Front Page Cover – Way To Go Grayson

As many of you will know, last weekend Grayson’s Great Fun Day finally took place, it was a HUGE success and did better than I could have hoped. I shall be posting about it shortly.

I managed to get the local paper to agree to come and do what I thought would be a small article inside, mainly about my head shave. We had a call on the Monday asking if a Photographer could come and take a couple of pic’s for the paper to come out Thursday, the young reporter sounded excited but I still didn’t take much notice.

So before I went to work on Thursday Ash quickly popped out to pick up the paper so we could all see together, Ash went to the Sainsbury’s Local but arrived at 5 minutes to 7am so had to wait for them to open, he said as he was daydreaming he turned to look in the window to be met by a row of this….

Yep My Amazing Little Boy made the Front Page, we couldn’t believe it, what amazing coverage.

This is why we hosted the funday and I shaved my head to raise awareness for SWAN Children, what more could I ask for than a Front Page Article, oh yeah a Full Page Article inside too, along with one in 3 other towns papers, plus online coverage.

Click on Picture to Make Larger to Read

Yes they got a few things wrong, but what article doesn’t ?

I actually raised the money for 2 disabled children’s Charities, my hair went to children’s Cancer Charities.

I am so proud to be walking in Petrol Stations, Corner Shops and Supermarkets to see my Little Grayson staring back at me, I hope we just make one more person aware, then I have done my job.

If you can’t read the article in the picture, then head here for online version.

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  • What fantastic coverage, for a brilliant cause. Well done you x

  • That’s fantastic! Glad you are getting the coverage that you deserve! Looking forward to hearing about Grayson’s Fun Day. x

  • What awesome coverage for such a fantastic cause, an incredible little boy and an inspirational mama. You should be very proud of yourself Kara xxx

  • I have been meaning to comment on this for a few days. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to see Grayson on the front page, it would take my breath away (doesn’t he take a great photo btw). You should indeed be so proud of your handsome little boy and for all that you have done to raise awareness – including your sponsored head shave! Amazing Mum you are 🙂 xx