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It’s time to share Corners of my Home for April and it turns to Grayson’s Bedroom. The one major thing I hate about renting the most is the lack of being able to decorate my children’s bedrooms.

It may seem silly to some but for me they should have such an amazing, personal space, somewhere that feels special to them, shows them off to the world.

With Grayson there are obvious hurdles that make that hard, he can not communicate and his room on the other half is more like a hospital with equipment that keeps him alive and a prison style bed, but that doesn’t mean the other half should not be awesome.

Boys Room

Grayson although disabled is still a 7-year-old boy, so I try to compliment not only his developmental level but also his real age.

Mickey Mouse is his favourite TV show, since he was born we bought these little ornaments, I love the classic, retro look.

Mickey Mouse Bedroom Decor

I wanted a way to display but also to be a display in themselves so I picked these retro shelves up cheaply from Amazon. They bring a great pop of colour to break up the plain walls and are easy to keep clean.

Mickey Mouse Bedroom

It’s then about making his room show off him, I personally love random little trinkets, I see things everywhere, for example the little G toy block is at least 30 years old and was 10p in a charity shop. The wooden JCB I bought a job lot of, off the internet years ago for all my little cousins and my boys as they are my family’s business, Deacon plays with his as well as them acting as decoration.

Boys Bedroom Decoration

Toys can be brilliant decoration and add colour to a room as well as fun for their main use

Boys Bedroom Decoration

Like in many rooms in our home you can see collections, I state it in my bio I am a Collector of much, I can not help myself, Grayson has a Harrods Bear for every year since he was born and they look beautiful in his room, not sure what we shall do when he reaches 20 though.

Along with a growing gallery wall (I must share his updated one soon) there is art on the walls in many places, to bring in the bright colours, chevrons and G theme with have.

Once we move in June though we are able to decorate the children’s rooms so I am looking for inspiration on how to paint Grayson’s walls and maybe this glimpse into his room will allow you to offer me advice.

What would you do ? 

Don’t forget to share any posts or Instagram images of Corners of your Home, we would love to see them.

The little toy soldier money box was Ashley's as a child
The little toy soldier money-box was Ashley’s as a child

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  • Carly @acupfullofglitter

    I love this! The shelves are so great for adding a pop of colour and I agree that toys do make great decorations. X

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Could you do perhaps a two tone wall thing. But kind of like a mountain range- if you know what I mean!!? Stick to restful colours and maybe add a cool light fitting xxx

  • Island Living 365

    Could you do a mural on the wall or would that be too much? I love the shelves especially with the pops of colour, they look fab #HomeEtc

  • Becky Pink

    Ah this is such a lovely bright room. For your new house, what about lovely stickers? Actually you could even do them in here if you wanted to as you can peel them off when you move out. There are some great ones on Etsy xx #HomeEtc

  • What a gorgeous little corner of his room!

  • I just love the idea of a Harrods bear for every year, what a wonderful way to commemorate your beautiful boy. The shelves are fab and I really also love that multicoloured chevron print too X #HomeEtc

  • I love all the Mickey ornaments and the shelves that are red inside! We rent at the moment so we’re really limited. It’s great that you will be able to decorate in your next place – very exciting! I can’t offer much advice on how to do his room, apart from a massive painting of the castle in Walt Disney World! xx

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Lovely and so personal too – love looking at little snippets of peoples houses 🙂 Jess xx #HomeEtc

  • Caro Davies

    Aaah Kara — what gorgeous bits and bobs — I love the fact that there’s a little bit of history in all the items on show! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Caro xx #HomeEtc