>Wedding Day

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The Happy Couple

The only picture of me I don’t totally ugh at.

The Happy Couple Ushers and Sisters. My sister and I are on the end and my other brother is 3rd from the right.

Last Sat 15th August 2009 was my brothers wedding day.

It was a lovely day, a very relaxed wedding and they enjoyed themselves so that is the most important part.
My SIL wanted a shabby chic style wedding in a pink and green colour scheme, my Mom being super crafter went about pretty much designing the whole wedding, from buying teacups, helping choose the dress and suits, to making table runners/wedding invites and then doing all the wedding flowers, it looked beautiful and my Mom is so going to have to start a business.

Here are some of my fave pictures from the day, Grayson looked adorable if I don’t say so myself and it was lovely to get the family together.
Grayson Rocking in his suit.

Alot more has been going on, Grayson has started a host of treatments and therapy’s, we are still awaiting the most important results but I shall come back to you on that. Thanks to all for your support, Grayson sends big kisses, well more like nips as his first 2 teeth have cut (oh the fun).
Love to all

>My First Scrapbook Page

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Scrapbook Page through the stages

Some of you may know this but my Mom is a really talented Scrapper/Card/Paper Crafter, I have never been able to do what she does but have always dabbled as I do enjoy playing with paper and pens, well the other day I decided after spending hours drooling at some of the Scrapbook Pages on Flickr I would give it a go, I knew it would not be the best page in the world but it would let me use some of my creativity that is heating inside and use some of those many many pictures I love to take and keep lying around, so here it is, my first ever page, I went simple, keeping to one colour scheme and not a huge amount of embellishments. I am not sure on it but I think its ok.

Its my fave piccy of my 2 baby brothers taken 2 years ago, they were both pretty tipsy and funny which is rare, the theme of the party was Green hence the colour scheme.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and whether there are any suggestions to being a better scrapper, I do think me starting this could be another costly adventure.

Hope you all well.


Finished Scrapbook Page

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