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Teapots, not something I am sure many people own now a days. I think this is a great shame, drinking loose leaf tea is just another thing that seems to time-consuming, but honestly it really is not.

Ashley and I whenever we have a rare child free hour (rare!) head to have tea and cake somewhere and just chat. It has kind of taken over the Cinema dates pre children. What I love about going out for Tea is the choice, the loose leaf teas and using a teapot.

When we renewed our vows November 2014 we had a VIntage Cream Tea party, I loved sourcing out vintage teapots for all the tables and although I kept a couple which live on my Kitchen shelves it has become apparent these past few months that they do not hold the warmth any more, they have little hairline cracks and just aren’t up to the job.

Vintage Tea Party

So we are on the Teapot hunt, we both agreed we want two, an infuser or filter teapot (houses the tea-leaves so no need for a strainer) and also a normal large Teapot so that it can be used with loose tea or teabags.

I could go out and buy a plain teapot for under £10, but like everything for me it is not just about practicality it is about design too, these teapots shall sit on my shelves as Art in their own right.


Teapot links on Pinterest Board – Kitchen Cuteness

I love how much choice there is, I was shocked when I put my Top 10 picks together just how much Blue and Black there was, finding a Pink Teapot is hard, I would say Blue is the colour of the season for sure.

If I am honest I really want all 10! They are all just so beautiful in their own rights, but I think I am definitely drawn to the Marimekko Japanese style pot (bottom centre), I love the size, style and the fact it is an infuser. The Orla Kiely is a little of a must too, has such a retro print to it, reminds me of my current vintage teapot.

I think the most surprising though and if you are thinking of giving loose tea a little try is the BlueTeapot on the right, this is £10 only from Tesco and even has matching Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug, it is such a retro little find.

Teapots, do you have one ? Do you use it ? Have you seen one that you think may take my fancy ?

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  • Life With Munchers

    I can’t decide between top right and bottom centre. Gorgeous picks! X

  • CosyHomeBlog

    How can people not have a teapot? It’s essential for brewing the best cup of tea! I’ve got several – various china ones and a larger metal one for when more people are here.

  • Nancy Straughan

    I’ve had my eye on that Marimekko teapot for years! I wish someone would buy it for me, but it’s not happening! 🙂 http://www.hellonancy.co.uk #HomeEtc

  • Caro Davies

    Aaah LOVE Marimekko prints!! I used to work near their shop in St Christopher’s Place (I don’t even think it’s there anymore sadly) and I used to LOVE their window displays. Such a sight for sore eyes, on a grey day in the capital 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up lovely! #HomeEtc

  • Lizzie Woodman

    I love teapots – so much so I have 3! I have a large, plain one with a built in tea diffuser – which you can lift in and out, which makes loose tea so much easier. I love the classic enamel design you have chosen (we have one for camping). I also love classic teapots from Burleigh and Emma Bridgewater… #HomeEtc

  • I do love a teapot but then find myself never using the ones we have so can’t really justify buying another one. You could tempt me with some of these though! #HomeEtc

  • Claire

    Im not keen on them unless I am out, I think its probably the years of cleaning them when waitressing in my youth has out me off ha ha but I totally agree with your two favourites! And they do look fabulous on a shelf 🙂

  • Ooh we need a teapot so badly, we bought back stacks of loose leaf tea from our trip to Sri Lanka last year and haven’t any of making it at the moment! I love these, and I also an amazing Alice in Wonderland themed one in Whittards I think it was X #HomeEtc