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>Good Morning All,

Haven’t I been a bad blogger, its not my fault honest, I promise.
My Apple computer at home just hates Blogger, it will not work with it and I don’t get much chance to use my hubby’s as he is usually glued to it. LOL. So am I.
Mostly I do my blogging sneakily at work, but I had a lovely 4 day weekend hence my non existence.

Whilst on my 4 day break I did manage to do some things out of the normal day to day, we went to the cinema and saw Oceans 13, just come out in the UK, I can honestly say I like the first 2, not love but like, but this one was defiantly the best. Then we also went to a new Theme Area in Kent called Dickens World, all about Charles Dickens a famous British Author from the local area I live in, I honestly can say I did not enjoy it, the decoration (as you can see) was amazing, looked the part, smelt the part and the Actors(who were staff) were great really the part, but everything else pointless especially considering the cost £12.50 per head ($24).

Also on top of all that excitement, I managed to get some swaps out, including a Hello Kitty Swap and finally sent out my Cupcake Swap to Stephanie and received an amazing parcel in return, a selection of pic’s below, more on flickr as well as many others.

Well a busy week still ahead of me so hopefully I will post some more pic’s and I really need to save hard for my new laptop that will work with blogger ugh!!!

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  • Angela

    >I think that all computers hate blogger for some reason. Well some more then others. Computers can just be a pain sometimes. It’s funny how they can help in sooo many ways but when they don’t work right. They can be soooo annoying!
    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing all of these with us! Wonderful post!

  • CattyCat

    >Hi Kara: You dropped by my blog and left a very nice compliment. I always am curious: How did you find my blog?

  • Sophie Honeysuckle

    >Hi Kara- that’s interesting you say Apple computers don’t like Blogger, as I was thinking of dragging my old Applemac down out of the loft!! I won’t bother now!!
    I agree with you about houses here in the U.K.-they are sooo expensive!!!

  • Stephanie

    >Hey Kara! I saw Oceans 13 this weekend to and loved it!

    You mentioned that you can’t get adorn magazine in the UK and I wanted to tell you I would be happy to pick one up and send it to you since I have a local place that sells them now!

    You know where to find me 🙂

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Love all of your goodies, Glad you liked the movie and sorry about Dickens’s Village. And blogger gives me fits too. Sometimes it will not let me download Pictures, and it does other crazy things to me also. I tried Typepad and I did not like it as well as Blogger, but it is surely a love hate relationship! And by the way Real estate is pretty high here as well, if there is a place you would want to live ( a desirable location ) you will probably be paying pretty much the same price. Unless this big old real-estate crash they are talking about really happens, and then you can get what you want for a song! EEKKK!