Cinnamon, Being Creative and Not Putting A Book Down // Little Loves

I can not believe how crap I have been at joining in with one of my top 3 linkys, Little Loves with Morgana.

But here I am this Bank Holiday sharing my loves for the week…


At Blogtacular last year I went to a session run by Laura Jane Williams. It was amazing, it spoke to me. So when I saw her book signing later that day I joined the line. She not only sat and chatted to me for 10 minutes but she actually listened, all about Grayson and my story. 

Inside the book is an awesome personalised message, which I love to read every time I pick Becoming up.

Since I picked it up this week (finally), I have not wanted to put it down and what more her second book is out April 20th !


My Aunt suggested I watch Big Little Lies, with such a massive cast I thought I would give it a try. I have only watched episode one so far, it is dark, I am not sure if it is my taste but I am going to stick with it. Anyone else watching ??

This week we took the kids to the seafront to ride their bikes. Whilst there it really hit me how important it is to enjoy life like our kids do. Their sheer excitement at the people on boats waving back made me sit up and think.


If you follow me anywhere on social media you may have seen my addiction with Cinnamon grow. I’ve always loved the smell but now I am obsessed with the taste too.

I have been wanting to recreate a waffle and cinnamon cream breakfast I had out, so when Birds Eye sent me some vouchers I picked up a box of their toaster waffles.

I whipped up some Cinnamon cream, sliced some strawberries and as quickly as I did that Birds Eye waffles from the freezer were ready to eat.

…and delicious!!!


It’s all about the Enamel Pins for me at the moment. To be honest I have been into them for ages but didn’t really get any till this year.

Since having them Addison is totally into them as well, she has always been interested in what she wears but on a whole new level this past few months.

Pins, Denim Jacket and those changing sequins tees are some of her current favourites and honestly she wears them so well. Now to get her the Mickey jeans from Zara to go with the top.

If you like enamel pins where are your top picks from ?


Music is something I rarely get to listen too. Since getting our record player at Christmas I still don’t have a record for me.

On YouTube though I have been loving Rag’N’Bone Man’s new song Skin.

And Lastly

On April 4th #The100DayProject started on Instagram. I decided it was time to start a project for myself. I have been wanting to make sure I dedicate some time just for myself each day so this came at the right time.

I decided to make mine 100 days of creating, anything from jewellery making, crafting to a new food recipe. You can follow my progress on Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofICCCreating.


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  • Anna-Marie

    Oh that blue sky! looks beautiful doesn’t it! No cloud in sight! Love Rag ‘N’ Bone. I have started watching Big Little Lies, I am still only one episode in. Will be catching up once the children are back at school! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Popping over from #Littlelove

  • Big Little Lies definitely gets better a few episodes in so it’s worth sticking with 😉 I saw someone else mention that 100 day thing recently, wish I was remotely crafty. Your creations look fab! Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend.

  • Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash

    Love the creativity that has been happening and the enamel pins remind me of those you used to send off for with the jam covers, #littleloves

  • I LOVE enamel pins, have you seen my post on them? There’s lots of recommendations of places to buy them from.
    Loving all your creativity on the Instagram challenge xx

  • I love the creative things you are doing and making. I too love cinnamon and it looks like the kids are having fun. I am not an enamel pin fan, I am not into badges and such, but these look great. I love Addison’s look and I’ve just started watching Big Little Lies, I am two episodes in and it’s interesting, not great so far, but I am told to stick with it x

    • If you are watching it then I must continue. We usually always like the same things. Xxx

  • I don’t know how you do it Kara!? All those wonderful crafts and beautiful photos, I’m a little tired reading 😉 Love the pins and am going to see if I can get those T’s for my girlies – Addy looks great! xx