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Now the cold, dark nights have set in the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is COOK.

This is how my love affair with the humble Slow Cooker came about.

We were gifted one seven years ago, just a cheapie from Argos, no bells and whistles just simply a Low and High button and seven years on it is my saving grace all year but especially come winter.

We are lucky enough now to have two Slow Cookers, our original and a super sized one that can be used on the hob too.

Joints of meat are how I started and I cook mine no other way now, but the Slow Cooker can be used for so much more, so I have searched through many awesome blogs to bring you a Top 20 of Slow Cooker Recipes to go try out.

Just simply click the link below each picture to be taken to the original post for full guidance on how to achieve that delicious picture.

Do let me know if you try any out, I would love to hear how you got on and equally if you have a great recipe you would like me to feature comment below or drop me an email.

mexican food

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita – Shortlisted for Santa Maria Top 5 Fajita Recipes

Slow Cooker Pulled Gammon

Nothing better than Slow Cooked Pulled Gammon, wait yes Pineapple! – Recipe from Mrs Bishop’s Bakes & Banter

Slow Cooked Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken, a classic cooked in the Slow Cooker – this recipe from Donna of What The Redhead Said is on my must cook list for this month.

slow cooker kebab

Fakeaway in the Slow Cooker, I to love a Donor Kebab once and a while so this recipe sounds really interesting – check it out at Emmy’s Mummy

Slow Cooked Campfire Stew

Gammon is my favourite meat, so this recipe is a must for me, it is simple, delicious and what more if you are on Slimming World its SynFree – Emma from Mrs Shilts has so many great SW recipes.

Slow Cooked Brioche Bread Pudding

A dessert – yes that’s right and this Brioche Bread Pudding from The Cake Hunter looks beautiful, a proper winter warmer after the roast

Coca Cola Ribs

These slow cooked ribs are done Mexican style in Coca-Cola and I can not recommend them enough, they fall from the bone


Jenny from Mummy Mishaps was the first person years ago to convince me of the magic of a slow cooker with joints, check out her post on how to make the best of them


Chicken is such a great meat to cook in a slow cooker as it becomes so tender, Mustard, Bacon and Leeks help to make this a must have dish from food bloggers – Eat Your Heart Out

Slow Cooked Lasagne

A traditional dinner cooked in the Slow Cooker this Lasagne even comes out with perfect layers & is super easy for work nights, check out Mama, Mummy, Mum

Slow Cooked Bean Casserole

We all know a Slow Cooker is great for a Casserole and here from Days In Bed is a Healthy Bean Vegetarian Casserole

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Another yummy traditional dessert, I can’t wait to give this Pineapple Upside Down Cake a try from Soosie Wales featured at The Diary of a Jewellery Lover

Slow Cooked Hunters Chicken

Hunters Chicken is a total favourite for the Hubby and this recipe from The Diary of a Jewellery Lover cooks a whole meal with minimal prep, WIN!

Grown Up Baked Beans and Sausages | Innocent Charms Chats

Grown Up Baked Beans and Sausages is as delicious as it sounds, this really is a work day warmer and total must


I think this picture needs no words other than Mmmm – Check out this amazing Caramel from Sarah of Taming Twins


I have not eaten rice pudding since I was school, but after seeing Jenny of Mummy Mishaps Slow Cooked recipe I think I may try it for the kids and I


This simple Vegetable Beef Stew is the perfect winters meal and even better Jenny of Lets Talk Mommy shows you how to feed the whole family with it from 1 year up 

Slow Cooker Pulled PorkPulled Pork is a total fave of mine, although I always just make it plain. But I can not wait to try this recipe from Hannah, A New Addition, the flavours look amazing 


I love the look of this stew from fellow Kentish Blogger Nova of Cherished By Me. Red Peppers and Beef are a favourite combo of mine


Above their have been many winter warming dinners but here is a great Porridge recipe from Jam & Clotted Cream that you put in the night before and wake to heavenly aromas

Slow Cooker Recipes |Innocent Charms Chats

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  • Mellissa Williams

    Thanks for including my recipe!

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    Thanks so much for including me and EYHO lovely! Great selection of recipes and slow cooking is great at this time of year x

    • Thank you for such amazing recipes. I want that mustard chicken so badly. I have saved loads of your recipes for other days. Think I am going to print them and make a recipe folder xxx

  • Thank you for such amazing recipes. I want that mustard chicken so badly. I have saved loads of your recipes for other days. Think I am going to print them and make a recipe folder x

  • Jennypaulin

    Kara thank you so much for including 2 of my recipes. that beef recipe is my most popular ever on my entire blog – it just makes the best and tastiest beef 🙂
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