My Week That Was #22

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It’s that time again, time for me to enjoy sharing My Week That Was, Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly linky. If you want to know more head over to Katie’s Blog.


Well for the 1st Monday in a while Ashley and I had a day at work, normally I start earlier than him (we work in the same place) but as my car was out of diesel I decided to save some pennies we would head off together, so after dropping the kids at Mom’s, it was a nice long work day on the cards.

The day got even better *insert sarcasm* Ash managed to rip our Nappy Bag pretty much in half as we got home (crap we have no money for a new one) and then as we opened the Kitchen door we were met by more Ants than you can imagine, even in the cupboards, I hate Ants.


The day started with a shock for us at 2am, we were awoken to our house alarm blasting, I can not believe thankfully both bubba’s slept through, after a few knocks in the dark and the alarm being reset peace resumed, although I did not manage much sleep from this point.

As Grayson was finally starting to feel better we were back to our usual Tuesday Special Nursery Routine, so Grayson and I had our 10 minutes alone time, chatting about the night and what he planned to do that day. (I chatted of course, he made silly loud noises lol)

Then off to work I headed, yuck, I am so fed up of work and all the stress it brings me for little gain.

I was so happy when I got home to arrive to a very large parcel, inside was a fab new Canvas for review from Hello Canvas, it is truly beautiful.

The evening just saw our usual routine, although there was a pang of emotion as Addison tried to play with her Brother, you can read more here.

I am very lucky for my friends always giving great support online and moments like these, as well as Mr Innocent Charmer.


Well my week has the same annoying tone to it – off to work.

Was a bit of an uneventful day, so much so I can’t really remember much. I remember Special Nursery said Grayson is finally improving with wet play, which is great, he used to love water but the past 6 months he has built up a real anxiety with it.

Addison was really cute playing this evening with a sensory toy she received for her birthday, she has got great at realising buttons make noises/lights etc on toys.

When we went to bed I went in to check on the bubba’s to find Grayson in a very awkward position, I do worry about his joints etc and the damage that could be caused due to his Hypermobility. I also worry he is now mobile in bed, this Mickey was at the other end, as he has no understanding of pain or fear.


An early start, Miss Madam had me up at 4.45am this morning, but by 6am was fast asleep on my chest, she is terrible with her sleeping again at the moment.

It was a work at home day but I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I headed off to that and then a quick stop to the supermarket.

Then I managed to get a good few hours work done, Grayson’s speech therapy and physio were cancelled this week (shock horror) so the bubba’s had a Jammie Day.

I spent a little time in the afternoon starting to help Mr Innocent Charmer to give his blog a bit of attention and a face list, let me know what you think and do pop by and say hi.

My crazy little girl learnt today she likes to climb in and sit in one of her toy buckets, this does not surprise me, she likes to climb a great deal.


Usually today is Ash’s work day and my day at home, but due to the Bank Holidays I had to go into work for the day. Boo.

I ended up doing a longer work day than I planned, I returned home to a moody Addison (teething we are hoping).

It was quite a long evening as the kids just could not cheer up, or be entertained.

I was royally cheered up when my gorgeous friend Sonia – This Mummy Loves – uploaded her top Blog Loves and there I was at the top, I can’t explain how honoured I feel to have Sonia’s friendship and support, she has got me through some tough times.


Broken sleep, usual way in our house of late, was awoken by a screaming Addison at 1am, finally after 45 minutes of Mummy cuddles back off to sleep she went, but not for long a nice 5.40am start from the duo.

We had no plans for today and no money so we decided to have a day at home.

We played a little, Addy was not too happy due to teething.

I cooked Ash and I Meatloaf, Potatoes and Veggies for dinner and then blended a load up for Addy and now have a weeks worth of meals. Fab. She is improving and has managed toast for breakfast this week as well as fully moving over to cows milk from formula, so small progressions.

The rest of the evening was pretty mundane.


Today was my lay in day, but as Ash sleeps with an apnea death mask I always have to wake him and an early start it was, as Addison was up before 5am. I then went back off to sleep only to be woken by the kids monitors beeping loudly as it had lost connection – fab.

I was so annoyed to wake to crappy weather as we were initially supposed to be meeting Kara aka Chelsea Mamma at the Zoo as she is visiting family in Canterbury.

Addy was again in a not so good mood (as she keeps waking too early) so Ash decided to take her to the supermarket to pick up some bits. Good news for us all as she does cheer up once out and about.

Once her returned home Addy was down for a nap, so we decided to take on the dreaded task of cutting Grayson’s hair. Although I must say he did amazingly well today and it was not as awful as normal. Addy awoke so we decided on an early bath and get into Jammies as we were only at home.

Our afternoon followed playing and watching children’s TV, we learnt Addy only likes towers for knocking them down and has the strength of a Grown Man. No lies.

In the evening Pops and Granny aka My Dad/Stepmum popped round as my Dad gets withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the kids once a week.

The kids played and we chatted about our upcoming holiday to Madeira, that my Dad has very kindly treated us too. We talked about where we shall visit, see and eat.

We then very cleverly got them to invite us out to breakfast tomorrow. Win win.

So that’s our week. I do hope the next one improves. Not looking likely with the upcoming weather forecast.

My Week That Was #21

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It’s Sunday so it’s time for me to join in with Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 great weekly linky. Go to Katie’s Blog for more info.


So much better than my usual off to work Monday’s. Ash and I dropped both bubba’s off at my Moms and then to the train we headed for a half day in London.
We had both been invited to a PR event by Plum Baby Food, Ash is the 1st Daddy Blogger to show a great interest in the company so that was great.
We had a 2hr train journey each way so there wasn’t a lot of time for much else in London but to be honest it was just nice to sit back relax and chat.
The event was held in a nice Moroccan Restaurant in Covent Garden, so we had a wonder round for an hour and then headed back to pick up the babies.


Back to reality and back to work and with a large bump. Can’t talk about it at the mo but just another awful day at work which is becoming regularly the norm of late.
Grayson went back to Nursery today and I had to do the Nursery run with Addy in tow as Ash had an emergency hospital apt.
Addison was so cute in the hospital waiting room (Gray’s Nursery) as she walked around talking to the other kids. I really wish we could find a toddler group to attend with her.
Addy and I headed off to work and she fell asleep, luckily Ash got done so I just waited in the car for 15 mins with her until he met us and took over.
The rest of the day turned into a boring usual day today. Grayson did well at Nursery and finally has started eating a little again.
Addison is now scaling furniture like it’s easy peasy, I fear more black eyes are on the way.
She also received a lovely Birthday Card from her Aunty Sonia today, which shall be heading into her scrapbook.
I sat up till too late (just before midnight) reading blogs mine and others. Silly girl.


My late night was a big mistake as Grayson decided wake up time for him was 3.30am (pass the coffee) it seems to be becoming a regular occurrence of late. Another reason we need to move as if he had his own room I could leave him to rest in bed for a bit but it’s not possible with the babies sharing. Addison is doing a little better with sleep & manages till at least 6am most days, so she is a great deal more cheery when she wakes. Here she is this morning, with pretty black eye in tow.

I went off to work, on time by 8am, hoping I could be home a little earlier. At 11am I had a very important phone call, all I can say is Magazine….. It was a pretty gruelling work day, as some major government changes have affected business in my sector this week. So my short day ended up with me working until 6.45pm. Ugh. Only benefit, my Boss aka Dad gave me the money for a Chinese as I had worked so late. Thank god as we were food less at home. So as Ash went off to buy dinner, I got the kiddies ready for bed, bad mum alert, I realised all Addy’s jammies where either too small or in the wash. So she ended up having to wear some of Gray’s. Kinda lucky he is so tiny.


I got to lay in till 8am today. I do love when it’s Ashley’s morning and it’s fallen on a Thursday as I don’t have to rush to work.
Gray was due his preschool booster today but as he still has a cold we cancelled.
I had a large workload to get done so I shut myself in the bedroom and ploughed through.
We bathed the bubba’s just before Addy’s nap time. So I tried to get some cute pictures after but had little success. G gets very annoyed with the camera & just wants to play with it.
At lunchtime our HV came out to do Addison’s yearly check, she is completely avg height/weight which I was so pleased about. Physically she is very advanced but their were concerns with her speech etc. I was a little worried but Sonia chatted through it with me on Twitter, she always keeps me grounded.
We decided to head out for some shopping as Gray was due his nap. As the weather was nice I managed to put Addison in her new squeaky shoes, which she loved, her little face every time she walked was all lit up. But she has already outgrown them. Ugh.
Gray fell asleep, so I decided to put him in the Stokke as opposed to his wheelchair as its more comfy.
I also let Addy out of the trolley, she was so funny running around at Asda at top speed.
The rest of the evening was pretty stressful as Addison was on grizzly mode, so when both bubba’s were asleep by 8.30pm we were very thankful.
I had a phone call this evening to be told my Great Uncle passed away the night before. It was expected but I feel for my Nana as it was her last relative from Syria still with her.


The usual early start here. There was no work for Ashley so were both home today. We had hoped to take the kids out but then remembered at lunch time Grayson had Communication Therapy so that put a halt to that.
As we were home and both kids were out of Jammies I got the camera’s out and annoyed them by taking pic’s.
Addison is becoming quite pleased with herself as she is frequently climbing on and off furniture now, although she keeps banging and knocking herself every time your back is turned so is now covered in scrapes and bruises.
Grayson had communication therapy, whilst Addy communicated her need not to sleep by screaming.
We didn’t get up to much else until 4ish when my Sister and her Fiancée popped over and ended up staying for dinner.


Yippee my lay in day, do I stayed in bed till 8pm. Thank you Mr Innocent Charmer.
When I got up we got the kiddies ready and decided to pop into town and exchange some clothes Addy had been bought for her birthday.
We took Addison’s smart trike with us (that we bought her for her birthday) so she could finally get a go on it.
She did really well, I think she liked the fact she could really people watch from it.
Grayson fell asleep in the car so he took a ride in the Stokke Xplory, which is much nicer for him to sleep in than his wheelchair.
I managed to get myself a lovely Malteaser Milkshake to cool myself down and we brought a Subway home for lunch.
We had a relaxing afternoon at home, a little too warm for my poor skin.
Addison was a menace the rest of the day, getting into everything she shouldn’t. But she is too funny with it.
I fell asleep for an hour in the afternoon, if hubby hadn’t woke me would have probably been a lot longer.
We watched tele in the evening and had pizza for dinner as we had forgotten to buy food for Sat night. Oops.


Early start, Addison woke crying at 1.30am and would not leave my arms to go back to sleep till gone 4am. As I got her down (in our bed) Grayson woke at 4.45am, as Addy wasn’t in their room I decided to leave Grayson to try to go back to sleep/play in his bed and I managed another 45mins sleep (thank god).
We got a text early asking if we wanted to go to my Dad’s/Stepmums for lunch, never going to say No.
We spent the whole afternoon and early evening in the garden. Addison had her 1st experience of Grass and was quite freaked. Screaming for the 1st 5 minutes. She did really well with her eating polishing off 1/2 a pita bread with humous and a boiled egg off of my plate.
Grayson enjoyed a nap in the garden as well as some Chuggington’s whilst enjoying a little sun finally in shorts(Gray doesn’t warm like everyone else).
All in all a nice afternoon.

My Week That Was

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The weeks really are flying by this year, I can’t believe it’s only 120 odd days till Grayson’s Great Fun Day, I think at this rate it will be a total failure as no companies want to help, maybe things shall turn round soon. So enough of the whingeing and to my Week.


So my Monday didn’t start as every normal week, I headed off to a Dentist appointment at 9.40am. Then off to work I went, when I got there I was met by my little Grayson sitting watching Mickey Mouse with my Dad at my desk, Ash was in doing a 1 hour training course and as Grayson had an important appointment at lunchtime in to work he came whilst Addy headed of to my Mom’s.

Grayson helped me eat my calculator and arrange some papers whilst we waited for Daddy to finish. I think the best thing about working for my Dad is that Grayson can come into work, from a month old Grayson has spent days at work with me.

At 1pm I headed to an appointment for Grayson, we finally have a Speech and Communication therapist, she was totally shocked at how awful Grayson’s care had been previously and that he still has no communication at 3, she has some new ideas in the pipeline, so cross fingers.

At 3pm I headed back to work to try to get as much done as possible.

The evening went by in a flash as always.


As the car was in having an MOT, after dropping Grayson at Special Nursery Ashley and Addison dropped me at work.

The rest of the day involved boring work accounts.

To be honest the evening was clearly as dull as most as I can not remember what happened at all, let alone what we even had for dinner.


Another exciting work day to be had.

Was annoyed when I popped online in my break to find WordPress had shut my hubby’s little blog, so off to Blogger he had headed, he has only 1 post right now but I think it will be a nicer place for him, go take a look.

Ash asked me to get at home as early as possible as Miss Addison was having one her days, I arrived home to a moody bubba on her Doomoo


as I had managed to get home earlier I made some yummy, scrummy Enchiladas for dinner, we do love Mexican in our house.

Found out I have been nominated for 4 categories in the Mad Blog Awards, this really did make me smile as I have been doubting my blog of late.


Work from home day – Yippee!!

As I had to head to the doctors for an appointment I decide to jazz my Work at Home day up a little and put on a Tea Dress, probably cause only thing ironed lol.

I did not manage to get a great deal of work done as just couldn’t focus so it shall be long days in the office next week.

Whilst I was out and about my car that went through MOT on Tuesday decide to break down, as my brakes failed and crumbled apart, luckily a mechanic came out and got it all fixed within a couple of hours, more expense I could do without, that was my Cybher Gin Fund.


Both Ash and I were off work today as we had a large meeting to do with Grayson’s school process, he doesn’t go until a year in September, but as he is disabled we have to do about 26 weeks of paperwork, assessments, begging and jumping through hoops to get him into a special needs school, crazy hub ?

So in the morning before the appointment we lazed about a little, I ordered my new business cards for Cybher, beads arrived for some new necklaces I am going to make (woohoo jewellery making again) and some general household chores.

1/3pm we headed off to our appointment at the hospital, Grayson slept through it, whilst Addy got to play in the special needs nursery Grayson attends, as we were leaving Ash decided to head over to A&E to have an issue checked from an op he had last April, he finally arrived home 2 1/2 hours later to be told bed rest til Tuesday and then high chance of an emergency OP, fab.

A couple of friend popped over in the evening to bring over their new baby girl and we indulged in the glamorous take away of McDonald’s, what a high life.


Due to Ash’s bed rest and very bad weather our day consisted of – yep you guessed it a PJ day, woohoo so exciting.


As we were at home I decided to whack the Slow Cooker on for the lovely Sausage Casserole I had made the week before, the day mainly consisted of me doing a few blog posts, running around after the crazy child who wishes to chew wires, climb cabinets etc and try to get Grayson to make some interaction.

The day was not a complete bust though as the most amazing thing happened in the evening, not only did my hubby surprise me by freshly making a beautiful Eton Mess dessert
– total scrummy but Grayson decided to stand (with support) and even take a step, I am not kidding you, I am still in total shock and no words can describe the happiness I feel, I only pray the Op in May means this will not be a one time affair.

Video can be seen here.


Another day at home wallowing in boredom, I know I should make the most of these days and be productive with housework etc, but I think due to this being the way of every past weekend for what feels like forever I can not bring myself too, if that makes sense.

I luckily had a lovely lay in as it was Ashley’s day to get up, I even par took in making some jewellery today so that made me happy.


I got a lovely little piccy of the kids sitting together up on the kitchen side today, silly but little things like this make me think our life is everyday.


I made homemade chips for lunch and Chicken Nacho’s for dinner, my god my blog has a terrible way of always ending up about food.

So that was my week, truly boring with a great deal of hospital talk. This coming week I have a funeral so I shall try to find something more fun to talk about, how was your week?





My Week That Was

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I was very sad not to take part in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3’s weekly linky the past few weeks, but life was just too much. But I am back this week to show off My Week That Was – go to Katie’s Blog for more details.


Not a great start to the week, I had started a new medication over the weekend, by Sunday late evening, I was having a nasty drug interaction, I spent all of Monday in bed, feeling awful. Ash went off to work and the bubba’s to my Mom, I have been craving a relaxing day at home on my own, shame, they do say be careful what you wish for.

Unfortunately my Ashley’s Nan died today as well, even though he really wasn’t close with her, it’s still a sad day for the family.


I was still feeling very unwell on Tuesday but as I was getting so far behind at work I had no choice but to go in, I decided I needed to get in early so I missed my drop off time with Grayson and headed to work by 8am.

I manage to get a bit done, but I was just feeling too unwell to concentrate, so by 3pm I was back on my way home again.

After some rest in the afternoon and watching this crazy girl try to climb everything and anything,
20120422-151554.jpgI started to feel a little more human (drug finally leaving the system) so we had dinner and then an early night in bed by 8.30pm (rock n roll) but at least I was joined by a piece of cake.


Another joyous work day, I am finding it very hard, working so many hours at the moment, I am not enjoying my job and do miss seeing the kids and keeping on top of daily tasks.

Nothing too exciting happened whilst I was at work, but as I still wasn’t feeling 100% I was very pleased that I had already planned to finish by 3pm, Ash and Addy had headed off to spend some time with his Mum following Monday, so I got to have an hour or so of one on one time with Grayson, I was really looking forward to it, I headed off to pick him up from his afternoon session of Special Nursery, to find him fast asleep on his carer in the sensory room. I got him in the car, out of the car and into bed and he never stirred, so my alone time was spent with Grayson asleep and me watching day time TV.

Once Addy and Ash arrived home, it was usual routine of dinner etc, we have been trying this week to get the bubba’s to try food, they had a little sandwich for dinner tonight, neither managed to feed themselves, but they did polish off half a sandwich between them so I was super pleased with the progress.


Today is my work at home day, I did get a little work done but to be honest I could not be bothered (naughty) so instead after 1st 2 meals of the day we packed the kids in the car and headed over to the super large new Sainsbury’s in Ashford. I am a fan of Sainsbury’s and actually find it never really costs us much different from if I went to Tesco.


Gray watching Mickey and Clapping

Addison turned 11 months today, I can’t quite believe she is only a month of a year, it has gone so quickly.

After deciding I had no time to make the kids party invites, I bought some today and got those posted out as their party is only a month off and I have Cybher (woohoo) in the middle of that.


There was no work for Ashley today, so we were all a home together, Ash did go out for a bit and run some errands, pop to bank etc, but by the most part it was a day at home. Thankfully after Grayson had me up between 3/4am just cause.

I decided to try out a new Slow Cooker Recipe I found on NetMums today, we had Sausage and Onion Casserole and I must say not only was it simple but also very tasty. Quite a cheap meal too (which is good at the moment).

Whilst the kiddo’s were in the bath tonight the home phone rung (very odd), as I answered it I realised it was the call we had been waiting for, Grayson’s long-awaited surgery date for the 28/29th May. May is going to be a busy month.


PJ Day – this is all we ever seem to do lately, but with the weather still not great and pennies being tight it’s a good job.

The hubby and I did a little spring cleaning, must say feel better for it, although still a ton to be done.

To keep Addison more entertained – I got out the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Toy that I have had hidden away for months, she really doesn’t understand the concept but she is enjoying chewing the pieces and pressing the buttons.

I spent the day coming up with idea’s for their Birthday Party and then realising we have little money so only a few will be able to be achieved.

Both kids ended up asleep in bed by 7.30pm, so Ash and I decided that with our spare pennies from the boot fair we did the week before to treat ourselves to a Chinese, I am glad we did it was very scrummy, we then spent the evening catching up on TV, we really do live a rock n roll life.

I knew Grayson falling asleep that early would be a nightmare, but I thought hey ho it’s Ashley’s morning so when he wakes at 4/4.30am I can stay huddled up in bed, how wrong I was……


We barely got into Sunday when we were awoken, Grayson after his early night thought 12.30am was a great wake up time, after bringing him into our bed (so not to wake his sister, they share) he decided to go into an all out screaming/crying/hyperventilating state, so Ash and I decided a run in the car may calm him down and send him back to sleep. 1.30am comes Ash arrives back home, with a calm but very awake Grayson, so off to bed I sent Ash, Grayson and I headed to the front room for some ITNG and Tea for me.

Grayson did not falter, he was still very much awake when at 5.50am Addy decided to join in the fun, at 7.30am after nearly collapsing with the kids around me Ash and I swapped roles and I went back to bed, I thought I would catch a couple of hours, but my awesome hubby left me till I woke at 11.30am, to both babies asleep, Grayson I add had only just gone.

So thankfully another PJ day here, bit of luck really as we would have not been up for any fun tasks.

As I type its 3pm, I want to do something crafty or practical like the ironing but I feel totally drained and can barely type this post.

God knows what the rest of my Sunday holds, hopefully slightly happier children (the little one is currently screaming the house down), a nice dinner and rest.

So what has your week been like, hopefully a lot more fun than mine.

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