Warning – Soppy/Happy post – not apologising, just warning!

The beginning of the week saw me in such a bad place, a place I thought would take me so much time to come back from, normally it would. But this past month after some truly life changing events I have become tougher, I have learnt to value what is most important and to remember life really is too short.

I am so fortunate, I have the most amazing husband, I honestly could talk of him for hours, I am not going to lie, it is certainly not a bed of roses, there are days where I nearly chuck him out of the front door but he is my soul mate, the day I first spoke to him I knew it, I knew I wanted to sit with him till my oldest days, people watching, laughing, watching crappy TV and just holding his hand.

Ashley and I

Today I was reminded of how amazing he is. Not only as my friend but as the father to our children, I watched as he climbed to the tops of soft play, as he slid down slides meant for toddlers, how he spent 2 hours making our children’s faces light up.

Every day people say to me how lucky I am to have such a hands on husband with our children, but I am not the lucky one, they are, he has the most gentle touch with Grayson, knowing how to make him at peace but 10 minutes later can throw him into the sky so he can fly in the air and be free.

Watching him with our children is the best part of our 13 years together, he loves having children, he was made to be a Father, as I type this he has music on for our youngest 2 to dance to, as Addison says “Daddo twirl like me” there isn’t a seconds hesitation, I am giggling as she teaches him to twirl (something he can clearly do) and she giggles as they fall to the floor on purpose.

But not only is he a good father, he is my best friend, my rock, he hasn’t cried once this week, he has wanted to, I can see in his eyes, but he is always my rock. I can see it is troubling him, what we learnt and I know him, like all of him, I have for many years now, so I know how to make him feel better, that’s what makes us soul mates, that is what has and will keep us together and smiling, we know how to care for each other.

He doesn’t know I am typing this post as he dances in front of me, as I watch him, but he does somehow, we have spoken of this for many years, how we seem to know what the other one has going on in their brain, in a sixth sense kind of way as I look up he is standing in front of me and our song comes on, not “our song” but the one we walked down the aisle to and has since become our song. He takes my hand and we dance, we don’t feel silly, I love to dance with him, Addison is giggling, Deacon has no idea and Grayson is annoyed we are blocking Mickey Mouse,

But this moment is why I am ok! Now and next week and the one after, I am still going to cry and I am honestly terrified, but my body is not tight with fright, I am ok.

We made a simple memory this evening, an ordinary event, Addison came to dance with us a minute into our song, then Deacon and we forced poor Grayson, Ashley and I on our knees, holding the hands of our babies, this is what they will remember, we will keep making these ordinary, simple memories as they will replace the many hospital  stays, the times when I can’t be there because of them, the times when we are split up,

I was going to pull away and take a photo, but then I realised I did not want to, I wanted to be in that moment, I didn’t need to capture it with my phone as it is in my heart.

Moments this month
Moments this month

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  • MummyBarrow

    oh this is beautiful. I had goosebumps by the end. Your point about not taking the photo and actually just enjoying being in the moment is so important. I think we all forget to do that these days. We are busy creating memories on our cameras and not making sure we confine them to our own memory.

    I am sorry you were in dark place at the beginning of the week but am so pleased you have ended it feeling positive.

    And it isnt about being lucky to have this amazing man in your life. Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s you. You and he and your amazing children all working hard at being a family. Some days it comes easily but other days it is a bit harder but you are clearly winning at that and should take a moment to acknowledge just how fabulous you are.

    • I have said before but will again I am truly veyr thankful for your words, they really wrote to my heart xx

  • Oohh I had tears in my own eyes at the last paragraph – you are SO RIGHT about not needing to capture that moment on your phone because, if you’d have pulled away, that moment would have been gone and it would never be repeated and would have been a false memory if you’d have tried to recreate it.

    You are a fabulous family – it’s hard work, it’s rewarding, it’s emotional, it’s what you make it – and you’re making it wonderful with each other.

    • Thanks chick, you are so right, I have thought about it every day and am so glad I did not take that picture, the picture is in my head as is the feeling it gave me xxx

  • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    You are such an amazingly strong family I see that in every post you write, every photo you take. I’m so sorry that it has been such a tough week for you but making the most of these little moments really do make for the best memories. Sending lots of love x

    • That is so lovely to hear as at times I worry I come across to depressed, I am glad to finally be siing the light. xx

  • What a beautiful post. I’m sat here smiling and so relieved you have each other and are one of the most amazing families I know. He is lucky to have you as you are him. Love you x

  • mummydaddyme

    This is beautiful Kara. I know how you and Ash have a special relationship, you have spoken to me and online about it many times before, but he really is special. You are very lucky, he sounds like a Dad in a million. You two have such a strong bond and relationship. I feel lucky with that with J too, but we don’t have anything like the struggles you have had. You should be very proud of what you have achieved together and your three beautiful children. x

    • Thank you so much, I really have always appreciated your friendship a great deal.
      I agree J is also a superhero Dad/Hubby, we are lucky ladies as not many exist.
      Everyone has struggles that test them ours are just a little different. xxx