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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Deacon’s 1st Haircut

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in 2014

My little boy aged 6 months on Friday as he got his first haircut. Out of my 3 he went the longest without one, Grayson had his 6 months and Addison had a fringe cut in at a year, honestly I would have left Deacon’s a little longer, I liked the little curls, his hair is so fine it didn’t look bad but Ashley was determined.

Deacons first haircut

Sitting like a big boy

Deacon haircut

Mummy what is she doing ?



Although I don’t mind as he does look super cute, all be it now like a boy and not my baby.


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Happy 5th Birthday BEAR!

Written by InnocentCharmer. Posted in Food & Drink, review

There are some companies that you come to work with through blogging that become like family. Their products get bought weekly, you chat to them on social media, you love to celebrate with them.

BEAR is one of those, we were first introduced to them with the release of their cereal AlphaBites, Addison fell in love with them, they were tasty and she would eat them straight out of the box when I wasn’t looking. I always look at who a company is in great detail before working and sharing them, I found BEAR did Yoyos and Paws and bought them for Addison to try, one year later we buy over 2 boxes a week, I think my daughter (and friends) could keep them in business on her own.

So when BEAR sent me a message asking to send out a little parcel for the kiddos to celebrate their 5th Birthday, of course we said yes! As before BEAR always go all out with their parcels, they put great thought and attention into what they send, Addison and Deacon were beside them self with excitement.


I decided that we would have our own little BEAR tea party to celebrate with them. As everyone knows Bears love Jam Sandwiches so they were our first course. Of course they had to be cut out Bear shaped, we also had Bear cakes, biscuits, Bear Banana and the main party treat BEAR Paws including the lovely new flavour, which is of course is Addison’s new favourite.

As we ate we looked at our new Bear poster, explaining great facts about the 8 types of Bears across the world, Addison was so excited learning all the little facts, she was even happier when I explained that with every pack of Paws she eats (that shows the WWF logo) between now and November the awesome people at BEAR are going to send 5p to help protect the PAWS of world with the WWF.


We chatted about which Bear she wants to cuddle, it is the Spectacled as “they were glasses like Mummy”, she thinks the Pandas would like Paw Paw’s (what she calls BEAR Paws) the best as they like to eat Bamboo.

What is great is your kids can learn all about these wonderful creatures too as part of the campaign BEAR have released Stickers and Maps. So get to the Supermarket and treat your kiddos to fully natural treats that are even better than sweets.


To find out more about BEAR and the campaign do head to their facebook page and keep up to date.


Disclosure – We were not asked to write about the parcel we received we just love BEAR.

#FashionFridayPlusSized – Week 8

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Hello All my gorgeous ladies, it is Friday so it is time to share our fashion. This week I come to you with another of my most recent Forever21+ purchases, I really hope I get to go up to Westfield for my birthday in December and treat myself to some more as their items are such great value for money.


Excuse the creases we had been in the car a couple of hours. I teamed it with my one pair of jeans (oh how I must get another now Autumn is on its way) and a Kimono I bought last year to wear to Cybher.

A lady who has never worn gold costume jewellery is all of a sudden only ever wearing gold and I love the Aztec detail on my cuff and necklace both from the New Look sale.


The bag is covered in tiny little shell button, it is an old purchase but has always come out for outfits when I want something simple and pretty.

Outfit Details

* Glasses – Select Specs (Another £10 Bargain)

* Necklace – NewLook

* Top – Forever 21+

* Kimono – Indigo at M&S

* Jeans – SimpleBe

* Cuff – New Look

* Bag – Roxy

* Sandals – New Look

Don’t forget you have the next 7 days to link up, I am loving meeting more of the Plus Size blogging community.

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