Grayson – My Superstar

I had to share this little video of Grayson this week, I cheated and used an App and apart from the quality drop I love how it works. Even more so I love seeing Grayson’s new skills ( I have watched it at least every hour).

My little boy physically has had the most amazing 5 months he has had since he was 2. He has gone from barely being able to stand, to taking steps with help, to driving daily his Little Tikes car to now being able to push himself along on a car with no back – trust me this is INCREDIBLE, all you have to imagine is could a little 10 month old do that ? Because that is how strong or weak Grayson is.

I am not 100 % why this has happened, I do contribute a great deal down to getting his trike last year (Thanks Aunty Sonia) and going to preschool daily. But by no means am I taking away from my superstar that a huge part of it is down to his pure AWESOME-NESS!

I love Grayson with all my heart, don’t get me wrong I sometimes scream at him like a Mummy does at any 4-year-old son, but as a whole he is the best child I could ask for.

Grayson has a difficult few months ahead, we have some horribly invasive tests coming in September that I have no choice but to let happen, overnight stays in hospital in London in August and September and the most frightening, well for me at least, he starts big school on the 9th September 5 days a week – trying not to cry!

But I know although it may cause major changes for Grayson, he will always still be my superstar.

Grayson's last day at preschool His Last Day at Preschool

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  • Lucy

    Ahhh, he’s such a clever boy. He’s determined to prove all the doubters and statistics wrong, and be a star. That video is so cute Kara! x

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks lovely, you have always been there supporting him and so sharing this makes me happy x

  • He is a superstar! We have followed his progression with big grins. We talk about you all the time to friends and family when we hear of Grayson doing something awesome. We always feels such pride, so can imagine how you must feel. He is proving so many wrong! Go Grayson!

    • innocentcharmer

      Wow how kind, I love the fact people talk about him, I think it means I am doing my job properly and raisin awareness, I love the fact he has touched your hearts xx just as monkey has done mine x

  • Sonia

    Awww you are so welcome! 😉

    He is amazing!!! I LOVE his bag xxx

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks chick, fab isn’t it, got it at Disney all ready for big school

  • Claire

    Love this! He is AWESOME! And like my two mums I love reading & following his progression.

    I also think you need to give yourself credit too. It’s because of you & Ash he is so awesome. Fact.

    • innocentcharmer

      Mwah thanks gorgeous, that is very kind of you to say, I love the fact that Grayson touches so many peoples hearts, I never forgot how you spent time bending down and talking to Grayson even though he didn’t respond that meant so much as many people just ignore him xx