Fisher Price Stroller Review

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Isn’t this Stroller cute ?

We were lucky enough to be sent the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Stroller/Pushchair to review after we saw it at the Baby Show last year.

We had been trying to decide whether to buy an Umbrella Style Stroller for some time to use with Grayson for very short journeys instead of his wheelchair but had been struggling to find one that would hold him enough due to his weaknesses.

Testing it at the Fisher Price Play Party

When we saw Grayson sit in the Fisher Price Stroller at The Baby Show we straight away saw some benefits and if it hadn’t been for the very kind girls at FP offering us to review it we would have bought it ourselves.
We have been testing the stroller for 3 months now and not only Grayson has got to take a whirl but so has our little madam now she is older and wanting to look around at the world.

So here’s how we got one.

Putting Together

The Stroller came boxed and I was concerned as to how much putting together I would have to do, but to be honest it was simple, it was all pre made, I just had to add things like the Monkey Head Rest, Strap Cushions and Hood, all which was a matter of clips and sliding over straps. Then it was adjust the straps to fit and your off. Less than 5 minutes, took me longer to un tape the box.

Opening, Closing and Putting in the Car.

Simple Handle

I have never in my life used an Umbrella style Stroller, we have only had pushchair’s, travel systems and disabled pushchairs, so I am going to be honest and I still am struggling with this.
This is no means because its hard to do or a fault with the Fisher Price Pushchair, it’s just me, the hubby has used several Umbrella Pushchairs and he says this is a pretty standard design and works well, he says it’s a little stiff but that is probably more due to it being new.
I must say it’s incredibly light to lift in and out of the car, it comes with a plastic slip over clip so it doesn’t come apart, which is a great deal easier to use than our Baby Jogger’s and a great little handle to lift it up from. Even weakling me can put it in and out of the car and I am only 5’2″.

Grayson’s Use – 3yo Toddler
Grayson has issues due to his disabilities of sitting well and keeping his bum down, this is a common trait for most babies until they are 8/9 mths, so when we saw the Fisher Price Pushchair we were pleased, the leg support pad (not a technical term) of the Pushchair like a great deal of strollers comes up and extends the seating length, but when we have tried Grayson in some other known brands in shops they have a tendency to be quite weak and sink back down, this is not the case with the FP stroller, it has strong side bars and clips, this helps Grayson and to be honest Addison sit in a better position and from our Physios point of view puts less pressure on their lower backs and a much nicer sleeping position.
A little long, but the extra length helps keep Grayson in position

As you can see from the pictures Grayson had a lovely sleep in the stroller (over an hour in fact) which he does not always manage in Pushchairs since he has got older, he doesn’t seem to be as comfy as he is quite long, but he slept comfortably in the Pushchair and as you can see even with his Winter coat the pushchair has growth room.

He even has a nice Monkey Blankie to accessories

Addison’s Ride – 8mths

In the past month after always being parent facing Addy finally likes to be nosey and look at the outside world, so the other day on a Daddy and Daughter shopping trip Ash took Addy for a spin in the Fisher Price Stroller. She fits in it beautifully, she obviously has a great deal more room than Grayson but she still is very safe and cocooned.
She loved looking around and griping onto the sides of the pushchair, she was particularly keen on the Bright Green straps, which as they are a nice thick 5 point harness hold her in place very well indeed.
As I said above with love the fact that the foot plate rises as it makes for a nice comfy ride for Addison. I was worried that as this is a very lightweight stroller with no suspension like her Pushchair Addy might find this a little bouncy, but she giggled around town smiling so I don’t think there is much worry.

Enjoying looking out at the world, plenty of growth room

Addison shall need a nice new bright blankie though to match her use of the stroller.

From Parents Perspective
Ash and I discussed at length how we felt about the stroller for our use. I found the Stroller so light to push and it was very responsive, the handle height is perfect for me but I am a little 5’2″, Ashley found it a little low but he is 6’2″, he did say though that it is much better than other strollers on the market.
We were both impressed with how small it is in the boot and even fits in my little tiny Peugeot.
We found the shopping basket easy to access even when Grayson was laid flat asleep and a decent size.

I loved the Pouch on the back of the hood, what a great idea, such a good size, plenty of room for my purse, keys, phone and tissues, I thought this was a fantastic addition and think all pushchairs should have one.

Our only negative about the stroller was the toggle system for moving the seat back, now I have only had pushchairs that have a bar you pull on, I found this toggle system quite difficult, it is fine going to lay down as gravity assists, but when pushing the child back up I found you needed 3 hands, Ashley didn’t find it as tricky but we both agreed that it was a pain. But not a deal breaker.

Toggle System

Overall Impression

We love the Fisher Price Luz Stroller, it is a stroller that is suitable from Birth to 4/5 years old, its so lightweight and takes little to no room in the car, we wouldn’t use it for major off roading but around town its ideal.
We love the Bright Colour Scheme and Monkey Cushion, it’s great as it can be used by a boy or a girl and especially perfect as we call our babies our Monkey’s.
I was blown away at Value for Money when I was told it’s a mere £129.99, or £169.99 with the foot muff and changing bag, I can tell this pushchair will last for years and probably be used by our hopeful future children.

With matching footmuff and changing bag

We shall certainly be taking it with us on holiday to Madeira in the Summer, it shall be a perfect travel pushchair.

We in the Spencer household recommend the Fisher Price Stroller.

Retailers for the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Stroller include – Amazon, Tesco, Asda and Wilkinson Plus.

Disclosure – We were sent the Stroller from Fisher Price FOC to give our opinions and views

Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair Review – Part 3

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We were lucky enough to be chosen to review the new Fisher Price High Chair, I decided that to give our families best opinion I would make the review 3 part over 3 posts.

Part 1 – Description of Highchair, Ease of Assemble and initial views – Found Here.

Part 2 – Grayson’s use of the chair – views of use for a toddler and disabled child – Found Here.

Part 3 – Addison’s use of the chair – now as a Newborn and once we start weaning – Below.

So here is our views on Addison’s use.

When Fisher Price designed the high chair, they had the following in mind…

“Height and recline features are designed with
mum in mind, with plenty of easily adjustable
settings to make sure dinner time is always
comfortable for little ones. And the grow-with-me
design provides the perfect pew for babies from
newborn to toddler.”

This fell right into our family when sent to us, Addison was one week old and always wanted to be in eye sight, so I knew I would need to have her with me at all times.
I firstly tried having her in the kitchen in her rocker but that was hard on my back and I was frightened of her being that low in the Kitchen.

I started putting Addy in the highchair from 1 1/2 months old, to be honest Addison has shown signs of being very strong since she was born, the chair comes with great recline options and lays fairly far back, I would say for most babies this recline would be sufficient but in our opinion although the seat cushion is very well padded this highchair needed to have a head cushion to support little babies heads, we actually put one from Addison’s swing in but I think this would be a great addition.

From 2 1/2 months she has come in the highchair in the Kitchen almost every day, as I said above she is very strong and can sit very well so has not needed to be fully reclined, this chair become a little of a life saver for us as Addison suffers with very bad reflux and it allowed her to be up a little whilst still fairly supported and if she was sick the easy clean fabric was a plus.

Then from 3 months Addison has started weaning (for medical reasons) I am hugely thankful for the Fisher Price chair, most Highchairs Addison would still be way too tiny for, (we have tried her in a few) but this one due to its cocooning seat is perfect, the straps are lovely and soft against her skin and although plastic for easy cleaning, they have a special coating which means they do not stick to baby.

As we have used the chair for both babies a little over the past month I was extra pleased with the ease of strap adjustment with the Fisher Price chair, they are literally quick release lift and snap clips (don’t know the technical name but here’s a piccy) they work so well, by far to date the best I have ever seen.

Here’s a little video of Addison helping me with the cooking in the kitchen, I think you can see she really enjoys being up high with Mummy.

Things we liked/loved and reasons.

  • As said in previous post and above the Height Adjustment, it has allowed us to have both babies at table/feeding height, as well as having Addy at a height to help Mummy cook.
  • The recline options so Addison (newborn) can join in mealtimes.
  • Seat Cushion Pattern – Addison loves the bright animals on the cushion she turns to look at them and talk, all great for baby development.
  • Seat Cushion material – It really is such an easy wipe clean surface, Addison can be a little hands on in feeding and wipes them every where, sticky fruit wiped off in seconds with a baby wipe. The cushion is also removable within a minute to go in the washer.
  • Wheels- the wheels on the front of the highchair were fantastic for allowing me to move Addison around the Kitchen when in there for different reasons.

So for us as you can tell from both posts the chair has been a great addition for our family, as before our only issues were that of Tray Size for the Dishwasher/Floor Print of the Highchair and needing a head cushion but to be honest all of these are easily overcome and not deal breakers.

I hope you have enjoyed finding our views on the Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair, we feel it lives up to its name and would work well for a growing family.

It can be found at the following retailers for a RRP of £100.

Disclosure – We were sent this high chair from Fisher Price FOC for our views.
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