>Friday Photo Time – Week 13

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>It’s time for your Photo’s to be shared, cause it’s my weekly #FridayPhotoTime, if you want to know what this is all about go here and have a read and then please come back and take part, it’s great fun.

So for my Flashback Friday this week…

As we are just coming up to Christmas I thought I would share a picture of Grayson on his 1st Xmas back in 2009, Grayson was in hospital for days before Xmas and we luckily managed to get discharged with hours to spare, Grayson had a Jumperoo come from Santa (ssh so has Addison this year).
I love doing this part of Friday Photo Time, I think its great how it makes you look back and remember memories, this was such a happy and sad day for us.
My Friday Phone Photo Dump is not all too exciting this week as my whole household has been overrun with infections and colds, but here is my week in pictures.
Hoods and Hats where out, Birthday time for my BIL

New Jewellery made by me, poorly bubba’s

Thanks for taking the time to read and don’t forget anyone can join in, so why not ? Just add your link below.

>Friday Photo Time – Week 12

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It’s time for Friday Photo Time, apologies for missing last week, it was very busy with hospital appointments here. There is a great deal to share this week as it was my 31st on Tuesday.
If you have never taken part in Friday Photo Time or are unsure as to what its all about, go take a read here 1st, do come back and have some fun.
Part 1 is Flashback Friday, it’s a popular idea on Instagram, basically you share a picture from the past.
I have shown you below a picture of me blowing out my birthday candles in 2007.
My Mom’s Birthday Hat ritual

For Part 2 – Please find all the pictures from my phone this past 7 days, as I said it’s been busy with Birthday Party/Birthday celebrations, putting the Xmas Dec’s up and working at home on Fridays.

Addison enjoying helping Mama with her Cath Kidston Gifts

If you feel like taking part don’t forget to link up below so I can come check it out, you can take part with either part or both, no strict rules here.

>Next – It’s Christmas!

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>As I was out shopping with Addison last week I was stopped by the Next Window, I loved their Christmas theme this year, I am usually one for a very over the top window but I liked the fact Next’s was understated and glamorous.

Next Canterbury Xmas Window 2011
Next Canterbury Xmas Window 2011

As one of my Day Zero Project Tasks I made a promise to myself to buy 5 new Christmas Dec’s each year, I changed my theme to traditional Red/Green last year so I have few decorations but I do have some gorgeous ones from Next in the past, so when I saw the window I thought I must check out Next’s delights this year.

Next this year have gone all out, having decorations for every colour scheme and theme.

I love traditional red but this has a great modern twist
The Silver and White theme is so Ice Pretty – would look great in a modern home

I must say I think the Purple theme is quite striking, I have this year bought a little Pink tree for my Kitchen and I think I may tie some purple dec’s into the theme.
So how about you, are you traditional or go for a modern colour scheme ? Whatever your choice maybe Next can help.

>1st Christmas’s – Week 23 The Gallery

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>This weeks The Gallery….

So to get straight to the point this week’s theme is: A Memory.
Personally I think this is really tough – I mean how do you pick out just one memory to post?
I do however think it’s going to be a great one.
It can be a recent memory, one from your childhood, one from your school days. Just a photograph which sparks a real memory whenever you look at the photograph.
Every time I see this photo, it makes me smile, it was the 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife, my little cousin Phoenix is in the picture and I love how I am so happy, I remembering this was one of my best Christmas’s ever, I felt happy about my appearance (only back a month from honeymoon) and happy that I was with the man that made life worth living.

I didn’t think that Christmas could ever be topped until this picture, last Christmas, the 1st as a Mommy, the 1st with my gorgeous Son.

Can’t wait to see your memories, this was a toughie as so many, photo’s help me with my poor memory.

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