>Daisy’s or Sunflowers, Flowers of Fancy

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My husband came home with three bunches of flowers for me yesterday, as I searched around my home for places to put them and items to display them in, I thought hey I must check this out on Flickr.

Flickr has become a massive inspiration for me for everything from, fashion, interior design to where to go on holiday and now how to arrange your flowers.
These were some of my favourites, I have never though of putting flowers in a tin.
So I wonder how do you arrange yours and what do you use as a vase, I am up for some inspiration.
Here are the Flowers my hubby treated me too.

>My First Scrapbook Page

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Scrapbook Page through the stages

Some of you may know this but my Mom is a really talented Scrapper/Card/Paper Crafter, I have never been able to do what she does but have always dabbled as I do enjoy playing with paper and pens, well the other day I decided after spending hours drooling at some of the Scrapbook Pages on Flickr I would give it a go, I knew it would not be the best page in the world but it would let me use some of my creativity that is heating inside and use some of those many many pictures I love to take and keep lying around, so here it is, my first ever page, I went simple, keeping to one colour scheme and not a huge amount of embellishments. I am not sure on it but I think its ok.

Its my fave piccy of my 2 baby brothers taken 2 years ago, they were both pretty tipsy and funny which is rare, the theme of the party was Green hence the colour scheme.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and whether there are any suggestions to being a better scrapper, I do think me starting this could be another costly adventure.

Hope you all well.


Finished Scrapbook Page

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>I know I have been here today but I am soo happy

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>I hear you cry, why are you posting again, well its been an exciting day for me.

First of all, I did it, the piece I showed you I entered for Transition competition, well can’t believe it but I won. Yes I know I am so pleased.

Click this link here and you will see my advertisment for winning, I feel really honoured, I was chose to win buy Jewellery makers and very good ones at that.


And secondly had a spare hour when I got home before the dreaded WW, so thought I would have a play with the Polymer – I know I am totally addicted but better then shopping on the internet on eating Chocolate.

They were supposed to be skinner canes, but did not turn out that way but quite pleased with results, they have only just come out of the oven so bear in mind they need a little sanding and varnishing.

Thinking of using some of them for Kids jewellery.

Anyway I promise this will be the last time I post today.


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