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>Well sorry I am a little late from my giveaway on last post, it has been a busy time. Grayson has over 2 weeks in hospital over the next month so I have been busy preparing.

But I didn’t forget I needed to pick a winner and that is Rachael from Tinkerblue , I want to say a HUGE thanks to all my gorgeous friends not only for your great suggestions (some of which I used) but also for your love and support in regards to my Dear Son.
I will be back this week to air the final 101 list and what I have been up to but for now I am here about a dear Flickr friend, you may remember from my last post that it was Beckie who inspired me to do the 101 Day Zero Project, well one of her many 101 was to start her own little blog and I pleased to say she has started it, its called Athene Noctua , which I believe means Little Owl. I wanted to ask for you all to pop in and say hello, you must all remember how lonely those first few blog months you can be and I can assure you she is going to have some gorgeous things to write and show you.
How do I know this you ask, well I have to only show you the gorgeous Handmade swap parcel she sent me last week. We decided it would be nice to do a little swap, I have as of yet got to send mine but Beckie was super quick at getting the most lovely parcel my way.
Like me Beckie loves Cath Kidston and Floral prettiness so I was overwhelmed when this little parcel came through the door to make me smile.

Isn’t it all cute ?
Well I have a busy day ahead, off to visit my lovely cousin and her gorgeous baby Finley.
Love to you all and wishing you a great weekend.

>This is were I catch the Zzzz’s

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well sometimes…

Back in May my hubby, Grayson and I moved to a new rented home with my little sister, its alot smaller but we are making do and the big advantage was 5 min from work, 15 from Mom and in the middle of the countryside.

With this move has come alot of ups and downs and very little time but I am finally getting round to sorting our little home out and taking some pictures.

So we start with our Bedroom, please bear in mind US citizens that here in the UK a double bedroom is rare and a good sized one very by your standards the size of a guest room, we are very lucky as although the house is over 200 years old our landlord has just refurbished so its lovely and squeaky new, we can not decorate hence the very bare walls and I have as of yet not got all my art up on the walls.

I have gone for a kinda shabby chic look with a Kara twist, I have never been a fan of Blue but that is along with Pink (of course) our accent colours due to the lovely American bedding set we received as a gift for our wedding nearly 5 years ago (1st time out) and actually the blue is growing on me. We have a wall of very drab new white Ikea wardrobes as we need maximum storage (no walk in closets here) as my hubby has a lot of clothes and I have a few pair of shoes. The wardrobes are still awaiting some pretty handles I am on the look out.

So less talking more pictures…

Here are some cute little plaques I got on sale in US last year.

A lovely little cut out shelf housing one of my perfume bottle collections at the moment, I am thinking I would rather something else here.

Close up of new bedding and my little laurie lynn sent to me as a baby from America.

View of bedroom showing Wardrobes and the gorgeous Victorian Iron Fireplace

This little Unicorn picture was made for me when I was 4 and my sister had been born it has been in all my bedrooms ever since

My little cherub peg rail showing off my Cath Kidston bag, Pearl K from Laura and some other cute goodies.

I had a space and I filled it with a spare little table I use to have as a bedside, it shows off my collection of perfume bottles, plus a great little vintage Laura Ashley candlestick I got for a bargain of 50p/$1.

Close up of my new Greengate Jug Ashley bought me to house my makeup brushes.

My bedside also acts as a dressing table as so little room, I love my new Laura Ashley lamps and coasters all on sale. The frame will eventually have a piccy of Ashley and Grayson.

We needed something on casters for our telly and it had to be as small as poss, so we found this in Ikea for £10/£20 it is just MDF so I am going to decorate it but I can’t quite decide what to do as of yet, any suggestions ?
The lovely replica pink vintage phone Ash bought when I had Grayson, You can also see some of my trinket box collection.

On top of my mantle.

Ashley’s gadget side of the bedroom, excuse the scary mask he has sleep apnoea and needs that to breath

Lastly the view of my side of the room and the door that leads into Grayson’s nursery.
So that is part of my little home, its not how I would totally have it by choice but finances dictate. But its cozy and just got that little bit of me, if you have any suggestions or websites you think I might like to visit pass them this way, my next big spend shall be a new bed cause this one although a lovely size is ugly and uncomfortable.
Hope you are all well.
PS had to include a piccy of my Grayson somewhere

8 1/2 months and counting

>Lots of Goodies

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I have not really had chance to show you any of the goodies I was lucky enough to receive at Christmas, so I thought I would show you quickly some of the goodies I got mainly for my home.

From Top Left

10 inch Tailors Dummy’s, Russian Doll Set (you know how I love them), Laura Ashley Gorgeous Throw, Momiji Dolls (packaging), current reads (including Taschen Icon series), Cupcake Stand, Lantern, Momiji Dolls (start of my collection from Ash), Glass Cupcake Plate and Matching Trinket, Ceramic Egg Tray and Pink Spoon (bought myself from TK Maxx this week), another view of Momiji Dolls.

I haven’t really decided where I am putting these items in my home yet but I thought I would give you a quick lookie.

Love to All.


P.S. Grayson finally got the all clear from the hospital today, I am hoping this is the start of things to come.

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>Flickr Decorating Fave’s December 2008

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I have been in my spare min’s relishing in the world of Flickrm if you think its such an amazing place, not only do you meet some incredable and talented people but its so inspirational.

This month I want to redo my retro styled living area at home as it just doesn’t gel with my personality, so here are so of my likes in the world of flickr that are trying to hit that muse of mine.

Just click on piccy to take a larger look.

Love to all and don’t forget only 2 more sleeps, he he I am so excited.


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