>Day 10 – When it Rains


Day 10 – When it Rains
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I know this picture looks very dull and what a horrible looking place this is. lol. This is the view from my window at work, it has been pretty much the same view my whole life, my Dad’s company where I work and before that it was my Granddad’s.

The reason for todays picture is the rain, I hope you can see it, some of you may know that in England it can rain and rain, in all honesty it has been quite rare of late but today (monday 4th) it came down, most people would be sad but I love the rain, if I am at home I will go and stand outside in it, I find it refreshing, I love laying in bed at night in the dark listening to the rain, for my dads business though its a big no no, makes work very slow, makes the employees very moody and to be honest that day a nightmare for me, I drove myself the 30 miles home but it was sooooo heavy that it made my usual 30 min journey last 50/55 minutes.
By the next day it was all gone and back to normal, nothing like some of the gorgeous snow my blogger babes have been having though.


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  • BeckyKay

    >Mmmm… I love the rain, too. The only thing better than rain is a big loud flashy thunderstorm!

  • Beverley Abbott

    >I hate the rain Karabombara!! It really is miserable isnt it??
    I lurve sunshine and heat – I think us sagittarius girlies are supposed to like fire etc are we not!
    Hope the sun comes out for you soon

    love ya loads
    Bev xxxx

  • Rosemary

    >Hi Kara,
    I love rain too!! We don’t get it enough in California.

  • Jewellery Craft

    >I LOVE rain and wind and thunderstorms, bigger the better! Love to be out walking in it especially on the beach with big waves….and welly boots on so you can splash and jump in puddles…

    I know big kid going on a bit…sorry


    >Rain rain go away
    come again another day.

    Nah i love it too.
    i loooove listening to it when im in bed! Oh except when it stops and you get that one annoying drip outside the window….drip drip drip drip drip…
    well you get the general idea.

    LUV YA


  • Christine/bellacolle

    >Rain?! What’s that?LOL!!
    I don’t think I’ve seen the ground since say…Dec! LOL!
    Oh please keep sharing pictures of what’s going on with you…
    And yes…may the sun shine on you real soon!