>Listography – Top 5 Keyword Searches

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It’s Listography time, I do love to write a list, Kate set an interesting one this week.

“To make it even better I’ve got a lovely little Listography for you all that shouldn’t test the brain cells too much – Top 5 Keyword Searches on your Blog”
So here is the top 5 according to my blog stats (excluding my blog name which came 3rd)
  1. New Baking Magazine – Thanks to the review of Baked and Delicious
  2. Baking Magazine – Clearly I am thought to be a great baker
  3. Matthew McConaughey Muscle – Only one I excited about, due to actually my Laminated List for Listgraphy, how funny.
  4. Baking Magazine 2011 – Again with the Baking
  5. Innocent Charm – Not sure what they where looking for but I bet it wasn’t my little Jewellery company.
I was a little disappointed at how run of the mill they were, I am clearly not very interesting. Its quite nice to make yourself look at what is going on with your little blog.
Don’t forget to go check out the other entries.

>Baked and Delicious – Giveaway

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We are all in for a treat guys and girls, you may remember I have twice posted in the past month about the new British Baking publication Baked and Delicious, you have probably seen their adverts with all the treats they are giving away.

Well I am pleased to announce that courtesy of Baked and Delicious they are giving one lucky reader of my blog the chance to also enjoy the publication as I have.

The lucky winner shall receive advance issues 2 – 5 plus…. *drum roll* the silicone bake ware that accompanies each issue.

How awesome is that, I must say I am a little jealous.

So I here you scream how can I win this wonderful giveaway, well all you have to do to win is tell me your favourite Cake/Desert you like to bake. Simple as that.

You can also get extra entries into the giveaway in the following way.
So a total of 5 entries per person – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you leave a different comment for each entry! Winner will be announced on Fri 8th April 2011 & UK entries only please.

So get commenting.

>A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks

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I had a great email the other day informing me of a new Baking Magazine due to be released in the UK, so I thought I best share the love so all you fellow cake lovers out there can run out to the shops on Wed 9th March 2011 and buy, buy, buy.
I have been kindly sent a copy of the press release and some first look photo’s to share to give us all a taster.
A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks
Baked & Delicious is a new fortnightly magazine packed with recipes, from international classics to traditional favourites. Featuring easy to follow steps, it brings together the very best of today’s cooking, that you can bake at home.
Along with these wonderful recipes, you can also collect the latest in silicone bakeware. Fast becoming the bakeware of choice by all home bakers, it is hardwearing, versatile and easy-to-clean. Collecting week by week, the range will enable you to bake all the delicious recipes with ease.
Subscribe now to receive four additional free gifts worth over £35! These include a beautiful designed binder to keep all your magazines pristine, a cake slice, matching cake tin set and a set of electronic scales. The magazine is not available in-stores until 9th March 2011 however you can find out more information and subscribe here.
I am really interested to read the article on silicone bakeware, I have used cupcake cases but that’s it and have heard they are quite easy to use, also the pavlova in issue 2 looks scrummy.
As soon as I have read the first issue I shall be back with my feelings on the mag, so watch this space as I try to return to the world of cupcake blogging.

>Day 24 – Oh to be an Interior Designer

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This piccy is a strange one but not only does it show what I do in my everyday it also shows one of my dreams and favourite past times.
I have always wanted to be an interior designer but I never had the artistic skill, so it is one of my fave hobbies, I always go through magazines (ones I don’t keep) and flyers through the door plus junk mail and pick things I like or have an idea for and then I stick them with notes in books and folders. My hubby does laugh as he says I am more organised with them than company paperwork.
So Monday (18th) night as I rested in front of the telly very late I went through some crappy magazines I had been given and enjoyed myself.

How cool is that PINK ?


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