This Week You….

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Grayson and Addison walking

This week you stroked Guinea Pigs on the TV

This week you have loved school

This week you have tried to make Deacon laugh

This week you keep calling Mummy and Daddy “Your Superstars”

This week you want to talk to everyone on the phone

This week you seem even more grown up

This week you have enjoyed getting dressed up in Muslins

This week you have asked Grayson “how was school”

This week you have been better at eating Dinner

This week you have done awesome artwork at school

This week you had a bath in the Kitchen sink

This week I helped Grayson walk across the Living Room

This week I have enjoyed my wooden train set

This week you have mainly worn plaits in your hair

This week you have eaten Breakfast on your SmarTrike

This week you have stayed in your bed every night

This week you have amazed me

This week you have made me smile

This week as every other Addison, I am proud to be your Mummy


Draw With Me – Christmas

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This Mummy Loves...

It has been a couple of months since I joined in with my lovely friend Sonia and her daughter Maisie’s link “Draw With Me”. It is such a fun linky and I love to spend time doing it with Addison but life has been crazy and with me back to work and her starting nursery our time has been made shorter.But I was determined (by the skin of my teeth) to join in with this months theme of “Christmas”. I knew I wanted to make some Christmas Cards from Addison for her grandparents and thought it would tie in well, she could draw some pretty Christmas themed cards, well that was the plan, but the little Miss refused to use colours (crayons) as at school she paints, so paint we did, it is drawing in a sense.

I tried to get her to paint a tree, well it is in an abstract way, which works well for me as I love Picasso. You can see the green of the tree and then the yellow is the star on top, I am not altogether sure what the red is.

toddler christmas tree

The second picture is sparkly lights, she is loving Christmas purely for the sparkly lights, so she painted them, I love those foam paintbrushes they are ideal for Addison’s age. I think it looks like a Bokeh tree.

draw with me linky

I have noticed a difference in Addison sitting down to art tasks etc since she has been at Nursery and it has only been 3 weeks, I really hope to do more fun activities in the new year, she has some crafty Xmas presents coming her way.

Don’t forget to check out the other entries, I love Maisie’s drawing, not only are there lots of Christmas items but the colours match too.

A Day In The Life – Addison ( 2yrs 6mths)

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I have decided to do a new little series on my blog –  A Day In The Life.

I have a terrible memory and as the months turn into years I am already forgetting things I want to share with the children, so what better way to record them than my blog.

So today is Addison’s Day at 2 1/2 years old.

Mummy and Addy day, our 1st real one.

cath kidston

The day always starts with several breekies for Addison, cereal usually 1st, followed by yoghurt/toast and fruit

off out with addison

All dressed and ready to go out with Mummy, we always have to say “Just One Toy” or you would take a whole bunch, today’s choice Big Doggy, you were excited I let you have your hair down and got to wear your star hat.

christmas lights

As we went to the library we found some Christmas lights, Addison was very excited “sparkly lights”.

library day

Library time is a major favourite for Addison, I love the fact my little girl is a bookworm, we had the whole children’s section to ourselves, Addison was beside with excitement, we loved the very large Dear Zoo book.

addison and baby piggy

Then as always Addison talked Mummy into buying her a little treat, cuddly toys are big in Addy’s world, she chose the Piggy and named it “Baby Piggy” she isn’t very inventive with her names.

costa date with Addison

We then headed for our very 1st Costa date, Addison enjoyed some snacks, then we shared cake, or should I say Mummy had a mouthful, she didn’t think much of the Babychino. Hello Kitty came along with Baby Piggy too.

addison and the guide dogs

On our way to the Supermarket we had to stop and give the guide dogs a lovely cuddle

lunch time

We then headed home for a quick-lunch and nap time

glasses with Addison

After nap it was time for Paw Patrol and selfies, Addison is currently obsessed with taking pictures, she put on her glasses so she could be “Just Like Mummy”.

addison and paw patrol

Then the day finished with playtime with Deacon whilst we waited for Daddy to run the bath, bath time has been difficult but thankfully baby having a wash made it easier today.

addison's evening

All in all it was a lovely day with my beautiful child, there are so many sweet things she does every day, the cutest things she says. But she said “this was the best day ever” and that makes it perfect for me.

An Exciting Christmas – SP

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This Christmas is very exciting for us, we have no idea yet where we shall be spending it and money is tighter with 3 babies and Mr Innocent Charmer loosing his job, but this is the 1st year one of my Children is actually aware of what Christmas is!

Addison shall be just over 2 1/2 this Christmas, we are already reading Christmas stories and she is ever so excited as I have promised her, her very own little tree for her bedroom as she loves sparkly lights. I am not sure she has realised that she will be getting new toys and gifts, but I have asked her what she would like Santa to bring.

She came out with a fab list, which we actually shared over at Bambino Goodies, her top 3 things were Dancing (music), a Pirate Ship and Dinosaurs, she is very obsessed at the moment.

I am loving buying toys for Addison, her play has changed so much these past months, she is very imaginative and constantly talks to her toys and they chat back, it is the cutest thing to watch. My problem shall be stopping myself buying, I have been very good and set a budget, all 3 babies shall be sharing a larger gift which is some soft play equipment to help with Grayson’s therapy and Addison’s need to climb. But what shall her little gifts be.

I was so pleased when I headed over to John Lewis to do some usual Christmas Shopping for my parents, I had not realised they price match with other large retailers, I was so pleased to see many toys I had thought about, I loved to see they also stock wooden traditional toys as well as their modern counterparts as I love to have wooden toys in our house.

These are my top 5 saved in my basket at the moment to order for Addison, do you have any suggestions for a strong-willed, animal loving, tomboy?

John Lewis Toys


Duplo My First Farm – As she loves animals and building with her lego.

Dinosaur – Of course and a bargain at £3.99

Brio Wooden Train Set – She has been talking about trains since seeing them at Nursery, so I think this would be a great gift.

John Lewis Painting Caddy Set – We have just started crafts at home and I love how this set has everything we need to start painting along with a nice case to keep tidy

Wooden Noahs Ark – As I said we love wooden toys and Addison loves Animals so I think this would be a timeless favourite.

I also found this make your own Pirate Ship, it is aimed at 4 yr olds, but I think with a little help from Mummy she would love it.

john lewis toys


So what are you buying your little ones ? I am open for suggestions, I seem to be really struggling with both boys, so if you have suggestions for toys for 6/12 mth olds please pass this way!!!


Disclosure – This is a sponsored post.


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