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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Sharing Happiness – Superstar Grayson

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2013

Less than a month ago this little boy, the boy they said would probably never walked took his 1st unaided steps, when school told us I had a lump in my throat, when a few days later he shared 5 steps with us I sobbed. I knew he would walk, but if you had asked me a year ago I would have said in many years, if you had asked me a month ago I would have said maybe by Christmas, but even I was wrong.

Two weekends ago whilst away I had a message from Mr.Innocent Charmer saying “you won’t believe how much Grayson is walking” then my Dad videoed for me, Grayson’s Pops is probably the most proud I think, Grayson and my Dad have a beautiful connection.

So I am sharing as I know Grayson has an awful lot of people who love him dearly and will appreciate this.

Amazing isn’t it ? But that isn’t my Sharing Happiness – I hear you cry, what could be better ?

Well last week we headed to London to see Grayson’s hip surgeon, due to his disabilities Grayson has DDH – Developmental Dysplasia of The Hips, also the muscles that connect the hip joints were too short meaning he couldn’t stand straight, we knew walking should have hopefully helped progress his hips, the question would be if he would need surgery sooner rather than the predicted later when he couldn’t walk.

raising for grayson

Well imagine everyone’s surprise when his specialist confirmed he shall not be touching Grayson’s hips, they have corrected themselves to a safe range not needed to operate, not only that the muscles which were looking at 90% need of surgery are also lengthening, he is not 100% out of the woods but certainly for the foreseeable future – never in Grayson’s 5 short years has he ever improved meaning he wouldn’t need intervention, it has always been quite the opposite.

Our baby boy is self-healing, more importantly the little boy who has been through countless ops, will not need to stop walking, will not need to be cast, will not need to be cut open. He really is a SUPERHERO!

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Just Call Me A Stationery Geek

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2013


Until last month I had never heard of National Stationery Week, funny considering since I was old enough to pick up a crayon I have been obsessed with it. Even when I hit my teens I went to get a part time job and was determined that I would only be employed by WH Smith’s and I was.

Every week since my early teens I have spent my allowance on stationery, looking for a new type of pen, or gadget, pretty pink stapler, then as I hit my early 20′s I became obsessed with Notebooks, last count I have 42, eek that is a lot, but I do use them over and over. I love to write a list.


So as it was National Stationery Week I could not go without a small purchase to add to my collection, I thought my Hubby may divorce me if I came home with another notebook, so instead I chose an A4 binder for a project I have in mind (post later) and of course a new pen, every girl needs a pen or 100 from one of my favourite shops Paperchase.


So how about you, have you seen any gorgeous Stationery on your travels, there are so many things I am sure I am in need of ?

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Early Mother’s Day At The Zoo With Boden

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

Mother’s Day is a week away but this week Addison and I had an early Mother’s Day. You see this year it falls on my Dad’s Birthday (again) so I was not sure if I would get to do something special with the kids. The boys are not all too bothered so Addison and I (oh and we dragged Daddy) went for a lovely day at a Port Lympne Wildlife Park.

I am not sure if you are all the same, but having a day where my kiddies are so super engaged and excited in what they are doing is all the gift I could ask for and seeing animals is Addison’s perfect day, made even more perfect by the awesome people at Boden sending us out new Mummy/Daughter Coats.

boden coats

Both us of us were desperate for new rain coats and the ones we have received from Boden are of the most beautiful quality. Port Lympne sits on the Coast and is 600 open acres of park so even though it was a lovely dry day it was a little on the chilly side.

No matter though, we took a lorry tour through the African Adventure – seeing Deer, Elephants, Rhinos and most importantly Giraffes. Addison and I love Giraffes but she has never seen real ones before and our fantastic new coats kept us lovely and toasty whilst the winds battered us.

boden review

The day was just perfect, slowly walking around, stopping to smell the flowers with my little girl, chatting to the tigers and sharing many an awesome kiss n cuddle.

Port Lympne

A Day At The Zoo

Thanks to Boden for making our Early Mother’s Day even more special, Addison told everyone as she walked past that we had new coats and was quite excited hers had flowers on and mine looked like a pretty rainbow.

Boden Mothers Day

I was so impressed with the quality of my Boden Rain Mac that I decided to go take a look at their website and make a little wish list outfit to go with my new coat, you never know Mr Innocent Charmer maybe reading this and I actually get to wear the whole outfit on the real Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Fashion With Boden

What would you like from Boden for Mother’s Day if you had a choice ??

Disclosure – We were sent the coats FOC from Boden for purpose of this post, all opinions are 100% our own.

New Fisher-Price Feeding Range – Review

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

Fisher-Price are leading in the market for many baby products you will need in the first few years and now they are adding another set of products to that list.

Today, Fisher-Price have launched a Feeding Range of 9 products exclusively available at Boots in-store or online. We were kindly sent 3 of the products to share our views with you all.

I was quite excited about trying them as I am a Fisher-Price fan working with them before and they usually really think about design.

First impression, they were great quality, cute designs (how can you not love the Veg handle spoons) and with clever tech (I love a bit of tech).

fisher-price bowls

Heat Sensitive Bowls & Soft Grip Spoons

The bowls are the perfect size for meals, from little baby to toddler, as you can see Addison and Deacon’s meals at lunchtime. The easy grip handles are brilliant, not only for parents to hold when feeding (some bowls are so uncomfortable) but also for Addison to grip onto when she is scooping the end of her dinner.

Fisherprice Feeding Range

The genius of these bowls though is the sensitive material added to the bowls, it changes the colour from Orange to Yellow when the food has been overheated, I love this, I always wonder if I have over heated the food and end up having to try some, but now I have it there clear as day. I found the temperature to only be a little cooler than I would normally feed the babies, so I was pleased with this.

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

The spoons are my favourite item we were sent, firstly the cute design can not be ignored, Addison loves these spoons, to be honest she is a little old for them as they are recommended from 9 months, but they are a perfect size for fitting into her little Fromage Frais, the handles are an excellent size for little hands to learn to grip and  are made of super soft plastic, when not eating with them Deacon likes to teeth on them. But as all items are BPA free there is no worries.

Fisherprice Review

I think these are my favourite feeding spoons to date that I have ever used.

3-in-1 Spout Sippy Cup

This again has a clever hidden surprise, the spout actually has 3 different types and simply pulling it out and turning it changes the type of flow from soft spout for 6 months, to a limited flow spout for transitioning to open cups, to an open spout which allows free flow drink. The cup has removable handle, which are a great size for Deacon to currently hold, the cup is nice and light so not too heavy for him when filled with water.

I think Deacon really likes the colours of this cup as he follows it around the room.

Fisher-Price Weaning Range

All the products are dishwasher suitable and we have washed them daily and they are all still as new. I shall be heading to Boots to buy some more of the bowls and spoons for my niece when she starts her weaning journey next month. I also shall be looking at the On-the-Go Fork and Spoon as they look perfect for Addison when we go out to restaurants for Dinner.

Disclosure – We were sent the items FOC from Fisher-Price for purpose of review, all opinions expressed are our own.

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