>Friday Photo Time – Week 11

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>So it’s time for our weekly photo linky post, its so simple and easy please try and join in.
You can do part one, part two or both whatever takes your time and fancy. If you are new here the basic run down is
Part 1 – #Flashbackfriday – show a picture from the past, last month/year or 10 yrs and give us a little run down.
Part 2 – Dump all or the best pictures on your post from your phone for the past week.
If you want a more detailed explanation check out here.

It’s a lot of fun as it gets us looking at happy memories of our photos and sharing those times with our blogging world.

So my #FlashbackFriday this week is of my little Grayson back in July 2009 on his 6 month birthday, I picked this as Addison turned 6 months this past week (post here) so it made me look back at Grayson at the same time, he was and is so adorable but I do miss his cheeky 6m smile.

Grayson on his 6m birthday

So this week has been very busy with either poorly family or hospital apt’s which neither make for great pictures but here are a few of my faves.

Luckily we were all well enough to join Thanksgiving Dinner last night at my Mom’s who is American so that made for a good end to a bad week.

I do hope you can join in, if so don’t forget to link up so we can all come check each others out.
Don’t forget if you tweet to use the hashtag #fridayphototime

>Friday Photo Time – Week 7

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>Well we are already on week 7 of Friday Photo Time, its nice to see a couple of people taking part but I would really like it if you take part too.

If your wondering what its all about just take a quick read here, its super simple and you don’t need an iPhone.
So here is my #Flashbackfriday for this week, its of the hubby and I pre marriage on our 2nd holiday in Antigua in May 2003, the most beautiful place ever and nicest people you shall ever meet.
Its been a busy week at Chez Spencer, but mainly for me at work, I have had very little time with my babies this week, mainly for hospital visits, Addison has been all smiles for the camera this week as she hit 5 months so most of the pictures are of the little madam.
Friday Photo Phone Dump

Grayson unhappy having his EEG, still super cute though

Cath Kidston Bath Times for Addison

>Friday Photo Time – Week 6

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>It’s my weekly blog linky #Fridayphototime if you are interested in taking part go here to find out what its all about, its simple and fun.

So here is my lovely #Flashbackfriday this week, this picture reminds me of such lovely times, the happiness in my Dad’s eyes as he shared a birthday with a grandchild for the first time.
My Daddy and a 2mth Grayson March 2009
Its been a busy week here, not all too good, on the same day we ended up with Grayson and Ashley in hospital and all whilst I started Slimming World (not good when you want chocolate for stress) but we got through and some with cute pictures in tow.

Grayson trying his new Ava and Luc PJ’s – review to follow can also be seen here at This Mummy Loves

I also felt like Supermum this weekend as I took both Babies out all on my own, not a big deal for most but it was for me

So how about taking part, you don’t have to do both parts and there doesn’t have to be a lot of words just add the pictures, don’t forget to come back and share your link though so we can come check it out.

>Friday Photo Time – Week 5

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Hi All

Yep its Friday so its time for some Photo Sharing, if you are new to my weekly #FridayPhotoTime post, go check this out first and see if you want to take part.

My #FlashbackFriday this week goes back to 2001.

This was a Thursday night girlie night, I am in the middle, my baby sister is on the left (way to young to be going out) and my best friend of the time is on the right.
Tragic pale skin and matching tops but this at this time in my life was my saviour.

Now for some Phone Photo Dump, busy week this week but unfortunately for very few exciting photo opportunities, so not a mosaic this week just a few to share.

Addy enjoying the bubble tube

Snuggles in bed


Just me

Bubo sitting in the Kitchen

Please do take part and go check out some of the other entries.

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