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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Addison The Carer

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Addison in a trolley

Addison riding in the trolley standing up for the 1st time this week


Addison since she has been born has known Grayson no different, he is normal to her, he is just Grayson. But is he ?

These past 6 weeks were they have had so much time together has seen Addison’s love for Grayson become even stronger (if that was possible). She never complains that he has control of what is on the TV, or that she can’t always get to go out as much as Grayson can’t. She knows that is how it is, as she grows these differences will cause problems at times I am sure but for now she and even then she just loves him.

As he returned from school on Friday she was excited to see him, as soon as he walked in the door she shouted “Hello Gray, did you have a nice day at school ?” Followed by “What’s your class called Gray, mine is Goslings.” She sits there and leaves a pause like he is replying to her, she doesn’t walk away when he doesn’t in her head she must answer for him as then she continues to have a conversation. This doesn’t upset him, she is the only child he really lets sit next to him, even play right on top of him, it is like he senses her love.

As their Mummy this makes my heart so proud, I honestly never thought I would see a day were they actually interact, not properly and although they really aren’t, in their special way they are and I could not be more pleased.

Right or wrong there will come a time when more explanation shall need to be given to Addison and in turn Deacon, I have no idea when that will be or how we will face it, it panics me a little, but as I watched her fetch toys, juice and even steal a pack of crisps for him this week I felt I needed to see just what she thought, not pushing but see what maybe she already had in her mind.

M : You know Grayson can’t talk don’t you Addy ?

A : Yes he can, he goes EEERRRRR (making the sound Grayson makes).

M : I giggle – Yes but he can’t talk like Addy and Mummy.

A : No Mummy cause Grayson is special

M : *smiling* That is very true Addison, why is he special ?

A : Cause he is my best friend!

M : Is he ? Is Deacon your best friend too ?

A : Nope – he is my brother, Grayson is my only best friend.

M : Do you know Grayson is a little poorly ?

A : Yep, but he is my best friend and he just sees the doctor.

M : He does, is Deacon like Grayson ?

A : Noooo (giggling) Deacon is like Mummy and Addy

I think that conversation is proof enough that the ignorance is learnt, she loves her brother no matter what, other than saying Grayson has to go to the doctor, or Grayson needs Mummy to help him we have never said another word, because to us this is normal and everyday, but Addison has learnt things on her own, all she cares is that she loves her best friend.

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Fashion Friday Plus Sized #6

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I really hope the ladies joining in with #fashionfridayplussized are enjoying it and becoming inspired, I have certainly styled outfits base on some of the outfits that have linked up.

If you hadn’t seen on the blog or Instagram this past week, as of this month I have become a memeber of the Instagram style project #NYNYStyleProject – if you love sharing fashion items and like me are addicted to Instagram this maybe for you, take a look at my post for more details, we would love to have you.

Can you believe my little link up started 6 weeks ago, we have had some great sponsors and giveaways from Simply Be, Sun Jellies and more and I am in talks with a couple more the next month so do keep coming by.

Onto my outfit (well kinda 2 of them). This weeks outfit is a dress I have owned for about a month now and still hadn’t worn, I was in such a quandary that when Danielle Vanier put a shout out to help Style an outfit for plus size beauties I went to her with this dress. A week later she came back with an awesome outfit, I was in love.

plus size fashion

I had never thought of putting orange with the outfit, I am always styling pink with my blue outfits, maybe as I am a HUGE pink fan, in fact I am not sure I even own any Orange. I instantly wanted it all but with our renewal coming up (watch this space) I decided I could only treat myself to one item, it ended up being the sandals as they were on sale for £10 and I am so glad I picked them as I have worn them a few times since. Check out Danie’s post for all the details and if you want something styled contact her.

So how did I style it ??

plus size fashion

(Apologies for the poor picture, I was running very late)

In the morning I had some beauty treatments planned, the weather was a little chilly so I was not braving bare legs, as I said I have no orange but I found my closest necklace which has orange hints and I do love a big beaded Necklace, this was from Accesorize 2 years ago but I am sure they will have similar still. I put on the sandals Danielle styled them with from New Look wide feet section. and lastly used my newest bag edition from Zara, which I don’ think I could love a bag more (I need it in black now).

Once I returned home, the weather brightened up so we decided to take the kids for a day out, I knew the sandals would not be the best idea with running around play areas so I quickly changed shoes and jewellery to tie in.


Outfit Details

* Bunting Necklace – Mummy Bird Pretties

* Dress – Forever 21 +

* Socks – SimplyBe

* Trainers – New Look (£6 Bargain)

I love how versatile this dress is, I know it would look fab if I dressed it up for Date Night with Mr Innocent Charmer too, I really do suggest Forever 21 +, I have bought a few things from there this past few months and love it all, this dress is a 2X and I am normally a good size 22.

How would you style this dress ??

Sleep Is For The Weak – But Hopefully Not For Long!

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know sleep is not something my children, but in particular my boys like to do, there are far more exciting things to be doing don’t you know.

So when the lovely people of Worlds Apart – a children’s lifestyle company contacted me with the promise of advice on helping to get the boys to sleep they didn’t have to ask twice.

Worlds Apart decided they wanted to find new ways to help parents (like themselves) to make the most of life as children grow up, they came up with the idea of Pow Wow’s where they would get groups of parent bloggers together to do just that, chat. They would also help it along with an expert from the field of the discussion, toys to keep the kids entertained and cake – what more could I ask for?


The first Powwow was on the subject of sleep and they brought in Mandy Gurney from the Millpond Sleep Clinic. I was instantly pleased to hear Mandy’s story and how she not only had medical training but most importantly had dealt with a child that was adverse to sleep first hand. Her son was very similar to Deacon and had severe allergies and breathing problems, like Deacon it turned him from a newborn who would sleep to a young baby who could not through no fault of his own.

Unfortunately once in a bad pattern of sleep a child learns that pattern, routine is crucial when it comes to anything to do with sleep in children.

I have to agree, I have spent many months getting my children into good bedtime routines, we have a very strict routine from 6.45pm till bedtime at 7.05pm, my children all go to sleep on their own in their rooms, I have this part conquered most nights, my problem is early rising and waking and when I say early rising most days in our house start from 3am.

Grayson having many medical sleep problems has meant we have seen some of the top sleep specialists in the country, I know most of the rules when it comes to sleep but that does not mean it has actually worked. I was hoping Mandy would be able to offer some new insights and I was not wrong, she had tips that I had not heard or thought of, especially when it comes to Deacon.

Sleep Tips and Advice

* Children aged 14 months – 2.5 years actually only usually need one nap of 45/90 minutes, the best time being after lunch. This obviously may alter if a child sleeps well and over 12/13 hours at night.

* Over the age of 3yrs most children shall not need a nap

* Playing white noise in a bedroom once a child is asleep can help with early rising and blocking out external sounds

* A friendly and familiar sleeping area can promote restful sleep

* Toddlers should not be allowed to nap after 3pm as it affects their night-time sleep

* Routine is crucial

* Never move a child from a cot until they are completely ready

* Whatever a child needs to fall asleep (teddy, dummy, you) must be there if they stir in the night to not wake them properly

* A warm 5 minute bath (not to play) and dim lights will help to produce Melatonin the natural sleep drug in your body

We shall certainly be stopping Deacon’s 2 naps a day and slowly making it into one after lunch, he is currently in the pattern where he falls asleep at 9am because of being up since dawn. I am also hoping the white noise may help with his disturbances, Deacon is a very light sleeper so the introduction of it may help him, (There are many FOC apps for white noise).

I have also learnt not to worry on days Addison does not nap, I now follow her cues, it does make her a little more moody in the afternoon but she has managed 12 hour nights this past few – win!

I loved how Mandy spent time afterwards talking to me about Deacon but also mainly Grayson and listening to his story, she advised that maybe for a while we should allow him to nap a little longer in the day as he is loosing so much sleep at night, I know Grayson is never going to be a good sleeper as he doesn’t produce Melatonin, but it was nice to have someone listen and offer some advice.

I think the partnership between Mandy and Worlds Apart is very clever. Worlds Apart with the help of Mandy ensure they offer everything you will need to help your child and you have a restful nights sleep, also having ideal sized toddler beds for the time it comes to transfer from cot.

worlds apart

We were lucky enough to be kindly gifted a Thomas Ready Bed and Go Glow Night Light – I think the Night light is going to be a great deal of fun at bedtime for reading our stories and then producing a dim light to go off to sleep with, Addison is that age where she is not to keen on the dark, as child terrified of the dark myself I am not one to feed the fear.

The ready beds are very clever indeed and Mandy suggests they are the perfect product for staying at the grandparents which for some children can be a daunting idea. They do many children’s characters from Peppa Pig, Spiderman, Hello Kitty and Addison’s all time favourite My Little Pony. I think we shall be buying the My Little Pony for Christmas for Addy as she does love to stay at the grandparents, but many a time she does she ends up in their beds.

worlds apart

I am excited to try out the tips Worlds Apart and Mandy gave us, I can’t thank them enough for treating us to a lovely morning, it was lovely to catch up with some great blogging friends, who I can be found talking to at 2am, so hopefully the advice Katy, Ruth and Natalie received shall be helpful too.

If you want to read more of Mandy’s sleep tips have a read here.


Come On Heatwave Show Us Your Worst

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

I am not sure about you but we have had little to no great weather this past 3 weeks, I don’t even mind if it isn’t crazy hot but Sun would be nice.

My kids are not indoor kids, don’t ask me why cause I am quite happy inside, as long as I have some natural light and a good book, but they love the garden, they would be out there all day if they had half the chance, don’t believe me just look at little Addison this weekend, it was only 9am, she still is in PJs, the rain is coming down heavy but she spotted Dandelions and she was begging me to get outside.

Who am I to say no?!

Addison in the rain

So I am super pleased that there is talk of a heatwave for September, then we can get out and they can be seriously happy, we have an awesome BBQ which we love using, the kids have a ton of toys and we are lucky to have a nice grass area to put down a picnic blanket and let the kids eat outside, play with toys, blow dandelions, whatever takes their fancy.

Only problem is all that rain and wind and living in the middle of farm lands has meant the whole garden is covered in a layer of grime, poor Mr Innocent Charmer has a job on his hands as if this heatwave plays out I am inviting all the extended family over for a day of fun, you have to, days like that make the best memories don’t you agree, the kids will play on the slides, build dens and drive the many ride ons we have going on, all of which the power washer needs taking too, as well as our lovely garden furniture.

So I am off next week to find the best deal in play bark, we still have a half-finished kids play area, maybe a couple of garden games in the sale and some outdoor decs to make the garden look partified, if you have seen any good ones on your travels let me know.


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