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Last week Addison and I headed to London for a day of fun with Innocent.

Addison and I at Fruit Towers

Addison was so excited as she loves what she calls “Big Girl Juices” and her Uncle Max had told her all about fruit towers (as he has wanted to work there for a while).

Innocent have a new product out Smoothies which now include Fruit and Veg and I was excited to see how Addison would respond to the taste.

Innocent arranged a wonderful day, making it so much fun, they arranged so many games that would help Addison learn about Fruit and Vegetables and their importance, she painted with Veg (oh the mess), made faces from so many amazing fruit and Vegetables I am not sure she has seen before and even made her own smoothie.


She then asked for one of her favourite juices, I mentioned nothing and let her drink as she always would and her response “Mummy this new orange juice is lovely, can I now try the purple one”. In fact she went on to drink 4 in the time we were there and many more since we have got home.

Innocent Smoothies

o   Pineapples, apples and carrots – crisp, fruity and utterly yum

A kids smoothie that not only tastes brilliant but is also packed with themouth-watering zing of pineapples blended with tasty apples, pumpkins and carrots

o   Strawberries, apples and beetroot – delightfully delicious and perfect for tiny taste buds

This velvety smooth blend will have you dreaming of picnics and playing in the park. A seriously scrumptious combination of strawberries, apples and a dash of beetroot

I went on to try the juices myself too and they are as yummy as ever, there really is no difference in taste and beetroot is something I personally do not like but can not taste in the juice. As a Mummy Innocent always wins for me as they are 100% all pure crushed fruit and veg.

I would like to say that my kids do well when it comes to eating right, but unfortunately with every month they get older the less they eat. Addison is good with fruit and Deacon with Vegetables but the great thing about these smoothies is they are getting both, so we have made them dinner time drinks as they contain one of their 5 a day.

Addison and an apple

Now for the Giveaway…

Innocent want to celebrate the start of a new school term this September. They are offering to donate a class full of Innocent fruit & veg smoothies to one of you, to be delivered to your school for the whole class to enjoy. To be in with a chance of winning just use the widget below – good luck!

UK Entries only

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*We received travel costs to attend on the day

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  • melanie stirling

    Introduce new fruit and vegetables one at a time and don’t make children eat things they don’t like but encourage them to eat the fruit and veg that they do like.

  • Hayley

    Looks like you girls had fun! I love the photo of the two of you <3

  • kayleigh bates

    Blend them into pasta sauce x

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    Lots of healthy smoothies

  • emmadventures

    I always find L is more willing to try veg if she has been involved in the buying, preparing & cooking.
    Best one for this is homemade pizzas, we make faces & patterns with the veg toppings, she’s always happy to eat them then!

  • Sam B

    I have to admit – hidden veg in favourite meals is my tried and tested trick as both twins reluctant veggie eaters. Fruit is easier and they will always opt for a smoothie or fresh fruit of available 🙂

  • Janice Mackin

    Make soups and smoothies. It’s a good way to get them to eat fruit and veg they wouldn’t normally eat. One of my son’s doesn’t like berries on their own but loves them in a smoothie. All of my children will eat just about any veg when it’s blended into soup!

  • Catherine Doran

    I do the kids ‘picnic plates’ every morning for breakfast and they always include at least two fruits and/or veg … they think it’s fun and they’ve never questioned having to eat them.

  • melanie crumpton

    I let them help me make faces with them and also add them to icecream

  • judy2357

    I chop up the fruit and put it in strawberry jelly and blitz up the veg to make gravy

  • Michelle Banks

    dont make such a big deal about it and make it fun!

  • tracy newton

    My son is a nightmare when it comes to fruit and veg. I have to temp him constantly. I have resorted to hiding veg in pasta, shepherds pie etc. I will be following this thread with great interest to try and gain some inspirational tips.

  • msedollyp


  • Samantha Loughlin

    Make eating them fun cut veg into shapes a fruite

  • Emma Nugent

    Disguising them!

  • Claire Woods

    Making smoothies with them

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  • cheryl

    my kids love fruit and veg so i dont have to disguise them x

  • Paul Scotland

    I love to put fruit in yoghurts and vegetables in a Bolagnase or on a pizza

  • Layla

    I add a little maple syrup to mashed sweet potatoes and my kids eat loads of it.

  • emmy fisher

    blend it into bolognase, cottage pie and other meals

  • Ellie powell

    make them into faces – eating a broccoli nose or tomato ears are much more fun!

  • Nancy Bradford

    I’m afraid I don’t quite have it sussed yet. I result to bribing and hiding veg blended up in sauces (but have a hard time getting my daughter to eat the sauces). She will always drink juice though.

  • Amy Rebecca Blickett

    Hiding it in meals e.g. chopping up vegetables small

  • Thomas Perry

    Introducing it into their diets when they are really young so as they grow up they will all ready like and love it

  • Kate Leatherpants

    My daughter loves fruit and veg, we gave her it as soon as we weaned her and kept her away from sugary stuff

  • Laura Pritchard

    Make “caterpillars” with fruit/veg on a skewer to make them more appealing.

  • Alison Macdonald

    Get your little ones involved in the growing of some fresh produce (strawberries, tomatoes etc) all easy to grow and kids more likely to eat if they have grown and nurtured themselves 😉

  • Caroline Shepherd

    Let them serve themselves at the table – I always find they eat more this way than if I present them with the veg on their plates. And don’t make a big deal of whether they eat it or not, just keep offering them the choice.

  • Claire Nelson

    Always have what they like available (within reason!) and let them help themselves.

  • Vickie Jackson

    To not make a big thing about them. I’ve always treated them as normal foods and my children have them for lunch and dinner. They do really like fruit 🙂

  • kim neville

    My son is fussy and won’t eat unless in a smoothie or disguised in a meal

  • Claire Mse Fawkner

    Include them at every meal time and they will soon start to see them as the norm and will love eating them

  • Annmarie Nutt

    I’m lucky my kids have always liked fruit and veg I did introduce them to soft fruit as finger food when they were young

  • Natalie Crossan

    smoothies 🙂