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32yr old Mummy to 3. Our 4yo disabled son, 2yo strong willed minx and our recent addition our little piglet Deacon born 21st June 2013. Making our way through the every day, remembering to smile, as it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

Corners of My Home / A New!

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corners of my home

Regular blog readers may remember a segment on my blog from middle of last year called Corners of My HomeI would each month pick a corner of my house and share, then I would open the post up for you to share any home posts you have blogged that month so I could have a read and be inspired.

I stopped the monthly posts as I just hated our old house so much and gave up on it, but now we have moved and finally unpacking (yes I know 2 months later), I thought it was time to start the segment again and get inspired.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is an artist and art form I have loved since my teens, I am heavily influenced by many eras in art after doing Art A’level. For my 18th Birthday my Dad bought me a hand painted CRM inspired Tea set, only 20 were ever made and it is so beautiful, for the past 2 years it has been boxed up but after receiving an amazing hand painted Mackintosh inspired picture from a dear friend Sian when we moved in I decided to unpack my tea set immediately and display in my entrance hall for all to see.

corners of my home

Isn’t it lovely and it works brilliantly against my G Plan dark wood. It had a lovely tray too but that had become mouldy when packed :(

I really should use it but I am so fearful of it breaking as it can not be replaced.

Also in the hallway I have put the piece of artwork Sian sent me, she too loves CRM and I was over the moon when she treated me to this piece. I was so impressed I hounded her into starting to sell pieces and after many messages she finally set up a shop, so do take a look, I have since bought a piece for Addison.

corners of my home


Do you have any artists that influence your home decor ?

Don’t forget to share your home posts, I am finally starting to buy art, cushions and much more so always looking for new things to treat the home too.

Grayson’s Rocking #1

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This dude has never featured in our What We Are Rocking segment on the blog, purely due to photo’s being hard, he is always seriously looking awesome, so today I thought not great photos and all you needed to see this little superhero looking rocking!

kids fashion

*Shirt – H&M (Similar)

*Tee – Little Bird By Jools @ Mothercare

*Jeans – Marks and Spencer

*Boots – H&M

little bird by jools

I have to say Little Bird and H&M are 2 of my favourite go to places for all 3 kids but especially for this dude, he can wear any colour (other than black) and as he is still so small both fit him really well, plus as he grows out of it he hands them down to the other 2. He is in need of new shoes/boots now (yippee shopping trip) but these H&M ones have been a dream, elasticated, hard wearing, fur lined and a steal at £15 which he has worn all winter.

So what are your go to brands for kidswear ? Seen any cool shoes on your travels as he is needing a couple pairs.

What I am Rocking #3 – Thanks to House of Fraser

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My blog has grown with me so much over the past 9 years, what I love is how it evolves, if you had come here 8 years ago I would have been a hell of a lot smaller but still bordering plus size, I loved fashion just as much, proof of that were my daily fashion posts on Flickr, but I never felt I could share them on my blog.

This past year I am at my biggest size ever, even more than 9 months pregnant and by no means am I happy with my size, the past year being part of the blogging community I have learnt that just because I am big does not mean I can not be totally rocking it in seriously awesome threads.

And this week those threads are courtesy of House of Fraser’s Plus Size fashion ! Did you know they did Plus Size ? No, me neither, not only that they currently have over 600 items available to buy and not at high prices either.

For under £25 I received a whole outfit, including Jeans!

plus size fashion

Eek – I still can’t believe I wore a see through top without a cami, but I was so inspired by a fellow Plus Size blogger (Mrs Bebe) recently that I dared to be brave, Mr Innocent Charmer was very pleased, he thinks I should always feel so confident, to be honest I am not sure if I would do it again as I felt quite on show all evening, but the top is a beaut.

I have a cami the same colour so I know I will be wearing the top again very soon, I was also thinking it would look awesome with a contrasting bright colour underneath, maybe like the hot pink in my Necklace.

The top has so many details, including split sides and back, it fits incredibly well and is a steal at £13.50, I am thinking I may need the black version too.


Outfit Details

*Necklace – Oliver Bonas

*Top – Label Lab @ House of Fraser

*Jeans – Evans @ House of Fraser

*Clutch – DP’s

*Boots – Topshop

The Jeans are my favourite part though, from Evans sold at House of Fraser they are super comfy, high-waisted a perfect fit and £10!!!!!! I have worn them so much this week as they work dressed up or down.

plussize fashion

Jeans causally for a trip to Ikea with a Navy Jumper from ASOS and FLY Boots.


I am so glad House of Fraser contacted me as I now have another great place to check out for new and exciting clothes, I already have my eye on a lovely Black and White dress which would go perfect with some shoes I got as a belated Birthday present.

Do go check out the great collections they have, you can not say no to a whole outfit for under £25.


*PR Sample

The Kiddies/Living Arrows//Eight

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Half term is now over and done, as a family we had big plans for this week, after 3 days at work we were going to have 4 days to spend together, without still having a car (10 weeks and counting) we were going to cope and find fun things to do, then Wednesday came and so did a nasty stomach bug!

As I type this Deacon and I are still on the tail end, it has been ruddy awful, but we are getting there, but once again fun plans were foiled, thankfully Mr Innocent Charmer being the superstar he is he managed to walk the kids down to the park on one of my work days so at the whole week was not being locked inside.

living arrows

Grayson - Superhero I am so sorry we did not get to do more fun things on your week away from school, I know you don’t mind as you just love Mickey Mouse time, at least you did get some time with just Mummy and Daddo as I know that is quite important to you, you seem to really like your visit to Ikea for your 1st ever bedroom furniture. Every day you make me more proud, it has been a tough few weeks and with a hospital admission this week it will not be any better but we are always here with cuddles and my annoying phone taking pictures.

living arrows

Addison - My sweet angel – oh how testing you are becoming with every week, I have to keep watching year old videos to remind myself of your sweet nature. Thankfully before you became quite unwell this week Popsy and Granny took you to see Great Nana – this picture is my Addison, watching a child with a heart bigger than her makes me so proud, Nana loved being shown videos and photos on the phone and having kisses and cuddles – forever be this girl!


living arrows

Deacon - Oh boy! You are so funny and such hard work all at once, my clingy little monster you really do love to always be in Mummy’s arms no matter where I am. Your love of tech and taking photos astounds me for someone so young, I have no idea why as a bloggers child you are never far from a photo being taken, maybe you are following in my footsteps, your selfie taking is certainly improving, this is totally in focus and a showing off some very cute toes.

I am loving my weekly posts, it is a great way for me to look back, hopefully some time soon my photos wont be of such bad quality, but in some ways I don’t mind as how can I not love all these blurry shots, they show my children in a way I always want to remember them, now and forever, I am eternally grateful to Hayley for the inspiration by running Living Arrows.

Living Arrows
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