerchews and we are truly honoured to help support them in their journey to create a product which helps children and adults with such disabilities. (I shall be doing a full product review next week).

Autism – such a simple word that causes so much concern and changes to people’s lives, my friend Toni shared a life changing post today, she writes a beautiful post to her precious son and how a label isn’t what makes someone the person they are.

For me this post resonated so much, month after month we receive new reports and letters which make you question your sanity, make you cry, or smile.

Yesterday that label of Autism meant I heard something that I never thought I would hear. I am not sure how to write it, whether I want to as it may have that break a leg effect.

Grayson’s Neuro rang us last night, since Grayson was 2 they have always been quite honest and stated “We probably will never find out what is wrong with Grayson, he is very complex”. I have come to accept that, I live with it and it doesn’t seem to upset me anymore 4 years on, we live in our little bubble, I hate that it makes it harder for Grayson to get the support he deserves, but is that label ever going to change anything, he will still be disabled, still be my superhero.

As he chatted about a plan to try to help Grayson’s very nasty recent problems, he asked if he could divert a little. I have some news he said, it wont help the current problems but it is very interesting….

I believe very shortly we will find out what is wrong with Grayson!

I nearly fell to the floor, where had this come from ? He went on to share with me that due to Grayson’s diagnoses of not only epilepsy but autism he has a plan, a little boy has been brought before him who although not as severely disabled said reminded him of Grayson, he said in 6 years he has never met a child who has come close but that day has happened and he believes this gene will show to be Grayson’s problem. We now just have to wait for the results from his DDD study and if that is inconclusive he said that is not a problem as he has 2 more studies he can put him on.

He finished with, I feel we will have an answer, this is all so very interesting!

I am living in a blur at the moment, this day was not supposed to come, to be honest I don’t honestly believe it will follow through, I think it is safer for me not to. How will I feel ? What will we find out ? Whatever he has is sure to be super rare, possibly still him being the only one, so will we learn much ? Will it actually change anything ??


specvial needs bibs

The Kiddies/Living Arrows // Thirteen

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Unlucky for some it has not been a bad week of the year for us, we have not been to unwell, the weather was ok on some days and the kids have managed to do other things other than the norm boring stuff.


Grayson - You have been so cute this week, your contact has been even better and it really is the best feeling in the world. You also got sent some Neckerchews to show off to the world this week as you are going to be an ambassador for their new SN size, you put it to great testing immediately, taking your job very seriously.


Addison - This little girl although a total three-nager at the moment is just so awesome, she says the funniest grown up things (I must make a list or video them). She also makes me so so proud with her incredibly kind heart.

She was very lucky this weekend that her Uncle/Auntie took her out for the first time all on her own to the Jungle aka Zoo, Addison is animal crazy so you can imagine how excited, she sat by the door from 9.25am waiting for them to pick her up at 10.30am.


Deacon - Oh my little boy, his newest fascination is shoes, the kid takes after his Mama and loves them, but not any shoes, it is his sisters wellies or his total favourite are these pink Doc McStuffins slippers of his cousin Ivy’s.

He also loves the Hoover, cleaning and being a rascal, he is a funny monkey and I love all his eccentricities.

I do love taking part in the #LivingArrows project from Shutterflies each week, I know in a year I will look back at these photos and have forgotten so many cute little everyday moments, but not now.

Living Arrows

Corners of my Home / Addison’s Shadow Box

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corners of my home


Sorry to be a day late this month with the Corners of my Home, but as it was Purple Day yesterday I honestly had a good excuse.

I have found it hard what corner to share this month as we have finally started really ploughing on with the new house and it is starting to look like me. The only thing holding it up now is money, but I have decided I am going to do some room tour VLOGs on our work in progress so you can all have a nose, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!

So at the last-minute I decided on just a small corner of Addison’s room, the reason being as I only completed yesterday and decided it was so cute and she was so much in love that it needed to be shared.

By no means is it not something that has been done before, it is not hugely special but to her it is and I love it.

Here goes…

corners of my home

Addison has always loved my Shadow boxes so I knew when we moved she would have one of sorts, I was set on one of those little house ones, but then I decided to upcycle this. In actual fact I have done nothing to it other than stuck it up with command strips (clever little things), what I mean is its original use is actually a stamp set holder. It comes from Melissa and Doug and I had taken the contents out and thought this is way to good to chuck away (I do a lot of this, hoarder I think it is called) and this just proves it.

shadow box

Addison is over the moon, she is a collector of anything miniature (this is only a 3rd of her goodies) and she loves that she can move them around, take them down, play and then have a piece of art on her wall by her bed.

I must say honestly I am a little jealous, I want it, plus her awesome collection within it. But I am so pleased to have created something she loves so much.

corners of my home


What little trinkets do you display on your walls ? Are you too a hoarder of awesome things?

Do come and share any posts you may have this month of your home interiors, I am always looking to be inspired.

Happy 70th Birthday Thomas The Tank Engine!

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Yes you read right ! I could not believe it when Fisher Price contacted us and asked if we wanted to help celebrate Thomas The Tank Engine turning 70 this year. I remember always watching Thomas as a child but I didn’t realise he was over double my age, amazing to think he has graced children lives for that long.

I was never sure whether our kids would love Thomas, not with so many modern animated cartoons but I was wrong, his charm still appeals massively. Addison is a HUGE Thomas fan, so much so we are off to Thomas Land this year, she constantly asks to ride on Thomas (which is pretty much any train) and goes to the grandparents to watch Thomas DVDs with Grandpa, seriously whole days and even better as Grandpa can do all the voices, he is now called the Fat Controller.

So you can imagine Addy’s excitement when Fisher Price sent her the Thomas & Friends Playset – it is amazing and we have already had to look online to see what other playsets we can put on her birthday list that connect up, we are leaning towards Tidmoth Sheds at the moment.


Addison loves playing with it for hours and I must say it is quite a lot of fun and is a steal for £18 at Argos at the moment, but instead of me telling you all about it though you are best watching the Video and you can see it’s fun in action.

Told you they loved Thomas ! Deacon also got sent the Pop n Go Thomas and he loves it, as you can see in the video he is by no means gentle with toys, it has been bashed all round the house, carried out to the garden and it is doing fab, not a bit of damage, well done to Fisher Price for their build quality as always perfect for our little Deacon. I think it would be a great present for any child for their first birthday and you can currently get the Pop n Go Thomas from Argos for £17.99.

I think it can safely be said that Thomas will be a fan in our home for many more years to come with all the kids loving to ride trains, who doesn’t like saying Choo Choo, as Addison always says “I can’t sleep without my Thomas light Mummy” and her little Thomas books show just how loved they are.

If you have a Thomas fan in your house I totally recommend looking at the line of toys Fisher Price has to offer as you won’t find better in our opinion.

thomas night light

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