>My Week That Was – #4

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I am loving this weekly linky from the beautiful Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3, basically you just journal(post) about your past week, big and little things.

So here is my week past….

Monday, a usual boring work day for me was jazzed up immensely this week as at 11.30am I returned home for an awesome appointment, for Grayson to try out a special needs trike for the 1st time. He looked so awesome on it and it brought tears to mine and Ashley’s eyes, I only hope we can raise enough money at the funday to fund it.

How awesome does my little boy look ?

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days and a mass blur to be honest, until Wednesday night when I was hit with the news that we had major issues with the replacement of our shower, rats in the walls, plasterboard sodden, resulting in NO SHOWER till this coming Friday – so unimpressed!!!!!

Thursday was my usual work from home day, Addison was very stressed (think due to teeth) but I realised all the more why I love Thursday’s I get to work from the comfort of my bed (bad back) whilst every so often going and enjoying playtime with the babies, especially getting to see Addison’s daily developments, she made me giggle so much with her need to play with this box.

Friday due to lack of showering facilities and having to wait in for pest control we all had a day at home, Daddy too, I got on with some housework and trying to control a very unhappy Minx (who has broke her 2nd tooth) to cheer us up I made a nice Meatloaf with yummy potatoes, veg and gravy.

Grayson having a slumber part as he wasn’t feeling too well

Saturday went by with a mass of upset bubba’s due to teething and poorlyness, Grayson had a cute slumber party in the living room as he was not feeling too well and Addison crawled from room to room keeping us on our toes.

Nearly all appointments were missed this week for Grayson due to his therapists cancelling (shock horror) but it made life a little easier and a little less busy.

Other Top News this week.

  • I made some lovely homemade dinners, including Meatloaf, Homemade Chips/Burgers, Shepherds Pie, Biscuits and Cupcakes
  • Weight loss – resulted in staying the same – not surprising after above and a couple of naughty takeaways
  • Addison is now crawling to the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom, you need eyes everywhere
  • Addison barely likes to sit, she just wants to stand here, there and everywhere
  • Addison had her 1st bath with Daddy
So all in all a very quiet week, this week coming has lots more fun things happening hopefully.

>366 – Day 23

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Today was an AMAZING day, we got to see our little boy test out a trike for the 1st time, it was truly beautiful to watch, he instinctively put his hands in the right place and once even peddled his feet.
It makes me even more determined to get the funds at our Funday to give my little boy something to enjoy, many of you know I am shaving my head for sponsorship, well the picture above I feel is reason enough, so if you have a spare £1 please help my little boy get a trike for everyday.
Sorry to push this on my 366 but today has been an emotional day, I feel he will prove them wrong and walk.
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