>Congrats all round

>Well girls sorry I am a couple of days late but I do have a very good excuse. I have not been feeling to happy and pleasant and the reason being ….

yep, that’s it I have become pregnant and the cute little Gremlin (that’s what hubby and I call it at the mo) is upsetting me the best part of everyday. I am actually just over 8 weeks pregnant so got a while to go yet but I hope the nausea and sickness subsides soon, I am such a wimp when I don’t feel well.

Now onto the real reason for the post the winner for the earrings, I want to say thanks to all you girls for entering new and old to my blog, its always nice to hear from you and thanks for the links to some great Etsy shops.
Anyway enough of my rambling the winner is ……..

Kari, a new lady to my blog so congrats, umm cupcakes you hit my buttons with your shop just wish I lived closer, Kari if you want to email me your addy so I can post out the earrings please kara@innocentcharms.co.uk

Now don’t forget girls I am going to get back to my regular giveaways so keep popping back as you don’t want to miss out.


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  • alittlemoore

    >Congratulations, Kara! That is wonderful news!

  • shanna

    >that’s the best news ever!!! congrats!! i’m so excited for you!

    the morning sickness will get better. i remember trying to work as a bank teller and having to excuse myself during a transaction to run to the bathroom. not fun!

  • Coralee

    >Congratulations, Kara! That’s great news.

  • daisies

    >congratulations : )

  • Handi Dandi Mandi

    >Congratulations! What a wonderful reason to be late with your post!!

  • Jewellery Craft

    >I am sooooooooo pleased for you Kara, best news ever, really exciting!

    I had all day sickness and all night if I remember correctly but it wears off…..I LOVED being pregnant!


  • artbrat

    >Congratulations! I hope the morning sickness passes quickly.

  • BellaColle

    >AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!I am SOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you!!! AGGGHHH!!!!!
    I wish I was there I could give you a hugemungous hug!!!
    Congrats Dutchess!!!
    You will be a rockin’ mom!!
    Hopefully the yuckies will go away soon… with #1 it only lasted about a month or two…don’t ask about the others! lol!!
    Hugs and Kisses girlfriend!!
    give your DH a big hug too….
    love ya! Pleeease keep me posted!!

  • Bunny B

    >Congrats on the baby!! 🙂 How exciting!!

  • Katrina Chambers

    >Congrats! What lovely news. I hope the sickness subsides soon 🙂

  • katydiddy

    >So I go on vacation for 10 days & this news get announced! Congrats Kara. Motherhood will be the most amazing experience of your life. The hardest & the sweetest. Olivia will be so happy to have a little pen pal!

  • Kebo Jewellery

    >Woo hoo, what amazing news. Congratulations!


  • Becky

    >YAY CONGRATULATIONS !!! hope you stop feeling icky soon

  • Ele at abitofpinkheaven

    >congrats to you!

  • Rosemary

    >Congrats Kara!!
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I can relate!

  • Genevieve

    >OMG!!!! Congrats that is sooooo awesome! You are gong to be the best Mommy ever!!!Yeah for you guys!


    >Oh Kara, that is terrific. Shann told me she guessed, but I had to keep it a secret. What a good little secret keeper I am (giggle). Gorgeous news chickie, I am sooo happy for you.
    Hugs. Coll :-}

  • Americana Market

    >Kara, that is so exciting! I hope you feel better soon though. Big hugs and much love.
    Monica- (posting from a new blog)

  • nikki/WhiMSy love

    >Ok, I am WAAAAAAY behind in keeping up with my babes. Congrats KARA!!!!!! That is so exciting!!
    I’m doing a happy preggo dance for you right now….

  • Erin

    >woo-hoo! Congrat Kara!!! Do you have a due date figured out yet???

  • Diana Lyn

    >Good Morning Kara, I am fairly new to the blogging world and I was out for a walk and strolled on ito your site, hope you don’t mond me peeking in! Congrats on the Baby news! How fun, You have a lovely website and would love to stop back by sometime! P.s. Your trip looked like fun to the store your DH took you to! What a sweety doing that for you! Stop by for tea sometime! ~ Diana Lyn

  • Diana Lyn

    >Hi Kara, thanks for stopping by, These are actually sisters I have been blessed by God with. Our Middle Names just all happen to be Lynn, I am the odd ball here , my Mom decided ne N was all I needed! Talk to you soon! Stay well! XO Diana Lyn

  • Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/)

    >Congratulations on your precious bundle of joy!


    >Oh sweetie Thankgoodness you told everyone because this secret was killing me!!!!!LOL.
    You know i am sooooo happy for you guys. Im gonna be an Aunty!!! HA HA.
    Hope your icky feelings go soon…ahh i remember it well. For me it was water…couldnt go near it without being sick (imagine how hard teeth brushing and showering was…)ICKY LA LA.
    Oh chickie i have a new email too because my other one wasnt accepting overseas emails anymore.
    This is me paintminepink@gmail.com

    Talk to you soon *MUMMY* hee hee

    Love You
    Shann xxxxxxxx

  • Brandi

    >Dearest Kara, where art thou? How are you doing? Did you get my gift yet? Touch base, woman! 😀