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Upcycling and painting old furniture has always been one of my passions. Since having children it has definitely not been something I have got to do as much, but now as they are getting older I am starting some long-awaited projects.

The first being my little sewing table…

Sewing Table

My Grandmother left this to me when she moved back to the USA in 1990, since then it lived in my Mom’s house for many years and my Mom has upcycled it on many occasion, there is layers of paint on there, none my taste. Thankfully I love painted furniture so I am just going to paint over.

It currently sits in my hallway but that space is now needed for something else so I am going to move it up to my Bedroom, with no intentional use other than to look nice.

My bedroom currently has a lot of deep colours in it, to accent some amazing wall stickers from Wallpops but when we move again this year or maybe before then I am redoing my bedroom in Blues and Pinks (more on this another day), so I am trying to decide how to paint this, for the first time I am at a loss, I am thinking more of blue tones than pink as the colour already is quite dark.

I have headed to my Painted Furniture board on Pinterest for inspiration, but still not fully decided but I thought I would share a few of my favourites and maybe some of you would have suggestions ??

Painted Furniture

Do you love Painted Furniture ? I really look forward to any input.

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  • Ooh I’d love a little project like this. It’s nice you have a piece of furniture that has been handed down for you to lovingly restore. I like your choices for pinks and blues for your bedroom. I painted a sideboard in the summer duck egg blue and I love the colour but not so much the finish, as it was a new unit. Your unit will be perfect for painting. I love both of the shades of blue but particularly the one on the right, with greenish tones. So I’m not much help with the shade, I do think it would be nice to maybe paint the top and drawer a different colour? I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I need to keep track of blogs more! xxx

  • Ooh exciting, it’s going to look gorgeous as it’s such a unique shape. I’d paint it pastel blue with a new crystal-style knob for the drawer xx

  • Nancy Straughan

    I just did a fantastic furniture painting workshop, you might be interested in reading about it here. Adding some paint can make such a difference! http://www.hellonancy.co.uk

    • I saw it in passing yesterday, I am back off now for a proper read, I am very jealous xx

  • Lisa@intotheglade

    I am about to do this with my bedroom furniture but I’m running scared and going with a chalky white. I really wish I had the nerve for that turquoise though, it’s beautiful. I’m sure whatever you choose will be lovely xx

  • admin@bad-fiction.com

    Kara, I know exactly what you need to do with this! Bottom half – or just legs – gold, (or copper!) and the rest white!

    • Ok loving the Copper idea as you know I have that in my bedroom, but white, I will get it filthy ?

      • admin@bad-fiction.com

        Nah! Be fine. Use decent paint, prep and finish and you can wipe it like anything else….. I’d do copper up to about an inch before the drawer, everything else white. I can see it in my minds eye!

  • I love these ideas, we have only painted a few things, but it is certainly something that I now think of when I fancy a change, rather then always needing something new. #HomeEtc

  • I love painted furniture, but MOH is less keen so I need to choose my projects carefully! That table is lovely and it’s fab to have the family history too. Interested to see what you do with it, but a lovely knob and a tassel maybe? #homeetc

  • I love painted furniture, in fact I have just restored a desk and I love it, it can really add to your decor cant it x

  • I love painted furniture, I’m not quite handy enough to manage to do it but they always look so lovely. I love the turquoise coloured one and the little table to have to upcycle is really sweet, will be a fantastic little project and I look forward to seeing what you do with it! #HomeEtc

  • Kerry

    I love painting furniture. We are doing our house up on a budget, so a lot of our furniture has been sourced second hand and then painted. I have to say I quite like it that way! Have fun working on your project!! #HomeEtc xxx

  • What a pretty heirloom piece, and it will look even more amazing when transformed. I had never furniture painted before until last summer when I did a collaborative piece with Wayfair which I just loved, it’s so therapeutic. Good luck deciding what to do Xx #HomeEtc

  • Caro Davies

    I blooming LOVE painting furniture!! Get some chalk paint on it — it’s foolproof and so nice to paint with! If that were mine, I’d cover the floral panel with a gorgeous wallpaper too. Graham and Brown do a lovely one called Chinoiserie (in parchment) — that would work really well!! 🙂 #HomeEtc