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corners of my home

I am glad to be back for the 2nd month with my interiors linky “Corners of my Home“. Last month I got to show you my beautiful string shelf I received as a gift, this month I am coming to you with our Dining area.

We actually have a small Kitchen/Diner, but it is so dark and small that we were literally having to move highchairs and chairs every time we wanted to sit down.

In our conservatory the majority of it is the playroom for the children, as well as a corner being Ashley’s study area. In the last part we used to have our large Ektorp Ikea sofa bed, I did not want to get rid of it as they are very pricey and when we move I hope to have it somewhere for guests or a spare bed for me to sleep in with one of the kids maybe when they are poorly, but in the Conservatory it was being used purely to pile things on.

Thankfully we have a small area at my business which I can store things that I am not ready to part with so last weekend we moved it there, this now gave us an empty space, initially to be filled with toys but now the weather is getting better the room is warm enough to use all day long, it is so bright and the space left was bigger than the Dining area in our Kitchen, so for me there was no doubt the table was going out there.


I am so pleased it has too, we have eaten all meals there instead of some on the sofas, it feels so spacious and summerey. We have been able to extend the table with one of it’s leaves so we even have more space now, so in theory we can all sit together. I still don’t have enough space to have all 4 of my painted chairs round it (well not with 3 Tripp Trapps) but it is 100% better.

It has come in handy for Addison too, she can now play at the table with her small toys without fear of her brothers trying to chew them, I can watch her from the kitchen whilst cooking too.


Having the table here just makes me even more sure that I love open plan living, maybe one day we will find a house were the table can sit us all with ease.

How about you, do you like open plan living ? Do you all sit at a table when you eat ?

Our 1st ever Corner Of My Home

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  • Emily Beale

    I love these posts Kara. Nosey parker that I am! I’ll have to link up!

    • Oh I am dreadful. I would book house viewings if I had the time. I would so love you to join in xx

  • mummydaddyme

    Love your different colour chairs, they are amazing. I love seeing little snippets of your home, I enjoy writing home posts. x

    • Thanks lovely. It is not as nice as I would like it but until we finally settle it will do. Would love for you to join in x

  • Those different colour chairs are perfect. I love them xx

  • I love all the coloured chairs!! such a lovely bright space

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  • Stephanie Oakes

    I adore your different coloured chairs! What a lovely space x

  • I love seeing little glimpses of people’s homes. I do love open plan living, it works so well for families. The painted chairs are lovely too, so cheery! #HomeEtc

  • A lovely bright place to sit and eat and play. I’ve always eaten at a table with my family/families (the one I was brought up with and the one I brought up!) and I can’t imagine doing otherwise even now that they have flown the nest! Enjoy your new space #HomeEtc

  • What a fab, bright space, and I absolutely adore your painted chairs Kara! So lovely x

  • I love the colourful chairs! We have an open plan living room/kitchen and do have a table, but we always end up on eating on the sofa! Sabrina xx

  • Caro Davies

    It looks lovely Kara — I especially love your mismatched coloured chairs — fabulous!! We have a similar table in our kitchen and we use it all the time — breakfast, lunch and dinner, baking, cutting, colouring and sticking!! It’s invaluable!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us 🙂 #HomeEtc

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Lovely. Perfect and so practical too 🙂 I love our kitchen table – it has so many uses! Thanks for sharing & linking up again lovely, good to have you! #HomeEtc

    Jess xx

  • I adore your different colour chairs. That’s such a fab idea and puts my boring white ones to shame!! We did contemplate swapping a couple for green ones but didn’t get round to it. This makes me think that we definitely should.