>Day 5 – Umm Breekie


Day 5 – Umm Breekie
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This piccy may seem odd to you all as my choice, but this cup of tea means a lot to me.
You see this is my first cup of the day, were I work we have a truly lovely and kind caretaker who would do anything for anyone including every morning at 7.30 am (cause I am super busy) a warm cup of tea just the way I like it to make my cold hands warm up.
She always goes to the shop to get me tissues when I have a cold and brings me a biccy once a week too.
So my simple cup of tea is to show the kindness of someone who is of no importance in your life, who does it for just the hell of it.

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  • Jewellery Craft

    >What a lovely post Kara, sometimes we really don’t appreciate the goodness of some people.

    Loving your 30 day diary so far, its a daily smile…..

    M xxx

  • jeanetta

    >its always nice to have someone like that in your life. there are often times where i could remember to be that kind of person more but i forget. its good thing you dont have me in her place. lol.

  • Monica Yvette

    >Hey Kara, I caught up on some of the posts I missed. I hope your mom gets to feeling better soon, and that you and your work load somehow lightens. It seems like you have a very good friend there though.

  • BellaColle

    >Aww! I’m lovin’ this 30 days with ya! This is the neatest thing to get a peak into your life…It’s NOT boring..
    I raise my cuppa java to you and your friend..little things mean so much to me…if we start missing (not appreciating )those things…well, where would we be? LOST.
    Thank you for sharing! =)

  • Rosemary

    >That is so nice Kara.

  • Erin

    >The 30 days is such a fun idea! It’s a fun peek into your life 🙂

    I am slowly acquiring a taste for hot tea!

  • katydiddy

    >Where can I get one those caretakers? Beautiful post. I got your package yesterday! What a super sweet surprise!

  • nikki/WhiMSy love

    >I love the 30 day thing! Cool!