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Today marks the 1st day of November! I can not believe how in some ways 2015 has gone so quick, yet in others that horrible day in June and Addison starting School seems like a life time ago.

As we went out in the Misty November weather this morning to feed the ducks, walk in the leaves and go to the park I was hit with so much emotion, so much this is why I will enjoy life. So much so I decided to get out my phone and as I pushed Grayson on a swing and watched the kids get all muddy I filmed my thoughts, why this past 6 odd weeks we have changed our lives and started to enjoy life differently.

I am definitely changing, for the better I hope, I think we all do when life throws big challenges at us, although I feel like I am quite open in my online life I have kept much from you all these past months. I am dealing with a great deal, but I am trying to focus on what matters and work hard to overcome things like my pain levels.

So November I am joining in with the very awesome Elizabeth of Rosalilium for her Blog Everyday in November, this is my 3rd time joining the challenge and as of yet I have never been successful, I am not going to pressure myself, I am just going to see how it goes and be inspired.

Today she asked us to Share Something New About Myself and I think this video does a great job of that.

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  • Nicola

    I never been on your blog before but I’m so glad I’ve found it 🙂 your little boy is an inspiration! Inspired by my own daughter, I constantly try to see the beauty in the smallest details and enjoy every moment. I’m glad things are in a positive place for you and your littles! x


  • Wild & Grizzly

    I can’t believe how qucikly this year seems to have flown by already too, it sounds like you have been doing an amazing job all round and definitely let the writing come and go when you feel it. Inspiration comes best when it’s left to do it’s own thing. x

  • ash

    I love this video and I love you for being just you, to the/our future x

  • Joanna

    I’m new to reading ur blog but glad I have come across it.
    Such a lovely video your little boy is an inspiration.

  • Jess Hill

    This year has flown by, I don’t understand how! I keep saying to people how I have a 2 year old when they ask how old Abbie is, then I remember she’s actually 3…embarrasing lol x

  • Mum in a Nutshell

    Best of luck with your challenge, I was thinking of joining in but I blog everyday anyway so not much of a challenge!

  • I totally agree about the year flying by… but I think kids do that for us. When I think of the past year, I measure it in how much my daughter has grown and realize I’ve had a pretty amazing year! Also, good luck on your challenge! I attempted Blogmas last year (blogging every day in December) but failed after 2 weeks, haha.

  • This year has flown by! Good luck on your challenge!

  • You’re so right Kara! You’ve inspired me get out & about more with my little lady. It certainly flies by! Xx

  • Best of luck with your challenge. This year has definitely flown by, can’t believe where it has gone.

  • Angela Milnes

    good luck blogging everyday. I have been blogging everyday since july and it’s hard work but worth it I think! Angela