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34yr old Mummy to 3. Our 6yo disabled son, 3yo strong girl and Deacon our menace born June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

The Kiddies // Eighteen

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Can’t believe it is May already, by the end of the month I shall have a 4-year-old in Addison, she is changing each day and it is not only exciting but saddening to watch.

As it is May you may notice the blog is more jam-packed, it is how I always want it to be but fail but as I am taking part in Blog Everyday In May I find I push myself harder.

stannah stairlift

Grayson - My poor Superhero is having terrible trouble with sleeping, we are still waiting to see his specialists, so for the time being it is just trying to get on with life as normal. He had a good week at school though and even though tired fought sleep whenever possible.

Here he is yesterday, we went to visit my Nana and I decided to try him in her Stairlift, if we owned our own home we would have one for sure but that luxury is not possible, it is a shame as he did much better than I was expecting in it.


Addison - This little girl is very much 2 extremes at the moment, very happy or very sad, she seems to be struggling a lot with her emotions and I am hoping it is just a stage thing.

As I have said before this girl is at her most happy when very busy, she loves to constantly be doing, interacting and learning. This week we started doing Gold Star books in preparation for school and she is loving it. I have had many concerns with her round learning so I am hoping I was very wrong in my assumptions.

deacon and daddo

Deacon - This little boy is loving one on one time now the elder 2 are back to school, one day a week usually with Mummy and the other with Daddo.

He is changing every day in little ways, less baby more child, we have had so many new words this past week, none very helpful in communicating but all very cute, Nana and Sweet are his favourites.

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National Stationery Week – Hosting #StationerySwaptastic

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I can’t believe National Stationery Week is coming to a close today and I have not blogged about Stationery at all, this is not like me, as I am a Stationery Nut. But life has been manic and with trying to make sure all #StationerySwaptastic parcels are being received the opportunity before now has not arose.


You are probably wondering what #StationerySwaptastic is, well if you follow me on Instagram you will know this month I have hosted a Stationery Swap, basically it was simple I paired people up who I thought were of similar styles and they had to send a £5/8 Stationery gift. I can honestly say some of the parcels being received are just gorgeous and way more than the budget but that is the fun of a swap. It is awesome seeing all the lovely photos and how happy people are, I can just imagine all their smiles, my main reason for hosting.

It has also been great to find so many fellow Stationery lovers, 30 people joined up for my 1st little swap and I was over whelmed. I of course am going to be hosting more swaps, my next is going to be a washi round robin so if you are interested do leave your details below so I can add you to the list.

I thought I would share some pictures of a few of the parcels received but do check out the hashtag on Instagram to see more.

I love the Monochrome

  LOVE my #stationeryswaptastic parcel from @nickieohara. Thanks for setting it up @innocentcharmschats   A photo posted by My Two Mums (@mytwomums) on

I shall be sharing a VLOG of my parcel this week so make sure you check out my YouTube channel for that, my friend Catherine royally spoilt me.

Today #NSW2015 prompt is to Write A Letter, I have over 30 to send out this week so tonight I shall be getting my Frixon pens out, I am thinking I must find some new pen pals I have had none for a few years now and miss it terribly.

What have you been doing during National Stationery Week ? Or this all new to you ?

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This Week You…. #BEDM

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kids fashion

This week you loved having a party for the shoe lady

This week you have had conversations like a grown up

This week you were excited to send out your party invitations

This week you started doing gold star books to prepare you for school

This week you have found it hard to be away from Mummy

This week you loved getting “Sparkly New Shoes like Mama’s”

This week you want to be in the garden at every opportunity

This week you loved dressing Daddo up as a Pirate/Cowboy

This week you loved wearing yellow in support of your brother for #GDDAD15

This week you let me take one of my favourite photos of you ever (at the top)

This week you are loving Mummy’s Shepherds Pie again

This week you loved taking photos as a family on the floor

This week you loved watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This week you have been a good girl for Daddo

This week you want many cuddles

This week you have helped to make your dinner

This week you have loved using the phrase “I’m Exhausted”

This week you are loving your new Flamingo bed linen you chose

This week you have not stopped singing

This week you have made me so proud to call you my daughter

This week I love you more than last week, but not as much as next

Addison April 2015

Don’t forget to check out #BEDM – I am hoping to be successful this year

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#BEDM – My Intro

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Innocent Charms Chats #BEDM

Last year I tried giving Blog Everyday In May a go and was not hugely successful, but I am not going to stress over that, instead the lovely Elizabeth of Rosalilium has decided to host again for the 3rd year.

I could try to go into explaining, but honestly you would be quicker heading here, if you are a blogger though it would definitely be something fun to be part of. I wont be sticking to everyday prompts but that is the joy of it, they are there if I need to feel inspired which let’s be honest we all do from time to time.

So prompt one – Introduce Yourself


Here are 20 facts about me

1. I am Kara, Mummy to 3

2. I was born in Kent and still live here

3. I shaved my head for charity and loved it

4. I am a stationery addict

5. I have blue eyes

6. My Dad is half Syrian, my Mom American-Irish so I am a mixture

7. I hate my current blog design but am terrified of changing it

8. I used to have my own company where I made beautiful jewellery

9. I have a disabled son

10. I have Lupus

11. My closest friends I met online

12. Blogging about Interiors is my favourite thing to blog about

13. Thirteen is my lucky number

14. I love everything 50/60’s retro/kitsch

15. I am known and in a magazine as a Hello Kitty Superfan

16. Pink is my favourite colour but it doesn’t come into my life much anymore

17. I am an apple (not the fruit) addict

18. I started dating my husband before I had even met him in person

19. I don’t really ever drink alcohol but if I did it would be Gin

20. I love to make people smile :)

hello kitty


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