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I am sure you are all sick of that word on my little blog.
Its funny when something so big effects all your life even when you try not to, people I think have forgotten I exist and they seem to be only interested in asking about the baby. Although in all fairness this does not really bother me, I know it is exciting for everyone, probably more than me cause they are not having all the negatives like sickness, tiredness and irritability.

Well due to this dear friends, I am back once again asking for your help. As this is the first baby pretty much in my whole family I very thankfully have a lot of excited family that want to shower gifts and trust me I am not one to turn them down, but unlike many people I don’t want to just by the run of the mill items, I want some handmade whimsy goodness, it has to be done.

So help people, have you got any good sites, do you want to plug yourself or a close friend, no matter big or small I am just looking for some of the cutest and rarest baby sites, for nursery linen, diaper bags, clothes just anything, so if you can help please step forward.

To thank you for your kindness I shall be putting a little parcel together of goodies for someone I shall pick at random next Tuesday, of course there will be a piece of Innocent Charms jewellery in there too.

Hope you are all well and take care.


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  • Brandi

    >Okay, you asked for it! Here are my picks from Etsy. All of these people are Etsy sellers, and they are who I want to shop with or have shopped with for my niece and nephew. By username and in no particular order:

    Nanacompany – Amy @ Nanacompany is sooo sweet. Her items are mostly geared for girls, though I’ve seen some boy-themed stuff in her Flickr account. She’s got aprons, tote bags, play cookies, etc.

    BellaSeraBaby – the slipper shoes are adorable, and totally useful to keep baby’s feet toasty.

    Chickabiddybaby – for cute sock dollies for baby to hold on to.

    EllemBee – has cute onesies.

    citefuzz – has cute hats.

    PdxBeanies – one of the first shops I ever hearted. ADORABLE hats and knitted things.

    ManicMuffinTotes – cute stuffed animals.

    JoeyAndAleethea – adorable shop full of baby stuff. The Sunday Best onesies with the sewn-on tie cracks me up.

    ThreeYellowStarFish – full of baby clothes!

    CulpeperGeneral – if I had to say there is one must buy, it would be CulpeperGeneral’s Grow Baby Grow Onesies. They come in a set of 6 or 12, and if I had found this shop before my sister had my nephew, I would have bought the set of 12 onesies. This way, you can put the onesie on and take a photo of baby in it on their month birthday for their first year. ADORABLE.

    Okay, there’s more, but that should get you started. 😀

  • katydiddy

    >You have to get a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Pricey, but absolutely wonderful!

  • BellaColle’

    >Oh my goodness.. I’ll have to get my thinking cap on…
    There is moi’… I can make a lovely collage.. or a fun charm for mum to wear around her neck! Shameless I am! Or something lovely for the babybook.. OOps! I’ve said too much! lol!
    I know there are some wonderful shops out there, this will be fun finding them…

  • Brandi
  • Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm

    >Hi Kara!
    So sorry I haven’t written!
    I hope your pregnacy is going great!!
    Sooo happy for you!
    I am STILL pregnant. My original due date was June 28th.
    I have toxemia again this time(and a million other things.lol)
    I am going to be induced today if the have room for me. If they don’t I have to wait until Monday. I am happy the end is in sight though!
    Have a great day!!
    xoxo Britt

  • queenoftheclick

    >I’m also pregnant and just beginning. 🙂

    A cute etsy shop that I just bought some prints from the nursery is Krisblues. I got this bunny sleeping and this one from the swing. She ships super fast.



    I like this site for personalized items but I haven’t ordered from them yet


    Cute and reasonable priced onesies:


  • Ele at abitofpinkheaven

    >Kara, been thinking about you! One of my favorite things for a baby’s room are the banners. I have them available at http://www.eleanorerickson.com . They can be made in any color/lettering. (shameful plug) Really hope things are starting to look up for you. Not being able to keep up the normal pace is frustrating.