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Many of you will know I am a little crazy for a Gallery Wall, I think it stems from my love of Collage, I love seeing many things clubbed together.

So when Nickie of I am Typecast shared a picture months ago I felt inspired. I loved the wallpaper, but being in rental means, firstly we can not decorate and secondly moving every 12/18 months means you need things that can be universal.

Clock Wallpaper

Available to buy here

This is when my clock wall started, My Living Room currently has no theme/style/idea to it, it is a real mish mash of furniture, colours and pieces I hate (like our sofa), because it is on the 2nd floor other than us rarely anyone gets to see it, so I seem to think that is ok in my head if I do not bother with it. In truth it upsets me quite a bit but we are moving again this Summer so I didn’t see much point. Until my clock wall started.

Clock Wall

For some this will be sheer hell, my Brother hates the noise of a ticking clock so he is refusing to come in the room, Nickie when I showed her a sneak peek said “I want to set them all to different times” – for me I love a clock, I think it is a piece of art in its own right.

Corners of my Home

There is so much choice, design, colours and so much beauty, at the moment we only have 5 and they are all quite neutral shades (other than the pale blue) but I want to fill the wall with more colour and design and think it is a beautiful start.

What do you think ? Like or loathe ? Have you seen any great clocks on your travels ?

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  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    Oh yes, my sister in law has a clock wall in her hallway – there are loads on it! I think it’s quirky and fun 🙂

  • Lisa@intotheglade

    I love this idea. I always think that a clock wall set to other time zones is really cool too. This is a fab idea and it looks great xx

    • My husband has wanted a wall like that forever, I said when he finally ever gets a man cave we will do it xx

  • Donna Wishart

    Oh I love it! Very arty. But it would drive me potty if they ended up showing slightly different times! x

  • Nancy Straughan

    I love that brass / copper coloured one. I don’t actually have any clocks up in my flat and I really want to get one now!

    • Oh glad I inspired, would you believe both those clocks were only £5, total bargains xxx

  • Caro Davies

    LOVE, LOVE this idea!!! Fabulous! Funnily enough, we live near a house that’s covered in clocks on the outside! I’m always fascinated by it! What a lovely collection 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in with us Kara xx #HomeEtc

    • Wow that sounds amazing. I may hunt and see if anyone has ever put a picture online.
      Thank you for having me. I am loving the linky xx

  • Mostly Yummy

    Oh Kara I love this! It looks perfect just as it is I think the colours and styles look great together but I love that you can add to it and even take it all with you when you move of course x

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    What a superb idea – looks so stylish!!!! And really interesting 🙂 Fab collection. Thanks for linking up! Jess xx


  • I have a slight obsession with wall clocks too. I absolutely love this Kara looks so trendy and chic. I wish I could have them like this but it drives me mad if the times aren’t right but I can’t handle the actual tick of a clock. I know I am a freak. But would love to find ones I could hang that don’t tick and keep time. lol Looks lovely here babes. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • I have that obsession with watches, but I don’t suppose it’s the same thing. I do think clocks have some wonderful character though. I started liking them because we had a grandfather clock.

  • Tori Gabriel

    This is an interesting idea but doesn’t the ticking drive you nuts? I think I’m with your brother there. Also, surely at some point they will be out of syncronycity?

  • Life With Munchers

    I’m laughing at your poor brother who can’t enter the room for the noise! I love it…it’s defo a work of art. Thanks for linking up #bloggerhomes x

  • Nat/Unexpectant M…

    I really like this idea, but in reality I’m with your brother! haha. I hate the sound of a ticking clock. However, I do love the look of them. I really want a big clock in my kitchen, to make in to a bit of a feature (and it would be quite useful) but I don’t think I could stand it being in a room that is often quiet. Our kitchen always has noise of some variety. #bloggershomes

  • I’m not sure I could listen to all the different clocks ticking, it would drive me potty

  • Gaby

    Love it! With my family living in a different country I have considered having more than one clock with the times in different cities but I worry I might not cope with the noise so well lol Do you find it noisy? xx

  • Such a cool idea! I think I’d have to take the batteries out though to avoid the ticking – then I’d set them all at different times, just to confuse visitors 😉 x #bloggershomes

  • Lucy Bishop

    What an awesome idea poppet! Love it! #bloggershomes #HomesEtc