>366 – Day 10

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Doesn’t she look Happy ? Addison is a baby that has only 2 states, very Happy or Screaming, lately we seem to get more of this for sure, 10 secs previous she was giggling away playing with a Balloon, nothing happened apart from the screams, I pray this is teeth, although to be honest she has a right madam temperament on her so who knows.

>366 – Day 6

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“Please Mummy I can’t do anymore”
It amazes me everyday how Addison grows, how she loves doing exercises on her front. When you have a child like Grayson as your 1st you don’t realise how quickly babies develop and enjoy learning new skills, Push ups or Downward Dog Yoga position is Addison’s current favourite.
Don’t forget if you are taking part in a 366 please let me have a link so I can come visit.

>Friday Photo Time – Week 14

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>Well I am back with my weekly linky Friday Photo Time after the Christmas Break. If you have never taken part in Friday Photo Time before or are wondering what its all about go check out here 1st.

Part 1 – Is an idea from Instagram, Flashback Friday, basically you just share a picture from the past, its lovely as it makes you go back and look at fun times.

This picture is of the gorgeous Grayson Xmas Morning 2010, I love how he always sits in Yoga posses.
Now for Part 2 – My Phone Dump, I share with you pictures from my phone over the last 7 days, it has been a busy week on my phone with Christmas this week, so these are just some of my faves.
So if this looks fun do take part, the linky is at the bottom so that I can come see yours, I bet we all have a lot of pictures to share after Christmas this week.

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