Corners Of My Home // My Cozy Reading Corner

I think everyone needs a special corner in their home. One that is cozy, offers a comfy chair, all types of lighting, a blanket to keep you warm and smells that make it extra special.

My corner is in my Living Room, I featured it back in the Summer, it still needed work (and still does), I have the comfy chair, blanket and lamp but the table needs an upcycle.

What has been improved since the Summer, is how wonderful it smells when I sit and read.

The lovely people at Monsoon now have a Home Fragrance collection of scented Candles and Diffusers and they kindly sent me the Seaspray scents to share with you.

First impressions was the beauty of the design. I could smell the scent as I tore off the packaging, but I was so pleased at how classic they looked and how good the quality was.

They would tie in with most room themes, pretty but not to in your face.

And the smell, just gorgeous, within 24 hours the diffuser had filled our room with a beautiful scent, not overpowering just inviting.

I have had the products for a couple of months as I think it is important with fragrance items to let you know if they last past that initial opening. Well I am so pleased to say that the diffuser has to be the best I have ever owned, the smell is still as beautiful as day one and I am complemented every time we have a new guest.

I really would suggest putting them on your Christmas list if like me you have a candle cupboard.

Let me know what do you think of my cozy corner? Do you think it is in need of anything?

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  • Sam T

    Ooh I love the look of these! I didn’t realise monsoon made fragrance bits, will have to check them out!

  • Bethany Reynolds

    A cup of tea! Looks lovely though, I find most of those reed diffusers overpowering glad to know this one doesn’t.

  • Keira @ Dekko Bird

    Must check these out. Your cosy corner is perfect!

  • Very cosy corner indeed! Will definitely check them out, sounds like they’re a good buy!

  • A lovely little corner. I love the Pom Poms on that throw it looks so cosy. Must smell delicious too.

  • Fawn

    We do love a nook, especially sweet ones like this. 🙂

  • Seasons In Colour

    A pom pom blanket has been on my wish list for ages. Sadly I forgot to send this list to Santa! Love yours!