>I have been baking

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>oh can you smell the sweet goodness of ….. Polymer Clay. LOL.
Well there not gorgeous Cupcakes or fresh bread but I am fairly pleased as its been soooooo long since I have played with my Poly.
I kinda lost heart, my work is very basic and after 1. not really selling any pieces with poly and 2. seeing some of the amazing Poly creations on blogs I have seen.
But after some great comments this week with regards to Polymer Bead Necklaces I have sold I thought what the heck lets have a play and I am quite pleased with the results so far, I don’t have a lot of Fimo colours left but Pink and Grey are one of my fave colour combos so I choose them, plus the silver has glitter in so they are really sparkly and you have to love sparkle.

The first Piccy shows some canes I made before they had turned to beads, the next 2 pictures show the beads I made fresh out of the oven, so bear in mind they still need sanding, buffing, polishing and or varnishing.
What do you girlz think ?

Oh to anyone that does Poly work have you used Klear polish for your works, i haven’t and I am thinking of trying on these beads, any tips ?

Well take care all, hope you have a good day, love to all.

>I know I have been here today but I am soo happy

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>I hear you cry, why are you posting again, well its been an exciting day for me.

First of all, I did it, the piece I showed you I entered for Transition competition, well can’t believe it but I won. Yes I know I am so pleased.

Click this link here and you will see my advertisment for winning, I feel really honoured, I was chose to win buy Jewellery makers and very good ones at that.


And secondly had a spare hour when I got home before the dreaded WW, so thought I would have a play with the Polymer – I know I am totally addicted but better then shopping on the internet on eating Chocolate.

They were supposed to be skinner canes, but did not turn out that way but quite pleased with results, they have only just come out of the oven so bear in mind they need a little sanding and varnishing.

Thinking of using some of them for Kids jewellery.

Anyway I promise this will be the last time I post today.


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