Grayson Is Showing How Much He Loves Team Raising For Grayson

Did I think this day would happen ?

No Way.

Did I think I would be uploading this video 2 days ago ?

No way.

2 Days ago Grayson could not even manage step one, a month ago Grayson’s Paed asked us to let him try to climb the stairs as it is easier than walking. I was terrified but agreed and I am very pleased I did.

As this happened today – at 4 years and 8 months my little superstar, the most amazing child I know, completed climbing his Mount Snowdon.

Team Raising For Grayson this is for you, to say thank you, to Aunty Sonia this is for you too, as without his trike I do not believe we ever would have made this day.

To Ashley this is because of you, for being the most amazing Dad Grayson could ever ask for, for constant positivity and helping our little boy.

Last but by no means least, to Grayson, you are the most inspirational boy in the world, you truly amaze Mummy each day.

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  • This is absolutely amazing Kara, you must be bursting with pride and love for your special boy. Way to go Grayson xxxx

  • Sonia

    That is so amazing Kara! Well done Grayson xxxx

  • I just cried watching this. Amazing. Grayson you are amazing.

  • Sarah Davies

    How amazing! What a fantastic boy! Love how he’d look back at his feet to think about what he was doing. He’s so determined. Brilliant boy!

  • Clara

    Oh Kara, that just made me cry! What an amazing little man you have there, I bet you’re both so proud! C xx

  • Lucy

    Oh Kara. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Grayson is such an amazing little boy. I love that as a family you NEVER ever take no for an answer and he’s just so determined do things in his own way and in his own time. You must be so incredibly proud, I feel proud and he’s not mine.

  • Rachael Buzzel

    Amazing, simply wonderful. I can only Imagine how proud you must be. What a star.
    Love the smile he gives you at the top x

  • How amazing is that!! Well done Grayson x

  • mummy2five

    I know how massive this will be for you, every little mile stone makes your heart swell with pride.
    Well done Grayson, you climbed your mountain.

  • mummydaddyme

    Kara this is AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Go Grayson you superstar. You know I have nothing but admiration for the courage you show as a family. You are all amazing and I cannot wait to climb Mount Snowdon for the beautiful little man. x

  • Susan Mann

    He’s amazing x

  • Hannah

    I just found your blog via the tots100 friday fresh fives today and i’m so pleased I did. I am in tears willing little Greyson on his way and i’m so pleased he made. What a remarkable little boy, what wonderful parents and supporters xx