>Baby, Baby and more Baby

>Well the sickness still has not subsided, it did get very bad last week and I was taken to the doctor who has put me on rest and tablets as I was dehydrated. They have helped a little so that is very good.

Well after all the negativity I have a good bit of news to show you, my first scan piccy, they have confirmed the baby is 12 weeks today very healthy and correct size.
This really does help because of course I was worrying.

With baby in mind I wanted to ask you girlz for ideas and advice. In England we do not really have baby showers, well being I have an American Mommy of course I am going to have one he he. So I wondered what your suggestions of a good baby shower are, food, games, gifts, agenda etc.

Anyway I am hoping that my next trimester will bring better health, then I shall get back to being a good blogger and talk about things other than just being unwell and having a baby.

Love to you all.

P.S. Brandi your gorgeous gift came this morning, I am so truly thankful they are beautiful and scrummy they arrived this morning so when I get chance I will take some piccys.

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  • Brandi

    >YAY! I’m so glad you liked them!!! I’m a firm believer that Mommy should get some attention, too.

    As far as shower suggestions, it really depends. I did a luncheon for my sister – a sit down lunch at a restaurant. I decorated the tables with cute handmade toys I painted, and had little baby clothes hanging on a clothes line along the wall for decoration (and to mark the place where people put their gifts). I made a guestbook from a photo album, and made sure to go to each person and take a photo of them and my sister; then later I printed those off and put them in the guestbook so that she’d have a reminder.

    I’ve also been to showers that were teas, that had just snacks and munchies.

    As far as games go, there’s a bunch. You can do a search online and come up with tons. My favorites are “How Big is Mommy’s Belly” and “Baby Gift Bingo”. The first is where you give each person some ribbon and they cut how much they think would go around your belly. Closest person wins a prize. The bingo game is where you make up bingo cards with gifts from your registry. As you open gifts, people can mark them off on their card. First to get a bingo wins!

    Keep on resting, Kara! I hope you feel better soon!

  • katydiddy

    >I’m so happy to get a glimpse of the baby Duke or Duchess. I still have our book-I promise to get to it soon! Shower ideas-I threw my sister a tea party. Very fun. Please take care of yourself & the little one. Keep resting.

  • nikki/WhiMSy love

    >Oh how fun to see a pic of the wee one! Hope you are doing well! Rest & take care of yourself!

    I love doing baby showers! One game I played at a baby shower we did was to melt those little plastic babies into ice cube trays. At the shower everyone had one in their drink. Throughout the baby shower the ice would obviously melt. Whoever's "water" broke first one the game! (Whoever's baby was released from the ice cube won!)
    I also played a fun "Price is Right" game. I collected diapers, a pacifier, wipes, etc. & put the price of each on a card (hidden from the shower guests). I asked each party guest to guess the price of each item. We added their total & then I revealed the true price of each item. Whoever came closer to the correct grand total won! (And of course the mommy-to-be got to keep all the baby items!)
    Gee this is long! HAHA!