>Friday Photo Time – Week 13

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>It’s time for your Photo’s to be shared, cause it’s my weekly #FridayPhotoTime, if you want to know what this is all about go here and have a read and then please come back and take part, it’s great fun.

So for my Flashback Friday this week…

As we are just coming up to Christmas I thought I would share a picture of Grayson on his 1st Xmas back in 2009, Grayson was in hospital for days before Xmas and we luckily managed to get discharged with hours to spare, Grayson had a Jumperoo come from Santa (ssh so has Addison this year).
I love doing this part of Friday Photo Time, I think its great how it makes you look back and remember memories, this was such a happy and sad day for us.
My Friday Phone Photo Dump is not all too exciting this week as my whole household has been overrun with infections and colds, but here is my week in pictures.
Hoods and Hats where out, Birthday time for my BIL

New Jewellery made by me, poorly bubba’s

Thanks for taking the time to read and don’t forget anyone can join in, so why not ? Just add your link below.

Fisher Price Play Party – Lots of Fun

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As some of you may know in our home we call ourselves the Fisher Price Family as it pops up every where. At feed time/ playtime/ bath time and bedtime, so when we got invited to the Fisher Price Play Party in London last week we snapped at the chance.

Grayson and Mummy enjoying a selection of  the toys – Photo by Fisher Price Photographer

We did not regret it either, we were met by a room full of brand new toys for Addy’s and Grayson’s age range, some fab staff to help play with the children, delicious snacks and some truly lovely members of the Fisher Price family.

It was also a great added bonus to meet some of my blogging/twitter mama friends and put faces to our tweets.
Meeting Mummy Manda – Picture taken by Fisher Price Photographer

The event started with the children familiarising themselves with the toys, Grayson was particularly keen on the Mickey Mouse (not surprising we have most on the market) and Addison was overjoyed by testing the new Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, bouncing to her hearts content, enjoying being up on her toes.

Addison and Daddy testing the Luv Zoo Jumperoo
Picture taken by Official Fisher Price Photographer
As the children were kept entertained trying, car spinning toys, tea sets, play mats and much more, we had a fab talk/presentation with the MD of Fisher Price’s Play Lab from the US, Debbie was such a down to earth warm lady who showed us new products that have come onto the market courtesy of Mum’s like me and you having our say, we also got to view the new Fisher Price TV Ad’s which have been filmed in real life homes, with real life families. I must say I really did enjoy the ad’s they showed another side to Fisher Price toys being played with, very touching and a much better understanding of how the toys would fit into our lives.
Fisher Price MD introducing us to the PlayLab – Picture Taken by FP Photographer
The Animal Choo Choo Train – Perfect for developing crawling

Ashley and I were particularly taken with 2 of the new toys shown, as I said above the new Dance Star Mickey and Fisher Price Amazing Animals Choo Choo Train, both babies seemed alert and intrigued by the toys, both promote developmental skills which is very important in our household and Santa shall be bringing both these for my little babies(ssh).

Grayson loving Dance Star Mickey

The day was finished of very nicely with a generous bag of Fisher Price toys for us to get about road testing (reviews to follow) including the fab new Laugh and Learn Aptivity case, which we are looking forward to road testing as on several occasions Grayson has dribbled into our iPhones.

Photo provide by Fisher Price Photographer


So we want to send a big thanks to Fisher Price for arranging such a fun afternoon and don’t forget to stop by as I shall be hosting a Fisher Price sponsored giveaway too.
Even the original toys rocked Grayson’s world


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