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Last year I tried giving Blog Everyday In May a go and was not hugely successful, but I am not going to stress over that, instead the lovely Elizabeth of Rosalilium has decided to host again for the 3rd year.

I could try to go into explaining, but honestly you would be quicker heading here, if you are a blogger though it would definitely be something fun to be part of. I wont be sticking to everyday prompts but that is the joy of it, they are there if I need to feel inspired which let’s be honest we all do from time to time.

So prompt one – Introduce Yourself


Here are 20 facts about me

1. I am Kara, Mummy to 3

2. I was born in Kent and still live here

3. I shaved my head for charity and loved it

4. I am a stationery addict

5. I have blue eyes

6. My Dad is half Syrian, my Mom American-Irish so I am a mixture

7. I hate my current blog design but am terrified of changing it

8. I used to have my own company where I made beautiful jewellery

9. I have a disabled son

10. I have Lupus

11. My closest friends I met online

12. Blogging about Interiors is my favourite thing to blog about

13. Thirteen is my lucky number

14. I love everything 50/60’s retro/kitsch

15. I am known and in a magazine as a Hello Kitty Superfan

16. Pink is my favourite colour but it doesn’t come into my life much anymore

17. I am an apple (not the fruit) addict

18. I started dating my husband before I had even met him in person

19. I don’t really ever drink alcohol but if I did it would be Gin

20. I love to make people smile 🙂

hello kitty


About Innocent Charms Chats

Kara Janelle, Plus Size Blogging Mama. Vintage Lover, Interiors Obsessed, Chair Crazed, Collector of Much remembering to Smile as it is the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

  • Fellow stationery addict here!
    Making people smile is perhaps the best thing to do with your time – we should all do it more.

  • Nell Smith

    Hey Kara, lovely list! Looking forward to reading more of your BEDM posts! good luck with it 🙂

  • Nice to meet you! Love the pics of your little ones, adorable! Looking forward to reading more 🙂 xxx

  • I didn’t know you liked gin?!

  • Ashleigh

    Hey! I’m in Kent too! I’m in Margate – but only have the two children and one of those isn’t yet born! I ALSO shaved my head for charity – back in November now so it’s growing well and I also love it, couldn’t imagine having long hair now! Definite fellow stationery addict AND I used to have my own business, a toy shop, but unfortunately I had to step away from it when my husband and I separated. Some of my closest friends I too met online – and I met my boyfriend via Instagram! I’ll have a gin if I’m going to have any alcoholic drink and NOTHING beats making other people smile – we have loads in common! I look forward to reading your future BEDM posts!

  • Kezzie

    Hi! I’m also doing BEDM and I thought I’d try and come and visit everyone at some point. Lovely to know about you. My dad lives in Kent too! I’m also scared to change my blog design but I would love a pretty header!!! My husband also has a stationery obsession!
    Look forward to reading more!

    Kezzie AG