My Week That Was #12

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I really love taking part in my friend Katie’s My Week That Was Weekly Linky, it’s very simple and she loves people joining in so why don’t you.

Basically it’s a simple blog post anyway you like to explain the weeks events, not only the big flashy ones but the small special ones too.


Didn’t start the same as all Monday’s as I didn’t head to work at the crack of dawn, instead off we went for a fight at Grayson’s Wheelchair Appointment, they wouldn’t agree to the new Pushchair we wanted but at least made some amendments to his current one, then discussed the future of electronic wheelchairs (all a little upsetting).

Daddy, Addy and Rara headed home for the usual antics and off to work I went for the whole afternoon.

Today was a special day though as Addison turned 10 months, as I wasn’t crazy late from work we took the chance to all sit round the table at Dinner time (something I wish we could do more of) Addy and Gray tried mashed up jacket potatoes and Jam sandwich (tiny amounts) neither was sick or gagged so quite a success.


I did my usual Special Nursery Run with Grayson in the morning, he was feeling a bit down, but cheered up once he saw Jane (his nursery mgr) – I headed off for a long drawn out day at work.

Not much else fun happened I am afraid.


I went off to work a little late as just couldn’t get myself into gear. It was a successful day as we finally found a Venue for Grayson’s Fun Day, so even though I was bored at work that made for a cheery day. I headed up to my Mom’s after work (where Ash and the Kids already were) and we had dinner (first time in a long while). My Sister and her fiancée came too. Was nice not having to cook.

Addison also had another 1st this week and started going Forward Facing in one of Grayson’s old car seats, she holds herself a 1000% times better than Grayson and no longer screams a whole car journey.


Work at home day. Addison had me up from 5am, she’s just having a terrible time with sleep at the moment, your lucky if she is not up more than twice a night. She gives cute smiles though so you quickly forgive her. Everyone spent the day at home today, I had to a few times leave work as the kids were being a right hand full but I worked quickly in the time I was, so still got quite a bit done.

Addison’s walking is coming on leaps and bounds and she walked across the whole living room on several occasions on Thursday Evening.


I had another early start to the morning of 5.30am thanks to Addison, which I wouldn’t complain about too much if she hadn’t have been up for over 2 hours during the night.

As I was so tired we decided not to go out and have a Jammie day at home, luckily Ash had no work so it meant I went back to bed for a few hours to catch up on some sleep.

All in all it was a very unproductive day, I think as we were all so sleepy, the only thing I got done was booking a local hall for the kids joint party in May.


Addison rose early again but today was Ashley’s day to get up so I stayed in bed and caught some more Zzz’s, after the first few feeds of the day we at 1pm finally have a few hours without feeding, so we headed out, we went to Harvester and enjoyed some lunch, it was a hard, quick-lunch as the babies were both very moody. Addison thankfully loves the Stokke Xplory which can go right up to the table bit of luck as she has a real hate for sitting in Highchairs, anyone else have this ?

Ashley and I then booked our Tattoo appointments for our first baby free day since July on the 14th April, so exciting, now lets hope one of them doesn’t get poorly.

We then took the kids to the Park on Herne Bay Seafront, unfortunately it had got a little chilly, so we couldn’t stay for long, but it was nice as this park has a Special Needs Swing for Grayson and Addison did excellently in the Baby Swing, giggling away.

We then headed to get a little food shopping before home for the bubba’s dinner time.

As both babies hadn’t slept much during the day, they were both down and asleep by 9pm, Ash and I finally got to have a light dinner and catch up on some Tele without too much noise.


And we come to today, Ashley was on early morning duty again (I scheduled that well with the time change) as Addy was up again by 5.30am, when I got up Ash was still watching the delayed F1 Race (big fans in this family) – Addy is super grumpy this morning, so Ash is heading out for an hour and taking her for some fresh air (he is a good en) it’s a day of blogging/housework/dinner and toy playing here. Not much going on as we have a busy couple of weekends coming up so you have to prepare Grayson.

Don’t forget in a weeks time Sonia @ Mummy Loves #GraysonsTrikeAuction starts, go refresh yourself with the awesome list of goodies and see if there’s anything you are interested in.


My Week That Was #11

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It’s Sunday so it’s my favourite time of the week, when I join in with my dear friend Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly linky, My Week That Was, basic idea, talk about your week gone, remembering the little things as well as the big. So here is my past week.

Monday and Tuesday

Were all but exciting, I was at work, the babies on Monday went off to my Mom’s and Tuesday were home with Daddy. The only things to happen, I had a heart to heart with Grayson’s Nursery Specialist who agreed he is become very removed from the real world ( kinda heartbreaking, but nice to hear I was not the only one that thought so), my Cybher Train Tickets arrived as did the Babies Passports for our 2 trips away this year.


Again I was at work for a long day of nearly 12 hours but it was a lovely evening as Addison has decided to start walking and within a few days has gone from a couple of steps a couple of times a day, to 6/7 steps 10 times a day, we are in for fun times. Video can be seen here.


My work from home day, I love Thursday’s as I can still interact with the children whilst getting paid for it, perfect if you ask me.

Addison and Ash went shopping in the morning, Addy wearing her new Zuzii Hair Flower which arrived the day before so Grayson joined me whilst they worked and then as I continued to work Addison napped, Grayson and Ash went off to Speech Therapy.


Ashley and I were both off work so we took the 1hr drive to go and see Ashley’s Mum for an early Mothers Day. We stopped off at an outlet centre on the way and decided to look at some cruisers for Addison to start getting her feet used to shoes. We were shocked when she was measured at less than 10 months as a 4G, she does not have my feet I am only a size 4.


We then spent a few hours with Ashley’s Mum, whilst Addison destroyed the place and Grayson enjoyed some CBeebies.


We headed over to my Mom’s with a Pizza Hut and Gifts for an early Mother’s Day celebration with her, Addison showed off her skills to my Mom and Step Dad and terrorized their little Chihuahua’s.

We then decided to call in and visit my Dad/Step Mum and ended up spending the whole evening and staying for Dinner, always nice not to cook and have help with the Babies.

And we Reach Today – Sunday

Mother’s day today in the UK, I woke to Grayson at 5.30am with a mini seizure, I brought him in our bed where he settled for another hours sleep, Ashley got up though to watch the 1st F1 of the season, when Grayson woke I went and handed him to Daddy and I was left to lay in to just before 9am(lovely). I was then given some lovely cards/gifts, including a cute flower Grayson had planted at Special Nursery, New Watch, Rolling Pin and a Gorgeous Cath Kidston Mug, which I had a lovely cuppa in straight away.

We decided as the weather was not very nice and it is so hard to keep Grayson warm we would have a PJ Day at home, Ashley helped me cook a nice Lunch of Gammon, Cheesy Mash and Veg. Grayson managed to give me a nose bleed and Addison has started climbing things taller than her.

So that’s were my week ends, I shall be finishing off Mother’s Day with a very unhappy baby(teething), possibly a cream tea and some crappy tele.

Hope you all have had a good week.



My Week That Was #10

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It’s Sunday so it’s the end of another week, it has been a hard long week that I am happy to see end, although this one shall probably be etched in my memories for a long time I still love taking part in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly My Week That Was Linky, if you fancy go take a look.


It was an early start as at 7am we took the 3hr drive to Evelina Children’s Hospital where Grayson and I would spend the next four days.

Grayson had the EEG equipment glued to his head and we got settled into our room, Ashley stayed with us till 3pm and then he left to go and collect Addison, unfortunately he had an awful drive back but finally got home with our little girl in tow at 8pm. Where he took to his 1st night of ever being on his own overnight with one of our babies.


Much the same for me, Grayson and I confided to a sealed hospital room, I found it very difficult to concentrate on completing my 101 tasks that I had decided to do, I became quite down being stuck in that room and even didnt venture onto Twitter.

Luckily my day picked up a little as a lovely Instagram Friend Katie surprised me with a visit and gifts, I was so shocked we have spoken a handful of times and never met before so her kindness made the day all the better.

To finish off the evening Ashley also sent me a lovely picture of Addison watching Waybaloo which was quite funny as all those miles apart Grayson was sitting pretty much in the same way.


Luckily I managed more sleep on the Tuesday night so I did not feel so upset on the Wednesday morning, our lovely Nurse Anna allowed Grayson and I to escape from the room for 20 minutes for fresh air, this was totally amazing as we were both getting cabin fever, it really cheered Grayson up for the rest of the morning.

His afternoon was not so good, he was pulling at the bandages and had a mini seizure. Ash kept me updated with a picture message of Addison, I found it very hard being away from her for so long, but I know this shall be our future.

Ashley also rung me with the awesome news tat Addison took 2 steps all on her own, not holding onto furniture of anything, she is a right dare-devil my little one.


Going home day, was an awful day, the electrodes proved to be quite glued to Grayson’s head, it took over an hour to remove them, which caused Grayson to have panic screaming attacks, by the time Ashley and Addy arrived to pick us up he collapsed asleep in exhaustion, it took me till 4pm to calm him down and stop the tears and has left him with scars which I am praying will fade.

I had lovely cuddles with Addison, I had missed her so much, but she became very clingy to Daddy which I can understand.

It was lovely seeing my babies play together (kinda) on the living room floor in the evening, even if it was past their bedtime.


After a crazy week we spent the day at home in our Jammies, I tired to catch up on a little lost sleep, we played and relaxed so Grayson could train his brain back into being back at home and Addison just liked having us home.


Such a lovely day, we had a little family day, after Ashley returned from an early morning doctor apt, we got in the car and headed to a little town hours drive from us called Tenterden.

We walked along the lovely high street enjoying the boutique shops, treating myself to a couple little trinkets for our home, we took pictures of the bubba’s smiling in the fresh air, Addison was testing out her new Stokke Xplory Pushchair (review to follow) which she loved, we stopped at a little Tea Rooms and had lunch outside in the sun, yummy sandwiches and a cream tea.

We then walked down to the local park, the babies had their lunch followed by an incredible milestone for us, both babies managed a sit and gentle rock in the swing, we had tried the swings with Grayson last Summer and he was still too weak but today he sat and giggled as he swayed, finally some progress, Addison was more intrigued by all the other kids than the actual swinging, but this moment brought tears to mine and Ashley’s eyes.

The kids after the fresh air were both asleep by 8.45pm and Ash and I relaxed with some of our favourite TV Catch Up.


As we were all up early and the sun was shining we took a walk around a local boot fair, we did not buy anything but enjoyed the fresh air and being out together.

We went home so the babies could have lunch and nap and then we were out for lunch for my Stepmum’s belated birthday celebration. This ended up with us in te wrong restaurant nearly an hour from the one they were in but finally at 2.30pm we all ended up together and had a nice late lunch, Grayson being so cheery and enjoying being out and about (which has been rare of late).

So although my week was very tedious it ended up lovely, having some quality time with my gorgeous little family.

My Week That Was #9

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I am a little late in posting My Week That Was, a great linky from the super talented Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3. Go over and check Katie’s Blog you will never be disappointed, it’s a truly beautiful place.

So what happened for the Innocent Charms Chats Family this past week.


Well not a great start to the week, Grayson was still very unwell from the weekend, which ended up with him up during the night Sunday resulting in me not feeling too good, so for the 1st time since pregnant with Grayson I took a day sick from work. My Dad/Stepmum popped by in the evening and Addison showed her new skill that she learnt I swear within 24 hrs, standing all on her own.


Off to work I went, even though I still not 100%, Grayson was still not great so he stayed home with Ashley for the day whilst I dropped Addison at my Mom’s, which resulted in My Mom and I having a huge fight about family things and me having a very upset day.

But luckily the lovely Pink Egg Media made my day a thousand times better by getting up my new blog design, isn’t it beautiful ?


Off to work I went again, Grayson was doing much better so he did his 2hr Nursery Session today, Addison had the starts of a cold. I had a fantastic message on twitter in the evening which helped cheer me up immensely. The AMAZING and gorgeous Sonia of Mummy Loves, went live on her blog with her campaign to help Grayson get his trike, I still am reeling in the support it has been out of this world.


My work at home day, which is how it started in the morning (well after a 4am wake up call from Addy), then it became apparent I would have to head into work for a couple of hours to sort out some problems, Ash was off taking Grayson to communication therapy, so the little Minx headed to work with me.

The weather was lovely when we got outside, so much so that Addison came home sock and shoeless, love seeing cute little baby toes.


We waited in for the morning, to take delivery of a gorgeous Stokke Xplory, so over the moon and excited, it’s a beautiful flaming Red.

In the afternoon we headed over to our friends, she is 30 weeks pregnant and they had asked Ash to do a little pregnancy couple photo shoot, we ended up spending the evening and having a takeaway.


We headed over to my Aunt/Uncles again this weekend so Ash could finish off some work to their computer, we took the decision to try my other Aunt’s razor on Grayson’s hair in the hope it would cause less stress than standard clippers, we were very wrong, but thankfully we got the bulk of his hair off for hospital stay .


We also stayed there for dinner and were offered another takeaway (naughty huh?) my Nana was there also so it gave her chance to play with the babies.


And for today, I popped into town in the morning to pick up some last-minute bits for mine and Grayson’s hospital stay this week and then followed a busy day at home getting packed, getting all Addison’s clothes etc ironed for the week with Daddy. We then dropped Addison at my Mom’s before heading to bed for an early wakeup on Monday.

So quite a busy week, don’t forget to see everyone elses weeks.

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